Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system of the brain and spine.

  Emergence a disease happens because of defeat of a myelin, fatty tissue which surrounds and protects nervous fibers of a backbone and a brain. Defeat of a myelin leads to that passing of a nervous impulse is broken and reaction transfer from a backbone and a brain to other parts of an organism is as a result broken. At defeat of a myelin cover the centers of an inflammation and hems extend on all nervous system.

  Multiple sclerosis affects at any age, but the majority of cases is recorded at the age of the patient between 20 and 40 years. More often this disease women, approximately three times more often than men have. Prevalence of multiple sclerosis depends on geographical and ethnic factors — natives from North America and Northern Europe most often are ill.

  Symptoms of multiple sclerosis at each patient are shown differently and depend on where the inflamed site is located and include: feelings of "sleep" of these or those bodies; weakness of feet or hands; failures in work of a vestibular mechanism; sight deterioration; emergence of the "double" image, etc.

  The listed symptoms can be shown all together, and can and separately. Sharpness of attacks and their character at different patients differ.

  In advance to predict development of multiple sclerosis very hard. The course of disease can be quite easy, being accompanied by periodic attacks, and maybe heavy, accompanied by progressing symptoms which can result in incapacity.

  Despite complexity of forecasting, allocate four main types of a course of disease: 1 . At 2/3 patients with multiple sclerosis at the first stage the illness is shown in alternation of attacks and the normalization periods. In the period of an attack above-mentioned symptoms are shown, duration of an attack varies from several days to several weeks. After that there comes the period of normalization (remission) which some months or can last years. During this period there are no manifestations of symptoms of a disease and people can conduct normal life; 2 . At 15% suffering multiple sclerosis the illness initially progresses, without any pronounced periods of an aggravation; 3 . There is a so-called moderate course of disease when one attack of an aggravation is observed, and following comes in ten and more years; 4 . Stage of secondary progressing of a disease. At such course of disease after several attacks of an aggravation there comes a stage of slow progressing. In this case full normalization doesn't come and the patient suffers collecting or continuous functional violations.

  Diagnostics of multiple sclerosis in Israel includes:

  • clinical record analysis;
  • physiological inspection;
  • research of functioning of the central nervous system;
  • research of liquid of a spinal cord;
  • measurement of potentials of excitement of hearing and sight;
  • magnetic monitoring of a backbone and brain.

   Causes of illness disseminated a sclerosis up to the end aren't found out, but the researches conducted in recent years indicate a combination of several factors which influence illness emergence. These are environment factors, the genetic predisposition, for the present not established infection, violations in the course of formation of a myelin.

  At a course of disease, as a rule, after the very first attacks recovery, but in process of increase in number of the transferred attacks is observed, there is a danger of already incomplete recovery and accumulation of a negative effect.

  This fact represents a basis for treatment of multiple sclerosis in Israel which purpose consists what to prevent attacks and to stop process which strikes nervous system.

  Treatment of multiple sclerosis in Israel at bad and heavy attacks assumes application of steroids to suppress excessive activity of immune system which is in it the moment in a condition of an imbalance. Other types of treatment are intended for removal of symptoms of a disease, such as a sleep, fatigue, muscular spasms and so forth.

  In the last some years big successes in the sphere of treatment of multiple sclerosis in Israel, especially that its form which is characterized by constant attacks and progressing are achieved.

  The conducted researches and experiments showed efficiency of the developed medicines directed on essential of decrease in number of attacks and considerable decrease in rate of deterioration of capacity of the patient. Ministry of Health of Israel approved primeniye of four preparations for treatment of a form of the multiple sclerosis, being characterized by constant attacks: Betaferon, Kopakson group of preparations Rebif and Avoneks. All preparations are invented in Israel. In the future, physicians expect big progress in treatment of multiple sclerosis in Israel.

  To learn diagnostics and treatment cost in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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