Pituitary adenoma (adenoma hypophysis) is a benign neoplasm of glandular tissue, which is located in the anterior pituitary. Pituitary adenoma is a tumor chiasmosellar area and accounts for about 18% of all brain tumors. Is most common in people aged 20-50 years, women more often than men. In children, pituitary adenoma is extremely rare. About 95% of all pituitary tumors are slow enough rastuzimi and benign tumors.

   New growths of a hypophysis divide p class on:

  • epitelialny new growths of a forward share of an appendage of a brain Ч a cancer and hypophysis adenoma;
  • new growths of a neurohypophysis and a back share of an appendage of a brain Ч a glioma.

   From adenomas of a hypophysis distinguish 2 main types:

  • hormonal and active adenoma of a hypophysis (about 60% of all cases) which produces tropny hormones of a hypophysis. By the form produced hormones distinguish prolaktinovy, kortikotropny, tireotropny and somatotropny adenoma of a hypophysis;
  • hormonal and inactive adenoma of a hypophysis (about 40% of all cases) causes an atrophy of separate sites of a hypophysis, squeezing surrounding fabrics.

   The Reasons of formation of adenoma of a hypophysis authentically aren't found out and not proved, however it is considered that emergence of adenoma is promoted by craniocereberal traumas, infectious diseases of TsNS and impact on a fruit of adverse factors during pregnancy.

   The Clinical picture of adenoma of a hypophysis in usual option define p class by Girsh's triad which is formed by 3 groups of symptoms:

  • Violation of visual function. The bitemporal gemianopsiya, decrease in visual acuity, the atrophic phenomena of optic nerves is observed;
  • Endocrine violations. At any form of adenoma of a hypophysis at women the menstrual cycle is broken, uterine bleedings and infertility are possible. At men problems with a potentiality are characteristic. Other violations depend on a type of adenoma. At somatotropny adenoma the akromegaliya (abnormal increase in feet, brushes and front part of a skull) is characteristic. At a prolaktinovy form of adenoma it is characteristic galactorrhea (milk allocation from the mammary glands, not connected with pregnancy). At a kortikotropny form of adenoma the syndrome of Itsenko-Kushinga is characteristic;
  • Radiological symptoms. Identification on kranio-and the tomogram of change of a form and the sizes of the Turkish saddle.

   Simtoma have various degree of expressiveness depending on the tumor size. From the general symptoms it should be noted appearing headaches and in rare instances consciousness loss.

   For a choice of an effective method of treatment, adenoma of a hypophysis has to be true and is unambiguously diagnosed. Diagnostics of adenoma of a hypophysis in clinics of Israel is carried out on the most advanced equipment and with application of innovative techniques. The qualified ophthalmologists, endocrinologists and neurosurgeons inspect, the rentgenografiya of a skull, brain KT, a hormonal blood test and MRT further is carried out.

   Treatment of adenoma of a hypophysis demands special qualification of experts and is carried out not in each foreign clinic, not to mention clinics of Russia and the CIS.

   The Israeli clinics by right can be proud of skilled and highly qualified specialists who will pick up an optimum technique of treatment, proceeding from type and the tumor size. Treatment in Israel is carried out only in specialized offices of clinics and under vigilant control of endocrinologists and neurosurgeons.

   Today, only an effective method of treatment of macroadenoma of a hypophysis (large adenoma) Ч this surgery. Adenomas of the small size (microadenoma) can be treated in the medicamentous way if don't go beyond a hypophysial pole.

   As surgical methods of treatment of adenoma of a hypophysis use transsfenoidalny or transkranialny (at extensive suprasellyarny adenomas) removal of a tumor. As an additional method stereotaksichesky and traditional beam therapy is appointed. In clinics of Israel the special radio surgical robot which possesses the greatest accuracy also is applied and allows to avoid excess traumatizing of healthy fabrics. For the prevention of recurrence and restoration of a hormonal background carry out hormonal therapy.

   To learn the cost of treatment of adenoma of a hypophysis in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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