The rapid development of the disease of the bone marrow, accompanied by uncontrolled accumulation of immature blood cells in the bone marrow, in the intestines and in the peripheral blood is called acute leukemia. Tumor cells replace bone marrow, which stops producing the required number of healthy blood cells.

  If self-detection signs of disease, is more cautious and seek medical care for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of acute leukemia in Israel. Acute leukemia can be of two forms - lymphoblastic and myeloid. In turn, these forms are also divided into many sub-species, which are distinguished by a set of immunological, genetic and morphological properties.

  Treatment of a sharp leukosis in Israel is selected individually and thanks to a high level of development of haemato-oncology is very effective. Increase in lymph nodes, emergence of constant pains in joints and bones, emergence on skin of bruises even at small traumas or touches, bleeding from gums and a nose, causeless fatigue, pallor, a small appetite, sharp lifting of temperature — all these possible reasons of a sharp leukosis.

Diagnostics in treatment of a sharp leukosis in Israel

  In Israel before treatment of a sharp leukosis carry out diagnostics which includes various methods. Without fail do an electrocardiogram, EHOKG and chromosomal analyses. Such diagnostics allows to define speed of primary reaction to chemotherapy. Also for the tumor detection, caused by a large number of the erythrocytes which have gathered in knots of a lymph, the doctor-onkogematolog surveys lymph nodes in armpits and a neck.

  During diagnostics the technology of expeditious optical measurement of processes occurring in a cage, its organellas and cage parameters also is used. Such technique is called a flowing tsitometriya.

  Marrow biopsy one more method of diagnostics. The method consists in a fence of a small sample of tissue of marrow for further microscopic check on existence of leykozny cages. Usually the biopsy of marrow is carried out in an office of the doctor under local anesthesia. As in a bone there are no nervous terminations procedure passes without serious consequences.

  For identification of knots in a stomach, defeat of a liver, a spleen, kidneys and other abdominal organs becomes ultrasonography.

Technology of treatment of a sharp leukosis in Israel

  Basis of treatment of a sharp leukosis in clinics of Israel is the system chemotherapy which is directed on destruction of blastny cages.

  During treatment of a sharp leukosis it is important to reduce intoxication manifestation, treatment of the joined infection, and also to provide timely blood transfusion.

  Expeditious treatment of a sharp leukosis in Israel provides as well a bone marrow transplantation though in most cases by means of chemotherapy patients completely recover.

  To learn diagnostics and treatment cost in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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