First bone marrow transplant was performed in 1968. Today, this procedure completely cures, or prolong life for many years to people with leukemia, aplastic anemia and other cancer or hematologic malignancies.

   Today to be observed huge break in the field of a bone marrow transplantation, in Israel thousands similar operations are quite successfully carried out and without exaggeration it is possible to tell about what transplantation of marrow is in Israel at the highest level.

   Today began possible to execute transplantation practically at any age (till 75 years) whereas all a few years ago the maximum age of the patient was 55 years, and about transplantation of stem cells to elderly people couldn't be and speeches. Also, there was possible a transplantation as from the close blood relatives with full or partial compatibility, and from unrelated donors.

  In Russia and CIS countries similar operation perform very seldom for several reasons:

  • very small number quantity the doctor have necessary experience for carrying out this operation;
  • low level of technical support;
  • the extremely insufficient base of donors.

Ways of a fence of haematopoietic stem cells:

  • Collecting cages in the operational. Now the given method is used extremely seldom as carrying out checks, anesthesia and carrying out operational procedure demands;
  • The Fence of cages from peripheral blood. It is necessary to make the blood analysis, a prick of G-CSF and to execute collecting cages by means of the special equipment;
  • Collecting from an umbilical blood. The analysis of blood of the woman in labor and collecting an umbilical blood at childbirth is necessary. Collected blood store in the frozen look.

Exists some main types of transplantation:

  • Alogennaya — a bone marrow transplantation from the donor. The close relative, the unrelated donor suitable on fabric compatibility, the unrelated donor with incomplete compatibility can be the donor. In the latter case operation becomes complicated as the transplant material undertakes from peripheral blood and haty passes very careful cleaning and isolation;
  • Autologichesky - this look is applied by li class if there is no need of change of cages from the donor (use own healthy cells of marrow of the patient) or the state of health of the patient doesn't allow to carry out transplantation from the donor.

   In hospitals of Israel extensive experience in carrying out operations on marrow transplantation is saved already up. In our country there are 5 specialized centers for a bone marrow transplantation: it is hospital Tel Ha Shomer, hospital Hadassa Eyn Kerem, Beylinson's hospital, the children's medical center Schneider and hospital Rambam.

  Doctors of Israel were trained in clinics of the USA which specialize on marrow transplantation. Besides, in our country in the latest equipment put huge resources, both financial, and scientific. Thanks to many important opening in this sphere of medicine, transplantation became possible from the related donors having incomplete compatibility and from unrelated donors, having partial compatibility. Such type of transplantation received the name Haploidentical.

  Earlier, for carrying out transplantation under the general anesthesia carried out a marrow fence. Today, in most cases, use haematopoietic stem cells from peripheral blood. This procedure reminds standard delivery of donor blood. Also, in certain cases, use of the cages received from an umbilical blood is possible, but their quantity as a rule doesn't suffice for transplantation performance to the adult.

  In our country break in this area was made - by means of the special equipment invented in Israel probably to carry out a fence of cages from an umbilical blood in quantity, sufficient for the adult having weight to 70 kg.

  All opening and achievements reduced percent of complications and lethal outcomes at transplantation, allowed to carry out operation to people of advanced age.

   It is also necessary to note that practically there is no difference in results of transplantation of the unrelated and related donor.

Preparation for transplantation

  Before carrying out transplantation the patient needs to pass a number of inspections: analysis of blood, electrocardiogram, MPT, KT, bone biopsy, heart ECHO, molecular checks, marrow puncture, radio isotope researches, etc. These inspections are necessary to estimate the general state of health of the patient, to estimate degree of an illness and to bring the patient into an optimum condition before transplantation. Usually before carrying out transplantation of marrow, the patient take a chemotherapy course together with an imunnoterapiya. The dose and type of chemotherapy depends on degree of a disease, the general state of health, degree of compatibility of the donor and a type of transplantation.

Post-transplant period

  After transplantation performance the patient constantly is on supervision of doctors-gamatologov, passes checks and treatment in clinic within 4-6 months. The percent of the operations performed in Israel on marrow transplantation one of the highest in the world, and the cost of procedure is lower, than in the countries of Europe and the USA. Our coordination center cooperates with the best Israeli experts in the field of transplantation, and our experts will provide the maximum comfort throughout all treatment and will solve all organizational problems.

  To learn transplantation cost in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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