Lung cancer - a terrible disease, each year claiming the lives of more than 1.3 million people. According to the World Health Organization, it is a major cause of cancer death among men older than 30 years.

Technologies of a cancer therapy of lungs in Israel

  In clinics of Israel high-class experts are engaged in a cancer therapy of lungs, the most modern equipment and qualitative preparations is applied. Depending on a type of a cancer of a lung, and also a stage of development of an illness the following methods of a cancer therapy of lungs in Israel can be used:

  • The surgical method means carrying out operation which depending on weight of a disease is reduced to removal of the small struck slice or lung section, or lung amputation.
  • Beam method at which the patient receives intensive dot radiation of the struck site.
  • The chemotherapeutic method is often combined with beam and consists in application of medicines for destruction of malignant educations.
  • The photodynamic method belongs to new development and consists in introduction in an organism of photosensitizers (photosensitive substances) which collect in a tumor then malignant cages are destroyed by means of laser beams.
  • Immunnoterapevtichesky method: the most effective method of treatment of nemelkokletochny metastatic lung cancer. Suits not to all patients. li> registers to the patient by results of genetic check, in the presence of a mutation on a certain gen.

  Diagnostics and cancer therapy of lungs in Israel, probably, is more expensive than in Russia, but these expenses justify themselves. Conscious approach to diagnostics, highly effective technologies of treatment, the skilled medical personnel and careful leaving Ц all these components of successful treatment are fully presented in clinics of Israel.

lung cancer Symptoms

  The illness develops owing to formation of a tumor from an epithelium mucous bronchial tubes. As its main symptoms serve:

  • Dry, hoarse cough;
  • Pains in chest area, usually from the affected lung;
  • Blood spitting;
  • Short wind, asthma, tachycardia;
  • Sharp weight reduction and constant fatigue.

   The before the people, noticed at itself these symptoms, will address to the doctor, the chances of healing are higher.

Diagnostics in a cancer therapy of lungs in Israel

  Lung cancer diagnostics in Israel is carried out in many state and private clinics. Procedure of diagnostics is extremely effective and has step character. After careful poll of the patient concerning symptoms and susceptibility to his risk factors of oncological diseases, the doctor directs it on the primary inspection including the analysis of a phlegm separating at cough.

  In case of adverse result of analyses, the patient will be directed on a biopsy during which for check the sample of tissue of lungs undertakes.

   If existence of an oncological disease is confirmed, for obtaining information on the sizes of a tumor and its extent of distribution the doctor uses the following methods of diagnostics:

  • Positron and issue tomography and computer tomography.
  • Radio isotope research of a skeleton.
  • Check of lymph nodes.
  • Ultrasonic diagnostics.

Risk factors of lung cancer

  Generally it is connected with active or passive smoking, but lung cancer can provoke and other factors:

  • Radon Ц the gas being the main reason for lung cancer at the non-smoking population. Depending on concentration of gas in the atmosphere of this or that country to its share falls from 3 to 14 percent of all cases of incidence. This gas is formed at radioactive disintegration of uranium in the soil and can get into water. The special group of risk is made here by employees of uranium mines. But low concentration of radon can be present and at houses, as a result of gas penetration through cracks in concrete, waste and drainage pipes. The minimum threshold level of influence of radon on health of the person isn't known yet.
  • Asbestos Ц a mineral with which influence about 10 percent of cases of emergence of lung cancer are connected. The group of risk includes the workers contacting to an asbestine dust. Mortality among this category at elderly persons exceeds expected by 4,6 Ц 14,7 times. It is necessary to notice that at the smoking persons who have undergone influence of radon or asbestos risk of development of a cancer of a lung 10 times more, than at the non-smoking.
  • Air pollution by cancerogenic substances owing to emissions of the industrial enterprises and exhaust gases of cars.
  • Pulmonary diseases, some of which, such as, for example, tuberculosis, can pass to lung cancer.

  To learn the exact cost of a cancer therapy of lungs in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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