A large number of people are suffering from alcoholism. To treat it used a variety of means, from coding to the use of traditional and alternative treatments. International experience shows that the most effective methods of getting rid of this dependence is a comprehensive approach based on the American method of "12 steps."

   The American experience of treatment of alcoholism in Israel has the development and improvement. Today use of system "12 steps" shows the highest rates of recovery both among suffering alcoholism, and among those who is subject to other types of dependences: from drugs, gamblings and others.

  System "12 steps" is not only a medical method, but a practical instrument for ensuring of mutual support from the people who have got rid of harmful dependences. The diplomaed doctors direct realization of this system, and within rehabilitation actions the recovered patients possessing considerable term of sobriety are connected. As showed time, similar approach to solution of problems of dependence is today the most effective.

   The main itself which during medical procedures is set for themselves by the Israeli experts, liberation from an inclination to alcoholic beverages, and also total change of views of people on the world, return to basic, fundamental human values is.

   Application in the Israeli clinics of integrated approaches to treatment of alcoholism assumes consecutive passing of several stages. The following belongs to their number.

  Alcoholism treatment in Israel begins with diagnostic procedures which include: performance of a narcological assessment (estimates of degree of dependence), carrying out an assessment of fiziologo-psychiatric conditions of dependent people, and also providing the analysis of level of motivation to treatment process.

  Urgent additional inspections which assume performance are in case of need made: laboratory analyses, various tool researches, survey by the corresponding doctors full of preventive inspection.

   If necessary taking into account a condition of patients the detoksikatsionny procedures focused on clarification of an organism and elimination of physiological consequences of consumption of alcoholic beverages, a so-called, hungover or abstinentny syndrome are carried out. The specified procedures are a necessary condition for treatment continuation. The detoxication is carried out by the professionals specializing in narcology.

  On the basis of results of diagnosing for the patients suffering from alcoholic dependence, individual plans of treatment are formed. Methods of stationary and out-patient treatment can be thus offered

  Stationary treatment assumes ensuring accommodation and alcoholism treatment in Israel in the specialized centers and clinics. The full complex of actions is thus carried out in clinic. That fact that as a rule, medical and serving staff of such clinics speaks Russian, provides to patients additional comfort.

  Out-patient treatment provides accommodation of patients separately in hotels or private apartments. Arrival on all medical actions in clinic is thus provided.

  Also there are medical programs of the category VIP which can be realized directly in the place of residence of patients. The specialists experts in narcology thus specially fixed to patients will provide a full complex of medical procedures. Similar medical programs especially well are suitable for the patients needing preservation of full anonymity of treatment.

   Within the individual plans of treatment developed on the basis of system "12 steps", patients are provided with a complex of the therapeutic measures presented by psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, maintenance by "sponsors" (the people who have recovered from alcoholism), medicamentous support, relaxation trainings, the yoga specialized by a diet, the physiotherapeutic procedures dosed by physical activities, participation in groups of anonymous alcoholics, visit of religious shrines.

  Upon termination of treatment term in Israel, as a rule, the Israeli health centers give to the patients opportunities of therapeutic support by means of the Internet. During this support communication of patients with psychotherapists by means of technical means is provided.

  It is necessary to remember that treatment of alcoholism represents very long and difficult process. Every new month of "pure life" without alcoholic beverages to people everything becomes easier to overcome a harmful inclination, but permanent hard job over itself, effective support for this purpose is required from relatives. One of main goals of treatment is training of patients in how fully to live in peace without alcoholic beverages and, without hesitating to ask for help in cases when the destroying inclination comes back.

  The complex method which is based on system "12 steps", constantly improved by the Israeli experts, returned today to bright and full-fledged life a great number of people around the world.

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