Myeloma (plasmacytoma) is a cancer in which there is a systemic failure of the bone marrow.

   Myeloma develops on the basis of plasma cells, which are located in the bone marrow contains three types of blood cells (white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells). In the process of emergence and development of plasmacytoma cell division becomes uncontrolled nature. Produced by tumor cells that fill the bone marrow and synthesizing paraproteins - antibodies that reduce the production of normal antibodies. As a result, the body loses its ability to resist infections.

Risk factors of a myeloma

  It is possible to designate a number of the factors having impact on development of a miyelomny illness:

  1. Age: average value - 70 years.
  2. Radiation.
  3. Genetic factor: cases of a myeloma in a family.
  4. Professional activity in the sphere of oil industry.
  5. Other pathologies of plasmatic cages.
  6. Mutations in DNA which is responsible for work of a cage.

Myeloma stages:

  The Stadiynost is allocated on the basis of dependence between the cellular tumoral weight and the M-protein level, into account the quantity of paraproteins in urine and blood also is taken.

  The I stage Ц normal contents of calcium, the mass of tumoral cages low.

  The II stage Ц the average mass of tumoral cages.

  III stages: Giperkaltsiyemiya, osteolytic processes (pathological changes in bones), big mass of a tumor.

Myeloma Symptoms

  In certain cases the miyelomny illness proceeds bessimptomno. But as a whole the following clinical picture is noted:

  1. Bone pains: tumoral process provokes osteoporosis, there are sites of a razryazheniye of bone fabric. As a rule, it is spongy bones: bones of a skull, basin, breast, edges, vertebras.
  2. Short wind, weakness, dizziness, tendency to bleedings owing to replacement of normal cells of marrow miyelomny and reduction of quantity of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets.
  3. Symptoms from TsNS: the affected vertebras, changing a form, put pressure upon large nerves, leading to pain, weakness in the bottom extremities, provoking confusion of consciousness.
  4. Violations of work of kidneys: the raised level of protein damages normal functioning of kidneys, removal from an organism of salts, liquids, waste products.
  5. Infectious diseases in connection with weakening of immune system.

Myeloma Diagnostics in Israel

  For diagnosis statement a miyelomny illness in Israel carry out the following types of inspections:

  1. Survey of the doctor and collecting anamnesis.
  2. Laboratory researches.
  3. Marrow biopsy when take fabric test for the purpose of histologic studying of a tumor.
  4. Rentgenografiya of bones provides data on change of bone fabric.
  5. MRT is applied as an additional method of diagnostics of a condition of bones.
  6. KT finds changes in bone fabric, also is used for carrying out an aim biopsy.
  7. Electro Immunoforez of proteins of blood distinguishes type of a myeloma and defines the forecast of development of a disease for selection of optimum treatment.

Myeloma Treatment in Israel

   Treatment of a miyelomny illness in Israel is carried out by several methods.

Chemotherapeutic treatment of a myeloma in Israel

  It is main a method of treatment of a myeloma in Israel. The following preparations can be appointed: Doxorubicine, Vinkristin, Bortezomib, Tsiklofosfamid and some other.

   Corticosteroids (Prednisolonum, Dexamethasone) have antineoplastic effect of influence. Them can separately register or in a complex with other preparations for myeloma treatment.

  In some cases the Israeli doctors can recommend high-dosage chemotherapy at myeloma treatment in Israel. Before its carrying out carry out a fence of stem cells which return in an organism of the patient after a chemotherapy course for the purpose of restoration of normal functioning of marrow.

  Also allogenny transplantation of stem cells from family members (the brother, the sister, parents) and singenny transplantation (twins) is applied.

Biological treatment of a miyelomny illness in Israel

  Interferon can be appointed as monotherapy or in a complex with chemotherapeutic preparations in the form of injections several times a week. Influence essence in creation of immunity of an organism to a virus.

  The successful result of treatment of a myeloma in Israel provides application of the monochannel antibodies distinguishing tumoral cages, blocking their development. One of widespread preparations - "Rituksimab".

Myeloma Complications in Israel treat by means of the following techniques and procedures:

  • for anemia treatment - procedure of a hemotransfusion (blood transfusion);
  • for removal of excess of the monoclonal proteins responsible for increased viscosity of blood - a plasma exchange;
  • sdavleniye of a spinal cord treat initially radiotheraphy and steroids, then an operational way;
  • bone pains and changes Ц bisphosphonates, chemotherapy, analgetics, beam therapy;
  • infectious diseases Ц antibiotics, vaccination;
  • violations of fiction of kidneys Ц a dialysis, Prednisolonum, allopurinoly, a hemodialysis.

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