Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma refers to cancer that affects the lymph system. Options lymphoma in Israel will depend on the type of disease, stage, tumor growth rate, age and other possible disease patient.

  • If the lymphoma belongs to nonaggressive type, and there are no symptoms, waiting therapy can be applied.
  • Lymphoma nonaggressive, but symptoms on I take place, the II stages probably appoint chemotherapy, targetny therapy, beam therapy.
  • At an aggressive lymphoma apply chemotherapy and biotherapy, sometimes radiotheraphy.
  • At recurrence of a lymphoma appoint high-dose chemotherapy, beam therapy, sometimes complex treatment in Israel, then carry out a bone marrow transplantation.

Waiting therapy in lymphoma treatment in Israel

  During this period of symptoms of a lymphoma it isn't observed, and there are no the problems demanding long treatment. The doctor constantly supervises a condition of the patient (each three months). In certain cases the illness leaves independently, the patient can avoid side effects of chemotherapy and beam therapy.

Chemotherapeutic treatment of a lymphoma in Israel

  The chemotherapy belongs to a system type of treatment as the preparation gets to blood and extends on all organism, destroying abnormal cages. Therapy can carry out peroralno, intravenously. Chemotherapeutic treatment of a lymphoma in Israel doesn't demand hospitalization, but is usually carried out in the clinic, however it is necessary for some patients constantly is in a hospital.

  The chemotherapy is given by cycles, after treatment the rest period is required. Duration of rest and quantity of cycles depend on a stage of a lymphoma and picked up by the doctor chemotherapy.

  At a nonaggressive lymphoma the combination of the preparations CVP (cyclophosphamide, vincristine, Prednisolonum) can be applied, and also the preparations Fludarabine and Chlorambucil, as a rule, the course of treatment includes 6 Ц 8 cycles. To treatment of aggressive lymphoma of high degree of a zlokachestvennost most often apply a combination of the preparations CHOP (cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, vincristine and Prednisolonum) 3 Ц 4 cycles. According to researches, this combination of treatment of a lymphoma in Israel provides recovery in 40-50% of cases.

  At lymphoma treatment in Israel the intratekalny chemotherapy when a preparation enter into spinal liquid is applied. Advantage of this method is that medicine gets even to the narrow damaged vessels in a spinal cord.

  There is an opportunity for the simplified passing of chemotherapy - to implant system Kat Ц port (Port-A-Cath), besides, it reduces risk of possible complications. System implant into the top part of a breast under skin. It consists of the tubes attached to the main vein in the field of a breast, and the tank where medicine is stored.

Biological treatment of a lymphoma in Israel

  Targetny therapy is directed on destruction of cages of a lymphoma, delay of rates of their growth, strengthening of immune system. The monoclonal antibodies getting into a membrane of an abnormal cage and oppressing its ability to division and reproduction are highly effective in lymphoma treatment in Israel.

  Mabtera Ц influences V-lymphocytes, includes "system" of self-damage of cages, raises level of a susceptibility of cages to chemotherapy.

  Zevalin Ц the monoclonal antibody, which action is directed against CD20 protein which in a large number contains in V-lymphocytes. Zevaldin Ц a radio immunotherapy example when the antibody is attached to a radioactive element. The radioactive part of an antibody interacts with abnormal cages, and the energy released during radiation destroys malignant cages.

  Apply also Alemtuzumab and interferon in NHL treatment in the Israeli clinics.

Beam treatment of a lymphoma in Israel

  Treatment by means of ionizing radiation influences cancer cells and leads to their destruction. The radiotheraphy can reduce a tumor, destroy residual after operation, help with pain treatment.

External radiation to the majority of patients of 5 times a week within several weeks is applied. The injection of a radioactive material which interacts with monoclonal antibodies for destruction of abnormal cages is in certain cases made. In this case radiation has system character, that is extends on all organism.

Transplantation of stem cells

  If the lymphoma comes back after treatment, high doses of chemotherapy, beam therapy or both types of treatment can be applied. But high doses of drugs destroy besides the malignant cages, healthy cells of marrow. Therefore for restoration it and regenerating blood cells transplantation of stem cells is carried out.

  Types of transplantation:

  • Autologichesky transplantation of marrow - change of own haematopoietic stem cells which collect in peripheral blood, freeze and return in an organism of the patient.
  • Allogenny transplantation of marrow from the close relative who approaches for a role of the donor Ц parents, the brother, the sister.
  • Allogenny bone marrow transplantation from the unrelated donor Ц in the absence of the suitable donor among a family and on condition of fabric compatibility.

   Except the specified methods of treatment of a lymphoma in Israel there is an opportunity to take part in clinical researches during which new methods of treatment and preparations are tested.

On lymphoma treatment in Israel you can ask all interesting questions to the consulting physician of the Iz*Med center.

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