Hepatitis C - one of the worst ills of the modern world.

  Every year this disease affects more and more people.

  Certainly, the science doesn't stand still, and druggists invent new effective drugs. Unfortunately, hepatitis C is a virus which is very adapted for a survival in the nature. The virus structure constantly changes, generating a number of new subtypes. Virus hepatitis C affects a liver and can "sit" in it for years, yet won't lead to cirrhosis or a cancer.

   You remember Ц who is warned, that is armed with knowledge to manage to carry out prevention of a disease or to cure it.

  Hepatitis C treatment in Israel Ц the very first step to recovery from this illness.

Risk factors of hepatitis C

  Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, including - through skin wounds or mucous; during drawing tattoos, piercing, an injection of drugs; at sexual intercourse.

  From the moment of infection the incubatory period makes 7-8 weeks.

   The group of risk includes people who use drugs and often change sexual partners. Though researches testify what to catch virus hepatitis C it is possible even through sanitary products on which there were allocations or blood of the sick person (a towel, a toothbrush, tools for manicure).

The KA proceeds hepatitis C

  Other name of hepatitis C - "the tender murderer". As the reason for that that fact serves that the illness develops almost bessimptomno. In a sharp phase there can be temperature jump, there is a weakness, muscle and joints pain, the person starts being tired quickly. These symptoms pass approximately in a week therefore usually the person quickly forgets about the indisposition.

  And the illness doesn't disappear meanwhile anywhere, on the contrary, passes to a chronic stage. Virus hepatitis C "is" in a liver, breeds and destroys body cages. "Silent destruction" can last for years and even decades, yet brighter symptoms until won't be shown: appetite loss, belly-ache, decolouration calla, urine darkening, jaundice. These signs testify to serious consequences of hepatitis Ч fibrosis, cirrhosis and even a cancer of a liver.

Hepatitis C Diagnostics in Israel

  Hepatitis C diagnostics takes place in Israel according to the following plan.

   The main part of diagnostics of hepatitis C in Israel Ц the blood analysis on virus antibodies in blood (Anti-HCV). If the positive result is received, the additional analysis which shows the maintenance of a virus in blood is required. It carries the name virus loading.

  Because it is some genotypes of a virus of hepatitis C therefore the analysis on identification of a genotype of a virus is necessary.

   In some cases additional analyses to estimate liver work are recommended. It is a question about FibroTest Ц the analysis of blood based on several specific parameters by means of which the condition of body is estimated.

  Also it can be necessary Fibroscan Ц ultrasonic inspection.

  MRT scanning, KT cut, echolocation can be in certain cases made. These diagnostic methods are necessary to exclude a cancer of a liver.

  If nevertheless hepatitis C in Israel is diagnosed Ц it is necessary to start treatment urgently.

  Efficiency of treatment and possibility of full disposal of hepatitis C depends on such factors: age of the patient, quantity of a virus in blood, a virus genotype.

   The probability of recovery decreases with the course of a disease. Also by results of inspection the Israeli experts can define, whether the patient needs treatment at this stage or not.

Hepatitis C Treatment in Israel

  Hepatitis C treatment in Israel is a comprehensive program which includes a course of intensive antiviral therapy under control of professionals, of it the rehabilitation program follows.

   Main goal of treatment: to reduce or nullify a liver inflammation to warn the cirrhosis beginning, and also to lower the maintenance of a virus in an organism or completely to bring him.

  For treatment it is used interferon-A, immunosupressor, hormonal preparations and antibiotics of the 4th generation. Treatment is appointed strictly individually.

   Recently significant progress in treatment of hepatitis of S.Esli hepatitis C was made treated only interferon and riboviriny, today combines treatment by peginterferon which is entered in the form of subcutaneous injections, once a week, with tablets ribavirin which are accepted daily earlier.

  For the patient there is no need to be in Israel the entire period of treatment. Hepatitis C treatment in Israel is necessary only at the time of inspection and the beginning of a course of treatment (from 4 to 6 weeks). During this period certain doses of medical preparations which correspond to a condition of immune system, age and weight of the patient are selected.

Collateral actions at hepatitis C treatment in Israel

  In an initiation of treatment side effects which sometimes compel to interrupt treatment can be shown. Collateral actions at hepatitis C treatment - a hair loss, weight reduction, changes in analyses of blood and sometimes neuropsychiatric deviations. All collateral actions Ц are reversible.

  The Israeli clinics always issue recommendations for knocking over of various side effects.

  Further it is possible to begin drug intake in a residence, accurately implementing recommendations of specialists of clinic.

  Also very important stage in treatment of hepatitis C is the diet which is selected the doctor taking into account a condition of a liver. Restriction in alcohol intake and a low-salt diet - the general recommendations for all patients.

   Programs and the methods of treatment developed by the Israeli clinics, are unique, and thanks to them thousands people annually say "YES! " new life without virus hepatitis of Page

   Hepatitis Treatment in Israel is a team of professionals, comfortable conditions and the latest technical base which allows to achieve annually good results in fight against this disease.

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