Medicine attaches great importance to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system. After all, the normal activity of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas, pituitary gland, etc. largely depends on the immune and nervous system, weight, height, human calcium, sugar and cholesterol. Endocrinology in Israel is seriously developing area of medicine, the aim of which is to preserve the health of both the Israelis and those who come for treatment in Israel from other countries. Unfortunately, to date, diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity are becoming an epidemiological nature.

  In our country carry out treatment of almost all diseases connected with hormonal violations and a metabolic imbalance. At treatment of a thyroid gland in Israel, adrenal glands, obesity, an arterial hypertension the most modern means are applied.

  To right statement of the diagnosis and supervision over a course of treatment apply special techniques, such as dynamic research of function of a hypophysis, a biopsy of a thyroid gland, various biochemical and genetic analyses, etc.

  Diabetes treatment in Israel achieved impressive successes in treatment of this disease at pregnant women, diabetes of I, II types, and also other types of diabetes (immunomediated, gestational, etc.).

   Use of the last development at supervision over patients gives the chance to supervise constantly insulin levels, sensitivity to glucose etc. Diabetes treatment in Israel carry out by means of the latest preparations in the form of tablets, injections, physical therapy and other ways, and also by means of some methods of nonconventional medicine. Patients suffering diabetes at the same time are observed at the following experts: doctor-endocrinologist, cardiologist, nutritionist, orthopedist, microsurgeon, physiotherapist and cardiologist.

  Considerable scientific achievements of the Israeli scientists in diabetes studying at genetic and biochemical level are widely used in medical practice.

  Clinics of Israel offer a full complex of services for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the following diseases in the field of endocrinology:

  • obesity treatment;
  • diseases of a hypophysis, thyroid gland, adrenal glands;
  • the hormonal violations connected with dysfunction of sexual glands;
  • neuroendocrinological tumors of adrenal glands, pancreas
  • aldosteromas (tumor of bark of an adrenal gland), kartsionoida, ganglioneyroblastomy, etc.;
  • insulinozavisimy diabetes of the first type at the patients who have fallen ill to 18-year age;
  • insulinozavisimy diabetes of the second type at patients is more senior than 40 years, caused by decrease in sensitivity of fabrics to effect of insulin;
  • the diabetes which has developed owing to other problems with health (at the patients who have passed transplantation of a liver or kidneys, etc.);
  • osteoporosis and other diseases of bones;
  • stones in kidneys;
  • violations of norms of phosphate in blood, urine and other diseases.

  Research and medical possibilities of medicine are in Israel at the highest level. All patients coming to endocrinologists of Israel, are constantly convinced of it.

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