Changing the structures of the heart, where blood circulation slips for small and systemic circulation is called heart disease. In fact heart disease - an aberration in the structure of the heart, which is one of the most frequent causes of death in children in the first year of life.

  Every year more and more children are born with heart disease. It occurs because of violations of development of a fruit in the first months of pregnancy, including such factors as: virus infection, unlimited reception of medicines or vitamin insufficiency. Also big danger to the child is constituted by abuse of parents of alcohol and tobacco smoking.

  Many countries aren't able to afford to treat patients with heart disease as the expensive equipment and the highly skilled personnel for this purpose is necessary.

  Treatment of congenital heart diseases in Israel is possible thanks to care of the government which isn't sorry to invest in development of world medicine. In Israel diagnostics of heart diseases at a fruit that allows to prepare already for the birth of the child all necessary for rendering the necessary medical care is also possible.

  Congenital heart diseases happen two main types:

  • Simple Ч differ a certain violation of a structure of heart (a wall hypertrophy, increase in auricles, volume of ventricles and all heart cameras). Treatment of such defects is carried out at early age by means of surgery, or a koronografiya. After treatment of simple congenital heart disease by these ways normal functioning of heart is restored, and adaptation at children happens quickly and can take only some hours.
  • Difficult defects Ч differs abnormal development of violations of a structure of the main components of heart. It leads to destruction of structure of heart and action of the heart. Among difficult heart diseases meet such which can't be corrected, for example pathology of heart valves. However at the expense of surgery and a koronarografiya it is possible to improve quality of life of the patient and to increase functionality of an organism. Often the part of defects includes defeat of several heart cameras therefore each separate case is various.

  Manifestations of congenital heart diseases depend on a type of anomaly and share on white and blue. At white heart diseases at the child of not considerably any symptoms of an illness as blue and arterial blood don't mix up. Most often such defects are shown with increase in physical activities. Symptoms arise when the child goes to school. Skin turns pale, the child starts lagging behind in physical development, and also often overtires. At blue defects there is a mixing of a blue blood, because of its dumping in the left ventricle, to the arterial. At blue heart diseases children are born with blue skin color and demand urgent surgical intervention.

  Prior to treatment of heart diseases the patient surely passes diagnostics in Israel. Without fail the electrocardiogram (echocardiography) and ultrasonography (ultrasonic research) becomes. Also for specification of results of research of a condition of the heart, sick can send to a thorax X-ray, or x-ray research by means of special contrast substance is conducted.

  In clinics of Israel operations on treatment of all types of heart diseases are successfully performed. The big preference is given recently to operations where through a special probe take in defects, expand narrowings and correct valves.

  The Israeli scientists developed a unique method which allows to execute endoscopic treatment of heart diseases at a fruit. Into fruit heart through an umbilical vein enter a special probe with the manipulator which eliminates defects.

  At the patients who have transferred operation on elimination of heart disease, healthy children in most cases are born.

  To learn the cost of treatment of heart diseases in Israel, contact our experts a feedback form. We are ready to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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