Hemorrhoids - this disease, with inflammation, thrombosis (blood clots in the lumen of blood vessels), varicose veins hemorrhoids, which form the nodes due to venous congestion and high blood pressure.

Risk factors of hemorrhoids

  Designate a number of factors which can cause hemorrhoids development:

  • The excess weight promoting strengthening of rushes of blood to a rectum.
  • The hypodynamia Ц decrease in the general physical activity of an organism brings to stagnation of blood.
  • Wrong food allowance: the use in a large number of a spicy food, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • Physical overloads cause stagnation in gemorroidalny veins.
  • Stresses.
  • Blood circulation violations in a rectum.
  • Systematically repeating locks cause a rush of blood to veins. They tend to expansion that in the future leads to gemorroidalny knots.
  • Inflammations and tumoral educations in intestines and a liver.
  • Infectious processes.
  • Pregnancy period.
  • Anal sex.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

  In an anus the extensive vascular network settles down, being a zone of the increased blood supply. At hemorrhoids development the blood-groove in arteries becomes very intensive, separate arteries extend. Swell up small vessels which press on mucous a rectum and cause internal hemorrhoids. As a result the space of back pass is narrowed, leading to difficulty of passing of kalovy masses. In addition, there is strong pressure upon arteries round an anus, slowing down blood circulation process. Swells up a venous ring round an anus, getting a cyanotic shade. Such clinical picture corresponds to a hemorrhoids exterior. There are painful feelings in the field of gemorroidalny sites at a contact, in the course of walking, in situation sitting and even lying.

   Internal hemorrhoids provoke formation of cracks: when kalovy masses, passing through the narrowed canal, damage a mucous membrane of a rectum. It causes pain, burning, small bleeding. As a whole bleedings can be different degree of intensity, in some cases posing threat for life of the patient.

Hemorrhoids Diagnostics in Israel

To make the diagnosis hemorrhoids in Israel can carry out the following types of inspections:

  1. Consultation of the doctor-proctologist: external examination and collecting anamnesis.
  2. Anoskopiya investigates a condition of a mucous membrane and a vascular grid. Into a rectum on depth of 6-8 centimeters enter anoscope.
  3. Rektoromanoskopiya gives more reliable information, reveals the slightest changes in intestines, defines a stage of hemorrhoids and helps with selection of the scheme of treatment. On distance of 30 centimeters enter increasing optical device proctoscope into a rectum.
  4. Kolonoskopiya is carried out in certain cases for the purpose of diagnosis specification.

Hemorrhoids Treatment in Israel

  To hemorrhoids treatment in Israel the integrated approach is applied, medicamentous and expeditious treatment is carried out. Surgeries, as a rule, recommend when big and dropping-out knots, and also strong bleeding when there are no results from conservative treatment take place.

Medicamentous treatment of hemorrhoids in Israel

   Conservative therapy can include: reception of laxative preparations, means which normalize microblood circulation (endotelon, a ginkor forte, glivenol), use of ointments, candles (ultraprokt, benzocaine, bupivacaine), diet observance.

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids in Israel

Now sparing, miniinvasive ways of treatment of hemorrhoids in clinics of Israel are effective.

  Sclerotherapy is recommended at initial stages of chronic hemorrhoids, besides, at bleedings for the purpose of a stop. To performance of procedure apply anoscope. Into gemorroidalny knots enter a skleroziruyushchy preparation under the influence of which there is a replacement of vessels with connecting fabric. As a result bleeding stops and the knot size is reduced. As addition the infrared laser which action possesses anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing effects can be applied.

Ligirovaniye's latex rings

  Ligirovaniye latex rings is appointed at loss of internal knots, especially at the weakened patients. In the basis of knot place a latex ring under the influence of which gradually the knot self-destructs.

Infrared photocoagulation

  Infrared photocoagulation assumes application of a stream of light radiated by a galogenovy lamp. Light goes by means of anoscope on the knot basis. It leads to irreversible change of structure of fabric with the subsequent sklerozirovaniye.

  As priority methods of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids in the Israeli clinics it is possible to note the following:

  1. Milligan-Morgan's operation or gemorroidektomiya. Indications to it: age till 70 years at 3 Ц 4 stages of hemorrhoids. The rehabilitation period Ц till 25 days.
  2. Cryodestruction. Indications: 2-3 degrees of hemorrhoids, age over 50 years, carrying out in out-patient conditions.
  3. Long's operation is appointed to 2-3 stages of hemorrhoids at loss mucous. Maximum period of hospitalization of 5 days.

  For more information on hemorrhoids treatment in Israel contact specialists of the center in e-mail or through an inquiry form.

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