According to statistics, every year in Russia revealed about 500,000 new cases of malignant cancers. Mortality from cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease, but more than half of the patients in Russia seek medical help at the time when cancer has reached stage III and IV. And the situation is, unfortunately, not improving.

  However now the oncology in Israel reached such level of development that allows not only to stop new growth development, but also to cure a number of oncological diseases. Besides, various modern methods of early diagnostics can prevent many cancer diseases.

  The cancer therapy in Israel is one of the most developed branches of the medicine using the most modern equipment, the advanced methods of treatment and diagnostics.

   Oncology treatment in Israel is considered one of the best: there is all for achievement of good result.

  The cancer therapy in Israel is carried out by highly qualified specialists who besides the general medical practice, also are engaged in scientific activity, participate in the international projects devoted to oncological diseases, hold conferences with leading professors of America and Europe.

  Oncological clinics of Israel offer a wide range of diagnostic services: KT with application of radiation of low intensity, PET, isotope scanning of bodies, MRT, a virtual kolonoskopiya, blood tests with application of specific onkomarker, etc.

  Oncology Israel - hope of recovery, an effective cancer therapy, innovative techniques, the highly qualified specialists, the latest devices and the equipment.

  In oncological clinics of Israel treatment of hematologic and oncological diseases all of bodies and systems is carried out:

  • Bazalioma
  • Lymphoma
  • Leukosis
  • Sharp leukosis
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • Cancer of a throat
  • Cancer of a stomach
  • Cancer of a gall bladder
  • Cancer of skin
  • Cancer of bones
  • Lung cancer
  • Cancer of a uterus
  • Cancer of a neck of a uterus
  • Cancer of a mammary gland
  • Cancer of a bladder
  • Cancer of a liver
  • Cancer of a gullet
  • Cancer of a pancreas
  • Cancer of kidneys
  • Cancer of salivary glands
  • Cancer of a prostate
  • Cancer of thick intestines
  • Cancer of a rectum
  • Cancer of yaichnik
  • Cancer of small eggs
  • Sarcoma
  • Timoma
  • Children's oncology

  The cancer therapy in Israel is conducted not only by means of chemotherapy and surgical interventions. Also fight against cancer diseases is conducted by means of hormonal therapy, radiotheraphy, an immunotherapy and brachytherapy.

  Hormonal therapy Ч individually picked up hormonal preparations which slow down tumor development are entered into an organism of the patient in the form of tablets, injections and capsules.

  Radiotheraphy Ч at this type of therapy by means of ionizing radiation influence cancer cells. The cancer therapy in Israel by means of radiotheraphy is the safest today a type of therapy. After radiotheraphy the cancer cell perishes or ceases to share owing to what the tumor ceases to grow.

  Brachytherapy - radioactive radiation for fight against cancer cells deliver in "capsules" to subject radiation only a tumor.

  Imunnoterapy - at this type of therapy, at oncology treatment in Israel is used by substances which the organism of the patient develops a natural way or by means of the developed technologies. These substances increase natural ability of a human body to resist a cancer, and some of such substances help immune system to find a particle which is responsible for its development with a cancer cell and to destroy it.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to assist in the cancer therapy organization in Israel. Specialists of the center will pick up for you profile clinic, leading oncologists, will provide household maintenance (the solution of all household questions) during stay in Israel. Finding of the lost health will be result of the qualitative organization of treatment of oncology in Israel. You can receive answers to all questions interesting you on diagnostics, a cancer therapy, costs of services, the organizations of all process, having used information specified on a site: e-mail address, phone numbers, form of request for treatment.

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