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   Eczema is a non-contagious inflammatory skin disease with acute and chronic allergic and recurrent nature, manifested by rash, itching, burning sensation.

Risk factors of development of eczema

  Still the exact reason of emergence of eczema isn't established. There is an opinion that the main factor is failure in work of the central and vegetative nervous system, violations of function of a gastrointestinal path and a liver thus matter. Contacts with exogenous irritants (allergens) influence emergence of pathology. Development of eczema can provoke:

  • abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • wrong food allowance;
  • physical overloads;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • seasonal influences;
  • mental or emotional stresses.

Eczema Symptoms

  As a rule, places of localization of eczema are back parts of brushes and the person. In the period of an aggravation of a vysypaniye have numerous character and are accompanied by a strong itch and burning. They look like multiple smallest bubbles which are opened, forming the dot becoming wet erosion emitting serous liquid. Rather often the disease becomes complicated a secondary infection.

  Seboreyny eczema

  Its localization - the person, hairy part of the head, a breast, an interscapular triangle. There are flesh-colored small knots covered with fat cheshuyka. Later plaques of the different sizes which merging are formed of them, create the large centers.

  Microbic eczema

  The struck site has accurately limited form, often covered with lamellar crusts. In case of their removal the becoming wet surface is formed. Microbic eczema arises on back parts of brushes, on shins, in certain cases on a hairy surface of the head.

  Professional eczema

  Develops as a result of influence of chemical, physical or mechanical irritants in a face and a neck, a forearm, on back surfaces of brushes. This type of a disease quickly recovers, there are no periods of aggravations.

Eczema Diagnostics in Israel

  The main objective of diagnostics - to find out a cause of illness. Medical examination by the dermatologist and the allergist is carried out, the anamnesis of the patient gathers.

  In the Israeli clinics laboratory methods of researches (analyses of blood, urine) are applied. In immunological laboratories carry out testing of blood for different types of allergens.

  In certain cases carry out a skin biopsy (histologic analyses of the struck sites) to exclude other diseases of skin similar to signs and symptoms of eczema.

  Immunnoflyuorestsentny method (carries out the express diagnostics of infectious diseases), an electronic microscope help to define the reason and to pick up individual treatment for the patient.

  If eczema is connected with serious diseases of digestive or cardiovascular system, it is surely taken into consideration.

Eczema Treatment in Israel

  Results of careful diagnostics will define an eczema course of treatment in Israel to the patient as the universal remedy from eczema isn't present. The main objective of therapy - to eliminate the revealed violations from endocrine, nervous system, an internal and so forth which can a cause of illness.

Medicamentous treatment of eczema in Israel

  As local treatment of eczema in Israel apply:

  • kortikosteroidny creams for reduction of inflammatory reaction on skin;
  • various ointments, creams, pastes;
  • applications, trays, damp drying bandages with knitting, antibacterial solutions.

  As new type of the medical cream directed on control of an inflammation and decrease in reaction of immune system can recommend such immunomodulators, as Protopik, Elidel.

  In certain cases as a short course of treatment of eczema in Israel appoint reception of kortikosteroidny preparations (for example, Prednisolonum) for control of sharp outbreak of eczema. For the purpose of treatment of hard cases of a disease, when there is no reaction to traditional treatment, can recommend reception of immunodepressants: methotrexate, cyclosporine, azathioprine.

   During the aggravation periods as eczema treatment in Israel apply the antigistaminny therapy eliminating an itch.

   In some cases purpose of hormonal of treatment of eczema in Israel is possible.

  As a rule, vitamins, minerals are appointed, measures for immunity strengthening are applied, the organism is cleared of toxic substances.

Sanatorium treatment of eczema in Israel

  Effective impact on eczema treatment in Israel is made by use of unique natural properties of the Dead Sea.

   Often treatment of this disease on the Dead Sea takes place only under the influence of a curative force of nature without medicamentous therapy by means of solar, air, sea bathtubs, mud cure, a wrapping seaweed, etc.

  For fixing of result of treatment in Israel and extensions of time of remission the patient needs to adhere to a certain way of life. It is necessary to avoid exogenous contacts with allergens (blossoming plants, pets, food allergens – diet observance), stressful situations, to reduce physical activities, good rest is necessary.

  On eczema treatment in Israel you can ask additional questions to the consulting physician of the Iz*Med center.

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