Scientific and technological progress provides professionals tremendous opportunity. Today successfully solve medical problems that a few years ago sounded like a harsh sentence.

  Couldn't ignore such serious problem as infertility treatment which arises at each fifth couple in the world and remains actual for already many years.

  Experts in foreign clinics constantly conduct new researches and develop effective and innovative techniques of a solution of the problem of infertility after which application there is a possibility of successful artificial or natural insemination.

  In Israel pay much attention to female health, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of gynecologic diseases. Infertility treatment in Israel thanks to the innovative techniques, the latest hardware and high qualification of experts, successfully solves many problems connected with conception.

  Specialists of the clinics specializing on artificial insemination in Israel, are considered as one of the best around the world that prove very impressive indicators Ц at 40% of patients of these clinics there comes pregnancy.

  IVF - technology of extracorporal fertilization is modern, already enough well studied technique of disposal of infertility and pregnancy initiation, especially at women is more senior than 30 years. The main advantage of EKO is opportunity to initiate pregnancy in most cases without preliminary long treatment, and also very high probability of conception (40-45%).

  IVF in Israel takes leading positions in the most hard cases of infertility which don't give in to treatment both conservative, and endoscopic methods.

  First of all, any fruitless couple, wishing to carry out IVF in Israel, surely has to pass careful inspection. It is necessary for several reasons: first, experts in clinics of Israel have to have the most complete idea of a state of health of both partners, for this purpose, that to provide all possible complications and nuances. Secondly, possibilities of medicine allow to use ultramodern endoscopic techniques and innovative schemes conservative treatment in Israel that gives the chance to receive pregnancy and IVF.

  The preparatory stage to IVF in Israel includes: physical survey, hysteroscopy, ultrasonic research of bodies of a small basin, gisterosalpinografiya Ц at women, carrying out sperm test and the spermogram analysis Ц at men.

  After the analysis of the received results will become clear the reason of infertility and additional researches (fizikalny, laboratory, etc.) are appointed. At preparatory stage IVF in Israel the program of inspection includes the genetic analysis and hormonal research.

  In Israel today IVF carry out in two ways:

  • Insemination of "in vitro" - fertilization of an ovum happens suspension of spermatozoa on a nutritious substratum in a test tube;
  • The Introtsitoplazmatichesky injection of spermatozoa (ICSI method) - assumes introduction spermatozoon introduction in an ovum by means of special microsurgical tools.

  It should be noted that to each couple which is carrying out IVF in Israel held predimplatatsionny diagnostics which consists in the following: before embryo transfer in a cavity of a uterus apply the genetic technologies, allowing to diagnose rough developmental anomalies, chromosomal diseases and hereditary diseases already at a stage ... which consists of 4-8 cages.

  After ovum implantation each 3 days conduct research of level of hormones in blood.

  After two weeks after IVF, the test for pregnancy is carried out, define quantity of the got accustomed embryos, and the reproduction (is carried out at desire of the woman). It should be noted that women, whose pregnancy grew out of IVF during the whole period of pregnancy need professional fixed supervision and the most careful attitude.

  The competent carried-out extracorporal fertilization will help to conceive the child without developmental anomalies. Saved up for the long period of time of the statistician of application of IVF in Israel testifies that the probability of birth of the child with developmental anomalies at IVF doesn't exceed similar probability at natural conception.

How much is IVF in Israel?

   For carrying out procedure of extracorporal fertilization it is necessary about a month of stay in our country. IVF cost in Israel is in limits of 5000-7000 thousand dollars and depends on price policy of the chosen clinic. It is also necessary to consider additional expenses on flight, medicines, a tourist insurance and apartment or hotel rent.

  Thanks to high qualification of the Israeli doctors and use of the advanced techniques, undesirable consequences and complications at patients of clinics are almost excluded, therefore reviews of IVF in Israel the most positive.

  To learn the exact cost of IVF in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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