In 1817, English physician James Parkinson in his "Essay on the Shaking Palsy" was first described this terrible disease that affects people over the age of 50 years, which was later named after him - Parkinson's disease.

  Parkinson's illness (or drozhatelny paralysis, parkinsonism) is a degenerate disease of nervous system which has hereditary predisposition, progresses and p> is characterized by a rigidnost of muscles, a tremor at rest, problems with a mimicry, gait change, etc.

  This disease with an identical frequency is shown at men and women. Parkinson's illness many known people Ч among them great boxer Muhammad Ali, artist Salvador Dali, politician Yaser Arafat, Mao Tse Tung, Pope John Paul II and others had.

   Allocate some types of a disease: primary parkinsonism and secondary parkinsonism. Primary parkinsonism Ч is an illness of Parkinson which is caused by hereditary factors and makes 80% from all manifestations of drozhatelny paralysis. Secondary parkinsonism Ч it still call Parkinson's syndrome, it is shown against various diseases or any pathological conditions, instead of in itself. For example, cases when the illness was shown after long application of medical preparations, as a result of encephalitis or poisoning with some substances are known.

  The reason of emergence of an illness of Parkinson is a violation of development dopamine. Dofamin is developed by certain nervous cages, kotor are in black substance of a brain. Dofamin smoothly transfers impulses to cells of a brain which are responsible for each movement of the person. At parkinsonism production dopamine decreases and consequently transfer of nervous impulses is broken and symptoms of an illness of Parkinson start being shown.

  In most cases, the initial stage of parkinsonism proceeds without symptoms. After some time the person has a mimicry impoverishment, there is a sluggishness in walking, food, etc. actions.

  And often, the patient doesn't notice it. Further, in process of disease manifestation it becomes heavy to patient to read, write, speak, something to do, from his face almost the mimicry completely vanishes. The people having this disease are held constantly down in Parkinson's svolecheny diseases in Izraileikh movements, a shiver even in a quiet condition, the strong salivation connected with violation of work of muscles drinks.

  Parkinson's illness Ч this serious disease for which vazhy point is timely treatment. At the very first signs the neuropathologist needs to address to the doctor.

Treatment of an illness of Parkinson in Israel at an early stage.

  Treatment in Israel at an early stage of parkinsonism is based on a preliminary estimate of age of the patient, the main symptoms are how expressed, in what condition there are cognitive functions.

  To young patients in most cases recommend monotherapy by preparations of ADR group and if necessary with connection of inhibitors of MAO B, anticholinergics or amantadine. To strengthening of effect apply various methods of non-drug character: psychotherapy, LFK, various trainings and training programs. Indispensable condition is the exception of any overtime works and a sufficient dream.

  Still a set of disputes causes a question of when it is necessary to connect levodopas to treatment. The majority of experts nevertheless incline to opinion that connection of preparations of a levodopa is necessary only in the presence of such motive violations which don't allow or significantly influence an independent way of life and can't be stopped by any other means.

  For patients 70 years which already have pronounced cognitive violations and smaller expected life expectancy are more senior, treatment begin with application of preparations of a levodopa. The preparation is appointed in minimum effective dose, and additional appointment amantadine, ADR and anticholinergics need to be carried out with care Ч in view of a high probability of manifestation of hallucinations. At advanced age and at long-term treatment whenever possible it is necessary to avoid application anticholinergics.

Treatment of an illness of Parkinson in Israel at a late stage.

  At this stage of development of a disease it is necessary to pay special attention to treatment of mental complications, and also fight against quite often developing ortostatichesky hypotension. If conservative therapy doesn't give necessary effect and development of not stopped complications then it is necessary to consider a question of expeditious treatment is observed.

  Now use the following types of surgical treatment of an illness of Parkinson:

  • stereotaksichesky destruction of certain groups of kernels thalamus, subtalamichesky area, a pale sphere for reduction of influence by the segmentary device. Introduction of this method became important achievement in the field of treatment of an illness of Parkinson;
  • the DBS Method (Deep Brain Stimulation) Ч a method of deep stimulation of a brain. It is based on application of impulses of an electric stimulator which superficially takes root into a human body. Impulses move in bazalny gangliya of a brain on specially established electrode, cause high-frequency irritation which leads to noticeable improvement of a condition of the patient. After carrying out this procedure patients can return to an everyday life and considerably reduce the volume of accepted medicines;
  • Exists one more perspective method, but it yet isn't beyond very limited experimental protocols. It is a method of intracerebral implantation of embryonic dofamin-producing mezentsefalichesky cages.

  There is a high probability that the future in treatment of parkinsonism belongs to roughly developing technologies of stem cells which undoubtedly have huge potential.

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