Intervertebral hernia is a tear of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc and most often occurs between the ages of 25-45 years. At older ages, in the intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus decreases elasticity and thus decreases the risk of disk herniation.

   The transferred traumas, infectious diseases, heavy physical activities, hereditary features of a structure of a backbone, sharp turns of a trunk, falling, osteochondrosis can be the reasons of emergence of intervertebral hernia.

  Intervertebral hernias cause squeezing of a cover of a spinal cord, narrowing of the vertebral channel, hypostasis and an inflammation of surrounding fabrics. In addition, in that area which innervates the restrained nerve, will be severe pain and coordination of movements is broken.

   Most often intervertebral hernia develops in lumbar department of a backbone, is more rare in cervical department. But in cervical department intervertebral hernia proceeds in the heaviest way. Except severe pain which gives to a hand, patients feel a sleep of fingers of hands, strong dizziness, fall or increase of arterial pressure.

   Diagnostics of intervertebral hernia is carried out by means of survey of the expert and by means of diagnostics tools. Neurosurgeons in Israel possess high qualification and a wide experience, and can already make the right diagnosis in the course of survey. As tools of diagnostics apply a X-ray Ч in a picture will be visible bone changes, a computer tomography in combination with a miyelografiya Ч to receiving an accurate picture of change in soft fabrics. Better than all change in soft and bone fabric are visible when carrying out MRT Ч a magnetic and resonant tomography.

   Treatment of intervertebral hernia in Israel carry out conservative and surgical methods.

   Conservative treatment in Israel is directed on removal of hypostasis, pain, restoration of sensitivity, movements and all functions of a backbone.

   At first carry out fixing and extension of a backbone to reduce load of the changed disk. At the same time with it carry out medicamentous treatment for the purpose of inflammation and hypostasis removal, include complexes of massage, physiotherapy exercises, manual and reflexotherapies, hardware physical therapy. All listed techniques restore a tone of muscles, reduce load of the changed disk and restore the correct work of all backbone.

   Surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia in Israel apply in extreme cases, complications and recurrence are so possible. Operation represents full and partial removal of the changed site of a disk.

   Types of surgeries:

   Mikrodiskektomiya and a diskektomiya Ч is the low-invasive endoscopic manipulation, allowing to eliminate squeezing of backs of nerves and other similar pathologies. When using this method the special device and length of a section use is equal 1-3 centimeters.

  Replacement of an intervertebral disk Ч in this case the changed disk is removed and replaced with the artificial. Replacement of a disk can be partial or full.

   Laminotomiya, a laminektomiya and a foraminotomiya Ч the purpose of this operation consists in decrease and the full termination of pressure upon a spinal cord and (or) nervous backs. Operation represents partial or full removal of a handle of a vertebra.

  When carrying out operation in Israel the patient gets already next day on feet and is capable to move independently. Foreign patients after 10 days after operation I can already come back home.

   To learn the cost of treatment of intervertebral hernia in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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