Vitiligo - a disease that is accompanied by the appearance of white patches on the skin. Vitiligo develops due to the reduction or loss of function of melanocytes in the hair in the first place, the retina, in the skin. This disease is found throughout the world, affects both men and women, most often seen at the age of 20.

  The centers of an illness can arise on any site of skin, except for soles and palms. The centers of vitiligo can increase in sizes, connect with each other, forming thereby white spots of the big sizes.

  Vitiligo isn't considered an infectious disease, doesn't cause pain or an itch and is characterized by only cosmetic defect which causes the psychological tension and discomfort in the patient.

  The reason of emergence of vitiligo up to the end isn't found out, the main factor of its development therefore the absolute recovery is impossible without treatment of accompanying diseases is unknown.

   Vitiligo, being shown by white spots on skin, reports about existence of malfunctions able or work of a certain human organ. The reasons of emergence can be much:

  • violations of a condition of nervous system, mental traumas, stresses;
  • violations in work of immune system;
  • frustration of endocrine system which are accompanied by diseases of a gastrointestinal path, a thyroid gland, etc.

  Vitiligo isn't a congenital disease, but can be descended. As a rule, vitiligo proceeds parallel to other disease. Very big values in development of this disease have the got solar burns, infectious diseases, physical traumas, poisonings, chronic diseases.

   Vitiligo diagnostics in Israel includes clinical examination and the anamnesis analysis. Also inspect by means of a luminescent lamp for identification of the centers of vitiligo and forecasting of a course of a disease.

   Basis for vitiligo treatment in Israel is PUVA-therapy at which carrying out skin irradiate with ultra-violet beams with application of preparations which increase light sensitivity. Recently, in Israel apply complex techniques of treatment of vitiligo which yield effective result for very short time, naprimer:mikrovolnovy resonant therapy, radiation helium - the neon laser together with use of photosensitizing preparations.

  Also, specialists of the Israeli clinics can recommend a combination of radiation and various vitaminoterapiya. Now the surgical method of treatment of vitiligo uses great popularity. When using this method carry out change of donor sites of skin that allows to reach uniform coloring of skin. The surgical method is effective treatment for those who wasn't helped by conservative therapy.

  Speaking about vitiligo treatment in Israel, it is necessary to mention surely the Dead Sea which structure is really unique. Evaporations of mineral water give the chance to everyone to receive natural phototherapy. Usually suffering vitiligos can't sunbathe, but only not here. Besides, water of the Dead Sea contains a huge number of useful substances and minerals, and air here is free from allergoidny impurity and pollution. Stay in such climate accelerates exchange processes, positively influences physiological systems of a human body, restores nervous, immune and endocrine system. Clinics of the Dead Sea offer a set of medical procedures, among which anti-stressful therapy, physical therapy, phototherapy, a solenoidal magnetotherapy, various wrappings, dermatological procedures, thalassotherapy. All course of treatment passes in Israel under strict control of the attending physician. In process of recovery, on a place of a white spot I can appear freckles, and then the spot can and disappear completely.

  To learn the cost of treatment of vitiligo in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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