The raised content of iron in blood, its accumulation in an internal, and also violation of an exchange of iron is called gemokhromatozy. This disease meets quite seldom and in most cases at men is more senior than 40 years.

  If in the analysis of blood there are no the pathological changes indicating violation of function of a liver, and the liver is increased, it is necessary immediately will address to the doctor.

  Treatment hemochromatosis in Israel is carried out most successfully thanks to the modern equipment and attraction to work of highly professional doctors.

  Symptoms hemochromatosis is skin pigmentation (mostly on open sites of hands, persons), cirrhosis and diabetes. The increased liver, the increased spleen and ascites also are symptoms hemochromatosis.

  Also at patients weakness is observed, there is a fast loss of weight, there is an apathy and belly-aches, skin becomes pale gray color with partial brown pigmentation.

  There is a set of the reasons of emergence hemochromatosis which depend on a type of an illness:

  • Primary hemochromatosis Ч it is descended. The small intestines soak up much more iron, in comparison with necessary daily norm for the person. Even if the food contains the necessary amount of iron, absorption process in intestines amplifies. Most often excess iron is postponed in cells of heart, a liver and a pancreas. This surplus also leads to cirrhosis at men after 40 years.
  • Secondary hemochromatosis Ч it is formed in case of receipt of a large amount of iron, for example, at uncontrollable treatment by preparations containing iron, or at numerous blood transfusion.

  In the absence of treatment hemochromatosis causes serious complications:

Ј myocardial infarction;

Ј warm insufficiency;

Ј violations of a rhythm of heart;

Ј hepatic and diabetic coma.

Ј more than at 20% of patients the cancer of a liver develops.

   Treatment hemochromatosis in Israel begins only after full diagnostics of an organism of the patient. For diagnostics the magnetic resonant tomography which allows to define amount of unnecessary iron in heart, a pancreas and other internal is used.

  Also the most used methods of diagnostics hemochromatosis in Israel is the liver biopsy, spektrofotometrichesky research and nuclear and absorbing spectrometry.

  At primary hemochromatosis treatment in Israel provides disposal of an organism of excess of iron, and also maintenance of all functions of the damaged bodies. Most simply iron is removed from an organism at a weekly krovopuskaniye, in volume not less than 500 ml.

  The treatment program in Israel also assumes purpose of a rigid diet for the purpose of restriction of receipt of products with the considerable content of iron, vitamin E and zinc. If life expectancy in time doesn't ask for the help the doctor won't exceed also five years.

  To learn treatment cost hemochromatosis in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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