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   In recent years, more and more people around the world suffer from heart disease and cardio - vascular system. Essential in combating these illnesses has heart surgery, which not only eliminates the pathologies of the heart, but is one of the most effective ways to treat acute disorders of the coronary circulation. The clinics in Israel, equipped with the latest equipment and advanced technology, based on world standards, a wide range of cardio-surgical treatment of heart and cardio - vascular system.

The Heart surgery in Israel: electropacemaker implantation

  The electropacemaker is intended for maintenance of a normal warm rhythm. The electropacemaker is capable to trace failure in work of heart and to pass to a necessary operating mode. Exist one - two - and three-chambered electropacemakers. During carrying out a surgery an electropacemaker implant under a big chest muscle or under skin. Electrodes are carried out to heart cameras, after it demanded parameters and electrodes are checked fix in organism fabrics. By means of a programmator experts after operation can change and adjust device parameters without repeated surgery.

  Operation on implantation demands some recovery period, but achievements of the Israeli medicine allow to reduce to a minimum painful feelings of the patient after surgery.

The Heart surgery in Israel: defibrillator implantation

  The defibrillator as well as electropacemaker is intended for restoration of a normal rhythm of heart. But difference consists that the defibrillator is intended for detection too slow or sishky a fast warm rhythm and its reduction in a normal state. The perception of a warm rhythm is carried out by means of electrodes, the device is adjusted by means of a programmator. Iplantation of a defibrillator is similar to electropacemaker implantation. The conducted researches proved that implantation of a defibrillator reduces mortality among patients with violations of a warm rhythm by 30% in comparison with those who received only medicamentous treatment.

The Heart surgery in Israel: kateterny ablyation

   The Kateterny ablyation is directed on fight against vibrating arrhythmia and some types of tachycardia. The Kateterny ablyation allows to destroy or isolate those sites of tissues of heart which bear responsibility for violation of a warm rhythm. The Kateterny ablyation is out-patient intervention which takes place under local anesthesia. At this procedure a catheter enter through a vein into heart of the patient and with his help find a fabric site which needs to be destroyed or isolated. Process is carried out by small cuts of fabric or by means of laser or radio waves. In certain cases carry out a krioablyation Ч destruction of neobkhodmy sites of fabrics by means of cold, and also an ablyation with use of chemicals.

  The Kateterny ablyation doesn't deliver unpleasant feelings, rehabilitation the period lasts small time, and efficiency of this procedure is very high Ч the problem completely is solved in 6 cases from 10. If necessary, the kateterny ablyation is carried out both to adults, and children.

The Heart surgery in Israel: low-invasive operations

  Low-invasive operations Ч it is a new stage in surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Any operation Ч this damage of fabrics and the is less than these damages, the better, especially when it is a question of heart operations.

   The rehabilitation period after heart operations is rather long, and hems and scars look very unattractively. Besides, as a result of carrying out operations on heart muscles and nerves that leads to postoperative pains are often injured.

  Low-invasive operations solve all these problems as are carried out by means of endoscopic technologies. Use of endoscopes allows to reduce to at least traumatizing of fabrics of an organism: cuts are replaced with punctures. Ischemic illness at adults, and also heart diseases and various defects of warm partitions at children it is best of all to treat by means of low-invasive operations.

The Heart surgery in Israel: reconstructive operations

  Reconstructive operations Ч it is recovery operations of heart and vessels which are performed at proiobretenny and congenital heart diseases, aneurism of an aorta, an ischemic illness, heart tumors, etc.

  The reconstructive surgery of heart includes prosthetics (including multivalvate), reconstruction of partitions of heart, etc. Such operations perform both on adults, and on children of different age. In the world tens of thousands of such operations that allows to improve quality of life of patients considerably are annually carried out.

The Heart surgery in Israel: aortokoronarny shunting

  Aortokoronarnoye shunting is carried out to restore a normal blood-groove and heart could receive oxygen enough. The essence of operation consists that roundabout ways (anastomoses) are created to bypass sites of the affected coronary arteries. To create these roundabout ways it is necessary to create the shunt Ч the channel on which blood will flow.

  The shunt do of an artery or a vein which take from an internal surface of a chest wall or from a forearm. The taken vein or artery sew in an aorta since one end, and since other end Ч in a coronary artery, places of narrowing of a vessel are lower. Aortokoronarnoye shunting lasts some hours and can be combined with other cardiac operations.

   Cardiosurgeons in Israel for treatment even more often use endoscopic methods at aortokoronarny shunting to reduce injury of operation, to reduce the recovery period and to reduce quantity of traces remaining after operation. High professionalism of the Israeli surgeons and the modern equipment in an overwhelming case guarantees happy end of operation. After 2-3 months after this operation the patient can return to normal life.

The Heart surgery in Israel: replacement of valves and aorta

  At emergence of problems with heart valves the heart surgery offers reconstruction, replacement and prosthetics of valves. In case of replacement use the made biological or mechanical valves. Biological valves make of a pericardium of pigs or horses.

   Mechanical valves will smoothly work all life of the patient if it isn't made an adverse effect of external factors. But with the mechanical valve all life it will be necessary to accept the preparations reducing coagulability of blood.

  Living with the biological valve to accept to accept constantly preparations it isn't necessary, but such valves collapse over time. What valve to prefer Ч the patient solves for himself, of course, having consulted to the cardiosurgeon.

The Heart surgery in Israel: open heart operations

  When carrying out operations on open heart open a thorax of the patient and connect system of artificial blood circulation.

  Now such operations with success are performed on adults and the other day. To medicine of Israel cases when such operations performed on only the been born babies to correct congenital heart diseases are known. Such operation can last seven hours.

  The rehabilitation period after such operation is rather long, after all similar operations are a big stress for a human body Ч after all for the period of operation lungs and heart cease to work.

  The Israeli experts constantly try to find alternative to such operations or at least by means of preredovy technologies to reduce their injury. But only such operation can sometimes help the patient.

the heart surgery Nursery in Israel

  The children's surgery first of all is directed on correction of the acquired and congenital defects of children's heart. Modern methods of diagnostics in Israel allow to define congenital heart diseases till the birth of the child that right after his birth or through small time to send it to operation.

   It is very important as some congenital heart diseases allow to live to the child half a year or year.

   The majority of congenital heart diseases operation at early age demand, and the rehabilitation period can last years.

   The children's heart surgery in Israel provides installation of defibrillators and electropacemakers for children, and also therapy of warm insufficiency. Usually in 90% a case after carrying out operation small patients of clinics of Israel become absolutely healthy and can lead normal life.

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