Graves' disease (thyrotoxic goiter) - is a disease of the endocrine system, which is characterized by an increase in the size of the thyroid gland and excess synthesis of hormones, which leads to disruption of all types of metabolism and as a result - the functions of the various systems and organs. In most cases, the development of thyrotoxic goiter provoke autoimmune processes in the body. Disrupted immune system: begins to produce specific cells (antibodies) that damage healthy cells. In this case, the abnormal protein that causes more intensive work of the thyroid gland.

Risk factors of a diffusion toxic craw

  Allocate some factors provoking a tireotoksichesky craw:

  1. Autoimmune processes.
  2. Hereditary factor.
  3. Influence of psychological factors.
  4. Long chronic centers of infections (chronic quinsy, virus infections).

Symptoms of a diffusion toxic craw

  The disease can gradually develop or have current acuity. Distinguish some degrees of increase in a thyroid gland:

  1. Weak palpation of the increased sizes of body.
  2. Clearly noticeable increase in gland when swallowing.
  3. "Thick neck".
  4. Sharply expressed craw.
  5. Craw of very large sizes.

  Most often 1 and 2 degrees meet.

  Violations of functioning of a thyroid gland provokes the following symptoms of a disease.

Eye symptoms of a diffusion and toxic craw:

  • expansion of an eye crack – "amazed look";
  • rare blinking - a symptom of Shtelvaga;
  • omission of a lower eyelid, lifting top, an incomplete smykaniye of eyelids - a symptom Gref.
  • protruding eyes - a symptom Gref.

   At a heavy form inflammations of a cornea, an ulcer, increase of intraocular pressure and other manifestations are possible.

it is warm - vascular signs:

  • Tachycardia – tachycardia. Pulse rate in a minute from 90 to 120, in hard cases – to 150.
  • Chronic warm insufficiency which is accompanied by hypostases of extremities.
  • Ascites (a congestion in an abdominal cavity of liquid).
  • Anasarka (skin hypostases).

Signs from ZhKT:

  • The increased appetite.
  • The diarrhea caused by strengthening of motor function of intestines.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Violation of work of the liver, bringing in certain cases to cirrhosis (a chronic inflammation).

Neurologic symptoms:

  • hypererethism;
  • motive concern;
  • trembling of fingers (in particular at outstretched arms);
  • muscular weakness;
  • headache.

Endocrine symptoms:

  • Sharp decrease in function of sexual glands and bark of adrenal glands that can become the diabetes reason.
  • At women in the premenopauzalny period development (decrease in quantity and frequency monthly) is possible.
  • The growing thin leading to exhaustion.
  • Intolerance of a heat.

Dermatological symptoms:

  • excess perspiration;
  • destruction of nails;
  • erythema (reddening and an inflammation of the skin caused by expansion of capillaries).

Stomatologic symptoms:

  • multiple caries;
  • in certain cases periodontosis.

Tireotoksichesky crisis

  The heaviest complication of a diffusion and toxic craw is the tireotoksichesky coma or tireotoksichesky crisis. Factors which promote its development:

  • lack of treatment of a thyrotoxicosis throughout long time;
  • mental trauma;
  • excessive physical activities;
  • surgical interventions;
  • infectious diseases;
  • expeditious treatment of a toxic craw in the absence of sufficient medicamentous compensation.

Symptoms of tireotoksichesky crisis:

  1. Strong excitement at the patient, the nonsense and hallucinations are possible.
  2. Face reddening.
  3. Plentiful sweating is replaced by dryness of the skin caused by dehydration.
  4. From ZhKT: strong diarrhea, belly-aches, the increase in a liver provoking hepatitis.
  5. Body temperature increase to 41-42 degrees.
  6. The speeded-up pulse with the broken rhythm.
  7. Low diastolic and high systolic arterial pressure.
  8. The increased level of tireoidny hormones.

  Excessive emission in blood of tireoidny hormones leads to crushing toxic damage of a liver, adrenal glands, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Diagnostics of a diffusion and toxic craw in Israel

For diagnostics of a tireotoksichesky craw in Israel can carry out the following types of inspections:

  1. Consultation of the endocrinologist.
  2. Palpation of a thyroid gland.
  3. Laboratory researches: the developed analysis of blood.
  4. Ultrasonic research and Dopler of a thyroid gland.
  5. Radio isotope inspection of gland.
  6. At suspicions on a tumor – a biopsy with an urgent histopathology and some other diagnostic measures.

Treatment of a diffusion and toxic craw in Israel

   Treatment of a diffusion and toxic craw assumes some methods of treatment. After carefully carried out diagnostics of a thyroid gland in Israel will be developed the program of therapy for the patient.

  The endocrinologist selects medicamentous treatment of a diffusion and toxic craw in Israel.

  The radiologist appoints a radio isotope ablyation which means preliminary survey, treatment by radioactive iodine and monitoring after the carried-out procedure.

  1. Check before treatment by iodine assumes application of a trial capsule of iodine 131 to define an exact dose of iodine entered to the patient.
  2. The second stage - radio pharmacological therapy for gland ablyation. Then hospitalization within three days as there is a risk of radiation for surrounding people is required.
  3. The last stage includes a stsintigrafiya iodine and consultation of the endocrinologist.

  The program of treatment of a thyroid gland in Israel will be picked up individually for each patient taking into account the course of a diffusion and toxic craw, its form, age of the patient, accompanying diseases. Exact diagnostics and the most effectively picked up scheme of treatment in Israel will provide recovery.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" will assist in the organization of treatment of a thyroid gland in Israel: our experts will pick up for you profile clinic, will find the best doctors, will provide household maintenance (the solution of all household questions in Israel). The organization of high-quality medical care will lead to positive result – health finding. All questions on diagnostics, treatment, you can set costs to our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail, through a form of request for treatment.

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