Infertility is one of the spouses is a tragedy for the couple who wants to have a baby. But modern medicine is at such a high level that very few hopeless cases. Causes of infertility, there are many and for their correct diagnosis and effective treatment of infertility each year in Israel attracts thousands of people.

†   Infertility treatment in Israel begins with careful diagnostics at highly qualified specialists, and diagnostics pass both the woman, and the man.

Methods of diagnostics of infertility in Israel. Infertility Reasons:

  • The most common cause of infertility Ч this tube infertility. In this case uterine pipes are completely closed that does impossible spermatozoon and ovum connection. The abortion, more precisely the infection which has arisen after it, clamidiosis, gonorrhea and even the appendicitis removed in the childhood can become the reason of tube infertility.
  • Ovulation Violation Ч in this case the ovum can't normally ripen and can't leave a yaichnik. Reasons of it the most various: diseases of endocrine system, syndrome of polycystous yaichnik, surplus or strong lack of weight, existence of heavy physical activities for a long time.
  • Infertility as a result of endometriosis. Most often it meets at women at the age of 20-40 years. Endometriosis causes hormonal and immune shifts that in turn negatively influences process of an ovulation and maturing of follicles, and also can lead to solderings of uterine pipes.
  • Infertility as a result of congenital defects of a uterus. Infertility can be congenital when there is a failure in development of a uterus at the girl in a womb of mother. Pregnancy with uterus developmental anomalies nevertheless is possible. Developmental anomalies of a uterus happen the following: partition in a uterus cavity, a saddle shape of a uterus, an odnorogy uterus, an infantile uterus, a hypoplastic uterus.
  • Immunological infertility Ч this congenital infertility resulting failure in development to a uterus at the girl still in a womb of mother. In this case the girl is born with incorrectly developed uterus.
  • Infertility as a result of a giperprolaktinemiya, the diseases, the level which was characterized by sharp increase of hormones of Prolactinum and a hypophysis in an organism of the woman. The reasons of such disease can be: cirrhosis, tumor of a hypophysis, disease of yaichnik, brain, etc. Giperprolaktinemy can provoke infertility as breaks synthesis of two important hormones without which conception is impossible.
  • Infertility female. Can be primary and secondary. Primary Ч if pregnancy never came. Secondary Ч if pregnancy was (abortion, childbirth), but further, during long time doesn't come. Primary it is most often caused by genetic or hormonal violations, secondary it is usually caused by inflammatory processes of genitals.
  • Infertility man's Ч violation of man's reproductive system. The frequent reasons of man's infertility are: pampinocele, vopalitelny diseases of urinogenital bodies, congenital anomalies of development, system diseases, eyakulyatorny and sexual violations, injuries of genitals, abuse of nicotine, alcohol, etc.
  • The Infertility which reasons don't manage to be defined. Such cases when various tests and checks show good results and full compatibility of partners meet also, but it isn't possible to conceive the child. In this case physicians recommend artificial insemination which brings in many cases in positive result.

  Methods of treatment of infertility in Israel are various. It can be surgical treatment, medicamentous or complex.

  Medicamentous treatment of infertility in Israel apply p class in case of problems at the woman with maturing and an ovum exit, and also at endometriosis treatment.

  In case of endocrine infertility, apply treatment by hormonal preparations and sanatorium treatment.

  In case of need, by means of medicines carry out treatment of virus diseases and chronic inflammatory process in a small basin of the woman which disturb conception.

  At impossibility of conception for the immunological reasons, medicamentous treatment of infertility in Israel includes application of immunoproofreaders.

  Infertility Treatment by means of quick intervention apply in case of need removal of tumors (for example, uterus myoma), elimination of impassability of uterine pipes, at a syndrome of polycystous yaichnik. Surgical intervention use for elimination congenital defects of a uterus.

  At infertility treatment in Israel often apply Recently endoscopic technologies and a laparoscopy that allows to reduce rehabilitation the period and to reduce traumatism of the operation. But in certain cases only surgery it appears insufficiently and it combine with medicamentous treatment.

  If infertility treatment in Israel didn't yield expected results and it it is impossible will cure, you shouldn't despair. In the Israeli clinics there is an opportunity to conceive own child by means of artificial insemination. The most popular is the EKO method (a method vitro fertilisations).

  To Arrive on treatment to Israel very easily, it is necessary to contact only our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or to send a request through a feedback form. To you will provide all necessary information and will answer all interesting questions.

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