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   Quality of medical care in Israel – one of the best in the world. Here as the medical science is at world level, and practical health care the highly developed and is effective.

   Israel attracts more investments per capita, than any country, in 30 times more, than Europe. The state of Israel puts huge amounts of money in medicine development.

   Research institutes of Israel are recognized the 3rd in the world. From the moment of the country basis (60 years) more Nobel Prizes and scientific works, than in any other state per capita are necessary. Israel is the leader on number of opening in the field of pharmaceutics and by number of patents for the medical equipment.

   On life expectancy Israel takes the 8th place in the world – more than 80 years, it is more, than in Great Britain, Germany and the USA.

Practical advantages of treatment in Israel:

  1. The Israeli medicine "put on a stream" the most difficult techniques of treatment and surgical interventions.
  2. In clinics of Israel innovative and experimental methods of treatment are applied.
  3. Medical institutions are equipped with the latest equipment.
  4. Doctors of Israel. State Ministry of Health strictly supervises level of preparation of medical experts who regularly pass accreditation. A large number of doctors train in the leading medical centers of other countries, participate in the scientific researches, some of them are authors of new techniques of treatment in Israel. Besides, they take part in all most prestigious medical congresses. That is doctors of Israel have very high level of preparation and access to the latest technologies and medicine opening.
  5. High level of service. Medical institutions settle down in well-planned territories where there is a possibility of rest and walks, being on treatment in Israel. Both state, and private clinics of Israel have comfortable chambers. The medical personnel provides professional leaving, besides, the caring and attentive attitude.
  6. Treatment cost in clinics of Israel – is lower than cost in clinics with similar level of treatment of the countries of Europe and the United States.

Principles of medicine of Israel:

  1. In the shortest terms with the minimum expenses to make the correct diagnosis and to appoint effective treatment.
  2. Individual approach to treatment in Israel each patient taking into account all his features and problems.  
  3. There is no concept of "the hopeless patient". Here cardiac and oncological operations at people of deeply advanced age practise.
  4. Axiom on which training in medical schools of Israel is under construction: "If the patient asked for medical care, so the illness causes him suffering. Therefore after it crossed the hospital threshold, no inspections and procedures should deliver it additional pain".

   There are a little limited ideas of medicine in Israel is a treatment of psoriasis and a cancer. Meanwhile, Israel, being one of the smallest states on Earth, the population which makes one thousand from world, has 44 large clinics – the versatile centers and specialized hospitals.

  1. On the first place according to addresses there is an oncology: treatment in Israel of a cancer of a mammary gland, a cancer of a prostate, lung cancer, a cancer of intestines, a cancer of a neck of a uterus, a cancer of yaichnik, etc. Thus the Israeli medicine actively practises organ-preserving techniques of a cancer therapy.
  2. On the second place – an endoprotezirovaniye (joint replacement) coxofemoral, knee, operations on removal of intervertebral hernias and others.
  3. The third place is taken by plastic surgery. 
  4. The great number of people since the different ends of the world comes on carrying out childbirth and EKO in Israel. 

   Separately it makes sense to note a country environment. Israel settles down on 9 climatic zones: from moderately roast and a semi-humid climate to droughty and desert. Besides, it has unique reserves: Dead Sea, Red Sea, Kineret's lake and others. Possibilities of natural resources successfully apply in treatment of many diseases.

   The coordination center "Iz*Med" goes in for logistics of the organization of treatment in Israel, that is will most rationally and optimum organize diagnostics and treatment process in leading clinics of Israel.

 Coordination center "Iz*Med":

  1. Is structural division of medical tourism and works at the market of these services since 2003.
  2. Directions of work of the center: the organization of all types of diagnostics and treatment in Israel (out-patient, stationary) on various areas of medicine, treatment on the Dead Sea.
  3. Carries out cooperation with the best doctors and leading clinics of Israel on the basis of exclusive contracts. The coordination center will pick up profile clinic and the necessary expert taking into account a disease of the patient.
  4. Payment is made on arrival in Israel by cash, or in the form of the clearing settlement: credit cards (VISA & amp; MASTER CARD), bank transfer.

The treatment organization in Israel

We suggest to consider step by step process of the organization of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in Israel under the care of our coordination center "Iz*Med".

Stage first

   You can send a request on treatment of any disease through a feedback form, or contact specialists of the center in specified phones+972544412617,  +972504339710. The address through a site is processed as fast as possible.

Stage second

After that the patient sends the epikriz-extract made by the attending physician in a residence on the +97239158846 fax or on the e-mail address: This e-mail address is protected from spam boats. At you JavaScript for viewing has to be included. .   On the basis of the provided documents the consultation of doctors develops the indicative medical program of treatment in Israel, wishes and preferences of the client are considered. This program is the in detail painted course of diagnostics and treatment, justification of a choice of the doctor and clinic, preliminary cost.

The treatment prices in Israel

  The estimated cost of treatment in Israel will depend on the chosen medical institution, a skill level of the attending physician, a stage of an illness, specific features of the patient and other factors.

  It will be necessary to consider that, first, trust degree to results of diagnostics from other country low at purpose of a course of treatment, secondly, legislatively doctors have no right to rely on results of the analyses which have been carried out out of the country. For this reason preliminary survey in Israel to confirm the diagnosis is necessary or to disprove. In some cases, for example, when results (disks) of CT (computer tomography), MRT (magnetic and resonant tomography) of optimum quality, can use them in Israel. The same, for example, with results of a biopsy: the patient brings samples, and in the Israeli hospital them reconsider.

  The Iz*Med center, having contracts with doctors and directly with administration of hospitals, instead of the international departments, it is capable to compete with price offers of any hospital/clinic of the center of Israel. Let's note that hospitals of the North and the South of the country is other level of quality of medical services and the prices (10 times less).

  If treatment in Israel from the medical point of view inefficiently, you receive the definite and direct answer.

Stage third

   After coordination the patient receives the invitation to treatment to Israel. Further the specialist of the Iz*Med center helps with scheduling of treatment and with preparation for a trip: terms of stay in the country are defined, it is fixed time carrying out analyses, procedures, etc. Besides, orders air tickets, helps in registration of necessary documentation for entry into Israel, solves a housing problem (apartment rent, hotel booking) according to requirements and desires of the patient, thus is selected a convenient arrangement concerning clinic in Israel.

Stage fourth

  On arrival in Israel you are met by the personal coordinator knowing several languages. During the work with the patient it:

  • will provide the treatment organization in Israel (consultation of experts, purpose of analyses, procedures, communication with doctors, etc.);
  • in case of force majeur circumstances (breakage of the medical equipment, an illness of the doctor, or at incorrectly made diagnosis in a residence) to carry out selection of suitable clinic in Israel, search of the necessary expert;
  • will accompany throughout diagnostics and treatment in Israel;
  • to carry out a transfer from the place of residence to clinic and back;
  • to provide medical documentation in Russian;
  • to help with the solution of all household questions.

  After specification of the diagnosis of a disease to the patient the most optimum program of treatment taking into account all its requirements and wishes will be picked up and organization process is finally coordinated.

Full range of services of the organization of treatment in Israel of the Iz*Med center:

  1. Transport services of any level: sending private an avia-ambulansa (the equipped plane with medical crew) in any point of the world, possibility of reception and service of patients on wheelchairs.
  2. The round-the-clock care of patients during treatment: services of the nurse, nurse.
  3. Life insurance and health services.
  4. Expert assessment of quality of treatment. In case after obtaining the preliminary program of treatment in Israel, you have any doubts, we can make an expert assessment of an offered course of treatment and we will provide the fullest and objective information for making decision on departure on treatment.
  5. Legal protection and legal escort of patients in case of medical negligence.
  6. VIP-services on treatment in Israel: personal bodyguard, guide, secretary, driver. The organization of flights by private planes, booking of presidential apartments, etc.
  7. Rest programs on treatment in Israel: excursion rounds, rest in resorts of the Dead Sea, etc.
  8. Let's note some important points for comparison if you are going to be engaged in the independent organization of treatment in Israel:

    1. At a choice of the doctor, addressing in any clinic, you don't own information, what expert is the best in this area. The Iz*Med center will carry out a choice of the best expert in demanded area.
    2. The prices of the same procedures in different clinics can differ by 2-3-4 times. The coordination center will pick up clinic where the cost of procedure will be the smallest.
    3. Turns on unplanned inspections can take some days. Specialists of the Iz*Med center quickly solve a problem of turns, saving time and strengths of patients.

    On pages of our site we suggest to examine reviews of treatment in Israel which are left by the patients who have entrusted to us the health.

    The coordination center "Iz*Med" is skilled medical provider in Israel. Our employees will help to find the best doctors, will optimum coordinate all process of treatment in Israel, will provide comfortable conditions of stay in the country that you could concentrate only on treatment and find health!

    The coordination center "Iz*Med" wishes you health and wellbeing!

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