Uterine fibroid - a benign entity which develops in the wall or inside the uterus of immature cells of the myometrium (muscle cells of the uterus). Fibroids are often, if you look at the statistics, we find uterine fibroids in 20% of women over thirty years.

   At disease emergence aged after thirty years there is a risk of its development in a malignant tumor. Some tumoral knots of the different size are often formed. Symptoms depend on an arrangement and the tumor size. At myoma of a uterus there can be sharp pains, bleedings, but most often myomas in any way aren't felt and them find at usual planned inspection.

  Usually at this disease there is no need for treatment, but in case of an aggravation myoma of a uterus can complicate conception, pregnancy and process of childbirth. In many countries at emergence of an aggravation of women often at once send to operation, without having tried other ways of treatment. At myoma treatment in Israel will surely carry out competent diagnostics and will pick up suitable treatment.

Reasons of development of myoma of a uterus:

  • hormonal shift Ч is the main reason for development of a disease. The raised maintenance of female sexual hormones provokes formation of tumors. Myomas seldom disturb young girls and women in the period of a climax. The highest risk of development of a disease falls on the period from 25 to 50 years. Also the risk increases at inflammatory processes, pregnancy and decrease in immunity;
  • hereditary predisposition to this disease;
  • abortions;
  • infertility and prematurely born pregnancy;
  • numerous stresses;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • bad ecological conditions.

  For purpose of necessary treatment of myoma of a uterus in Israel carry out diagnostics by means of the ultrasonic radiation which allows to find the slightest new growths and small knots. At their detection continuous supervision is necessary. Many women for years don't suspect about myoma existence, but together with it the course of disease can become complicated: strong bleedings can bring into anemias if the tumor strongly expands, it can squeeze nearby bodies, causing pain. Incomplete immersion of myoma in a wall of a uterus threatens with tumor dying off, its inflammation and the subsequent gap. Symptoms is sharp pain in the bottom of a stomach, sharp temperature increase. In such cases it is necessary to cause urgently the urgent help as life of the woman is threatened by big danger.

  The reliable way in time to reveal disease existence Ч is regular routine inspections. The skilled gynecologist will be able to find a tumor but touch, but surely appoints additional researches (ultrasonography, in certain cases in addition a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, KT or MPT).

  Treatment depends on several factors. If for several years the size of myoma doesn't change and in plans there is no pregnancy, medicamentous treatment by hormonal preparations is recommended. If the woman is young and wants to bring the child, surgical removal, in particular a miomektomiya is recommended Ч only tumoral knots and a uterus practically are cut out isn't damaged. If tumoral knots have the big size or their very large number, it is necessary to delete all uterus, in certain cases even with appendages.

  At myoma treatment in Israel the most modern preparations and medicines which allow to reduce the sizes of a tumor are applied or to remove it, having avoided need of removal of the uterus.

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