If the cause of endocrine infertility obesity is caused by poor diet or overeating, the effective result can give increased physical activity and diet. Often, weight loss is desired, and sometimes just a necessary component of a comprehensive treatment of endocrine infertility, which also includes physiotherapy, exercise therapy and hormone therapy. Not as rare cases of infertility and endocrine disorders associated with excessive and / or rapid weight loss in the pursuit of a certain ideal. It is important to know and remember that the normal menstrual function is set only at a certain weight, which is genetically predetermined for each woman. Weight loss below this threshold causes failures of menstrual function. In most cases, endocrine infertility to hormonal treatment. In connection with this very common two opposite, but equally wrong approach to this kind of treatment.

  It is possible to call the first approach thoughtless as at it hormonal preparations are accepted at own discretion or on the basis of councils of girlfriends, instead of on doctor's orders. Hormones are the serious preparations which action depends not only on their look, but also on application and dosage schemes. If to accept hormones not according to indications, they can put serious, and in certain cases and irreparable harm to endocrine mechanisms of an organism.

   Opposite approach to hormonal treatment Ч is fear before it and full confidence of destructive influence of hormones which leads to terrible obesity, an ovoloseniye and transformation into the man. This completely wrong idea of hormones and such position dooms treatment to failure even if the doctor will manage to persuade the patient to accept preparations.

  Psychological opposition to hormonal treatment is very powerful brake to medical action of preparations. It is necessary to know that hormonal preparations correctly picked up and accepted on the appointed scheme not only not cause cosmetic defects, and on the contrary Ч are very effective and improve appearance.

The main condition of effective action of hormones Ч is their reception only to destination qualified expert. At treatment in Israel in 70-80% cases it is possible to achieve pregnancy approach.

  The greatest effect of treatment (80-90%) is noted at patients with a syndrome of Shteyna-Leventalya Ч a syndrome of polycystous yaichnik. In case conservative treatment didn't help, resort to surgical intervention. Until recently, the most widespread method of treatment of a syndrome of Shteyna-Leventalya was the wedge-shaped resection of yaichnik. Field of this operation in 70% cases the menstrual cycle was restored, but pregnancy came only in 20-40% cases. It is connected with that after this operation at many women solderings in a small basin are formed and endocrine infertility passes in pipe peritoneal.

Existence of this circumstance induced the Israeli experts for surgical treatment of a syndrome of Shteyna-Leventalya to use a laparoscopy, instead of big band operations.

Among a large number of options of a laparoscopy of the most effective the laparoscopic termokauterization of yaichnik is. After application of this operation the percent of approach of pregnancy reaches 80-90%.

The frequent reason of infertility is one more endocrine frustration, namely Ч a giperprolaktinemiya. It is connected with increase in blood of Prolactinum and rather easily gives in to treatment by hormonal preparations.

Dysfunctional uterine bleedings are a frequent symptom of endocrine violations which define and accompany infertility. These bleedings are a symptom of other disease, most often a symptom of a syndrome of polycystous yaichnik. Treatment of the main disease leads to treatment of infertility and the termination of bleedings.

   Often reason of endocrine infertility is violation of function of a thyroid gland. It is necessary to pay attention to such symptoms as weakness, sleeplessness, perspiration, excessive nervousness, interruptions in heart area, locks, causeless decrease or increase in weight.

Normalization of functions of a thyroid gland often conducts to pregnancy approach. However reception of some medicines can have negative impact on health of future child therefore it is necessary to follow strictly to all instructions of the doctor and to be protected from pregnancy in the course of all treatment.

The most difficult is treatment of endocrine infertility which is connected with premature exhaustion of function of yaichnik. Now the most perspective method of treatment of this type of endocrine infertility is EKO in Israel with use of donor embryos or ova.

Treatment of man's infertility is under authority of urologists-andrologists. In certain cases rather usual anti-inflammatory treatment in order that spermogram indicators considerably improved.

  In many cases effectively hormonal treatment of endocrine forms of man's infertility. In certain cases successfully surgical intervention. If there is no effect from above-mentioned methods, it is necessary to be guided by artificial insemination. EKO is the most effective method of treatment of man's infertility. At incompatibility of a married couple or at not clear infertility resort to methods of artificial insemination most effective of which is EKO in Israel.

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