Basal cell carcinoma, as one of the varieties of skin cancer is a tumor of the keratinocytes of the basal layer of the epithelium of the skin. In the treatment of basal cell carcinoma. Israel used methods such as surgery, medication, cryogenic therapy, radiation therapy, laser treatment. Surgery in Israel recommended when tumors of small size on the limbs or trunk. The operation takes approximately 2-2.5 hours under general anesthesia, in its layers of the tumor is removed from the control of the affected layer with a microscope. In the treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel in the recurrent large dimensions or blurred boundaries, and if necessary, in the anatomical dissection of the areas that require the maximum preservation of the skin and minimal aesthetic defects (for example, the localization of the eyelid), the method of Mos. In 97-98% of cases, there is a full recovery.

   Curettage and electrocoagulation in the treatment

  Curettage may recommend to remove basal smaller tumors with a sharp instrument in the form of a spoon - curette. In order to prevent bleeding and destroy remaining cancer cells use a special device that sends an electrical current into the affected area. To completely remove all cancerous cells treatment is carried out in 2 or 3 stages.


  Bestroy cancerous tissue by freezing the tumor with liquid nitrogen. In the treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel can be repeated to complete the destruction of cancer cells. Cryosurgery is an effective method to treat common basal cell tumors and the presence of bleeding disorders or intolerance to anesthesia. This method is used less frequently today, and has a lower cure rate than surgical methods, about 85-90%.

Laser treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel

  Laser therapy is recommended only in the initial stages of basal cell carcinoma, as the tumor penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. As a result of this treatment is ineffective, as the tumor reappears. After the laser is noted more relapses than after cryotherapy, but notes a better cosmetic effect.


  The course of treatment is, as a rule, carried out for several weeks several times within a week. Radiotheraphy appoint for treatment of tumors which difficult give in to surgical treatment (the big sizes, remote localization), and also to patients of advanced age and with poor health. The indicator of treatment makes about 90%.

Chemotherapeutic treatment basal cell carcinoma

  The chemotherapy assumes application of cytotoxic preparations for destruction of malignant cages.

  Imikvimod (Imiquimod) guarantees an indicator of treatment of 80 - 90%. 5% rub cream carefully in a tumor five times a week within six weeks or more long. It is one of the latest preparations stimulating immune system.

  5-ftoruratsil (5-FU) Ц the effective medicine recommended for treatment of early stages basal cell carcinoma. 5% of liquid or ointment carefully rub in a tumor twice a day within three-six weeks.

  Some patients don't test side effects, however reddening, irritation and an inflammation are possible.

Diagnostics basal cell carcinoma in Israel

Typical cases basal cell carcinoma don't present diagnostic difficulties. The main way of diagnostics basal cell carcinoma in the Israeli clinics is the cytologic research (biopsy), allowing to verify the diagnosis.

Risk factors of development basal cell carcinoma

  Note the number of the phenomena having impact on emergence basal cell carcinoma:

  1. Solar ultra-violet radiation. Injury of skin happens mainly aged till 20 years, however is shown many years later.
  2. Continuous use of ultra-violet lamps: very frequent and regular for many years.
  3. Earlier carried out radiotheraphy for treatment of any diseases.
  4.   The weakened immunity: the administration of drugs, reducing a condition of immunity (immunosupressor), for example, after an organ transplantation can cause development of a bazalno-cellular cancer of skin.
  5. Professional interaction with certain chemicals (pitch, bitumen, soot, creosote, solvents, arsenic).

Symptoms of basal cell carcinoma

   Basal cell carcinoma is generally asymptomatic, but probably features such as ulceration and bleeding. There is an ulcer or a tumor that is growing for a few months or years, but it is not painful and can be accompanied by itching.

Types of basal cell carcinoma:

  1. Nodal form Ц the most widespread form of a bazalno-cellular cancer of skin. Smooth, pink, dense knot of a semi-spherical form with deepening in the center, with a diameter up to 5-10 mm.
  2. Superficial form - a plaque with the raised, accurate, dense edges and with a diameter from 1 to 30 mm. On its surface erosion, brown crusts are visible.
  3. The cicatricial form basal cell carcinoma represents a flat, gray-pink dense hem with the accurate, raised edges, with one or several erosion.

  For superficial or nodal forms basal cell carcinoma the ulcers destroying surrounding soft fabrics and bones are characteristic. The ulcer has a roundish or wrong form with a grease, hilly, red-brown bottom.

  Bazalno-cell the cancer develops slowly. Usually localization is the primary center. Depth of an invasion and risk repeatedly developments of a disease are caused by the sizes, an arrangement, a type of a tumor and other features of an organism of the patient.

  The most dangerous localization is the central part of the person (skin round a mouth and eyes, a nose, nosogubny folds), hairy part of the head, ears.

   For communication with the doctor and obtaining the individual program of treatment basal cell carcinoma in Israel, use one of forms of inquiries.

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