Date and accurate diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels - one of the most important conditions for the successful treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The lead in addressing this problem is due to medicine in Israel. It is here that highly qualified professionals with great efficiency using all the latest world achievements and unique diagnostic tests for patients with diseases of the heart and blood vessels (Cardiology).

      Various diagnostic methods of treatment in Israel are divided into two groups: not getting and getting.

Cardiology in Israel: not getting (noninvasive or bloodless) diagnostics methods:

  1. Rentgenografiya of a thorax Ц a traditional and available method of diagnostics of heart for definition of its form and the sizes, conditions of a small circle of blood circulation. However today it is used seldom since the method little-information and not always allows to use the obtained data, for example, for the proof of warm insufficiency.
  2. the Methods of radio isotope diagnostics based on intravenous administration of radioactive preparations, are rather simple and allow to estimate blood circulation at heart at stenocardia; to consider defects of a myocardium at a heart attack; to investigate functional features of ventricles of heart and mobility of their walls.
  3. Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT). At this method of diagnostics changes of a magnetic field in heart are scanned. Thanks to computer processing of signals, the doctor receives the whole series of images of heart in various projections. It allows to estimate the various processes happening in heart; to measure a blood-groove in heart and large vessels; to study influence on a cardiac muscle of ischemia, a heart attack; to diagnose tumors, congenital developmental anomalies. MRT allows to see blood clots, defeats of valves and vessels. Unique opportunities possesses and become today available magnetic and resonant angiocardiography (a virtual angiografiya) with the latest contrast agents, allowing to obtain exact data on expressiveness of stenoses of coronary arteries, and respectively, and to choose an optimum method of treatment of coronary heart disease.
  4. the Echocardiography or ultrasonic research (ultrasonography) of heart Ц one of the main methods of diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases since it is inexpensive and simple in performance. Echocardiography allows to study separate structures of heart and its functional condition; speed and the direction of movement of blood in various sites of cardiovascular system (Doppler-EHOKG); to diagnose krupnoochagovy defeats of a myocardium, defects and heart new growths. Echocardiography has no complications therefore it is effective and safe in children's cardiology.
  5. the Positron and Issue Tomography (PIT) Ц a unique method of radio isotope diagnostics of the heart, creating its three-dimensional image. PET-scanning can be used in identification of old heart attacks and coronary heart disease symptoms; blood-groove definition in a cardiac muscle, But the method has special value and advantage for the patients needing operation of aorto-coronary shunting and angioplasty.
  6. Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics.

Cardiology in Israel: getting (invasive) methods of diagnostics:

  1. Kateterization of the central veins and arteries Ц the most important means of intensive therapy of critical conditions. The method allows to provide introduction of medicines and infuzzionny solutions; to carry out monitoring behind a condition of the patient during medical manipulations, support at cardiological shock.
  2. Kateterization of heart (century) and coronary vessels. The method is used when applied invasive researches don't give sufficient information for statement of the final diagnosis and it is necessary to specify prevalence and weight of defeat of heart. Kateterization hearts can help to pick up medicamentous treatment; to reveal data on pressure and a blood-groove in various departments of heart; to receive an exact assessment of congenital defects or the acquired defeats of coronary arteries, valves, a myocardium, the main vessels; and also before carrying out some surgeries.

Low-invasive methods of treatment of heart in Israel:

  Cardioshunting as a result of which the heart blood-groove below a place of narrowing of the damaged vessel is restored, can be carried out also with the diagnostic and medical purposes. For example, at defeat of coronary arteries when during a kateterization it is carried out angioplasty vessels. Cardioshunting is carried out and at patients with cardiogenic shock after a myocardial infarction; with stenocardia recurrence after shunting; for closing of defects of partitions of heart. In some cases the diagnostic kateterization passes to the medical.

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