Breast cancer - a malignant tumor that affects the mammary gland. Unlike benign tumors malignancy if untreated invade and destroy surrounding tissue, breaking away from the primary tumor spread to other organs through the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

   Now timely diagnostics is the most effective remedy of fight against a cancer of a mammary gland as if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, chances of treatment increase to 90%. Self-diagnostics, survey by the doctor, mammografiya, additional inspections is applied to this purpose.

  When planning the program of a cancer therapy of a mammary gland in Israel take into account a disease stage, age of the woman, the general state of health, tumor type, localization, the size, extent of distribution of tumoral process.

Methods of a cancer therapy of a breast: Operating

   There are two main types of operation at a cancer therapy of a mammary gland in Israel: organ-preserving Ц a lampektomiya and radical Ц a mastectomy.

  During a mastectomy delete a mammary gland, fatty cellulose with lymph nodes (limfoadenektomiya) and depending on mastectomy option a big or small chest muscle. The mastectomy also to be subdivided on modified and simple, at the modified local axillary knots are excised.

  Lampektomiya assumes removal of part of gland with a tumor and some volume of healthy fabric.

  Carry out also a kvadrantektomiya Ц this segmentary or partial mastectomy when the tumor and 2 Ц 3 cm of surrounding tissues of a mammary gland Ц a quadrant (1/4) mammary glands is removed. She demands removal more tissue of a mammary gland, than a lampektomiya.

  Reconstruction of a breast can be executed right after operation or later any period. Now the new unique technology of reconstruction of a breast comes to change of an endoprotezirovaniye of a breast by means of silicone implants by means of autologichny change of fatty tissue - Brava/AFT after a mastectomy and a lampektomiya. During a liposuction extract fat and enter into mammary glands by means of injections.

  In addition to a surgical cancer therapy of a breast in Israel for prevention of distribution of an illness to many women appoint beam therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal treatment.

Radiotheraphy and chemotherapy

  Beam therapy is, as a rule, carried out after operation for recurrence prevention generally to women after a partial mastectomy, the latest linear accelerators are applied. Procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis within 5 Ц 7 weeks Ц 25 Ц 35 sessions.

  The chemotherapy received the name in connection with application of chemical preparations, a large number of chemical compounds which get into all parts of a body and destroy malignant cages. The chemotherapeutic cancer therapy of a breast in Israel can be appointed before operation and after operation as the basic and an additional method of therapy.

The Biological and hormonal cancer therapy of a breast

  The indication to a hormonal cancer therapy of a mammary gland in Israel is the hormonal and positive cancer of a breast, or its recurrence. Identification of receptors of an estrogen and progesterone on a superficial membrane of cells of a cancer of a breast testifies to hormonal sensitivity of a tumor. Researches proved that change of a hormonal background detains development of a cancer of a mammary gland. For this reason the quantity of receptors in a remote tumor is checked.

  Anti-estrogen is anti-estrogenic to receptors in a mammary gland when the woman has estrogenny receptors around a tumor, Tamoksifen's preparations, Nolvadeks are appointed.

  Anti-estrogen of new generation has the unique mechanism of action, blocks a receptor of an estrogen and completely destroys it Ц a preparation of Fazlodeks. As a rule, it is appointed if the illness progresses after treatment by Tamoksifen.

  Inhibitors aromatase are the preparations blocking work of enzymes which are called aromatase, settle down in a liver, fatty tissue, adrenal glands and promote transformation of certain hormones into an estrogen Ц Femar's preparations, Arimideks, Aromazin.

   Biological methods of a cancer therapy are based on the principles of genetic engineering and stimulate work of immune system.

  Gertseptin Ц one of types of biological therapy represents protein (antibody) to the HER-2 protein, blocking receptors of an epidermalny factor of growth of a malignant cage.

   Kselod's preparation concerns to representatives of a new class of anticarcinogenic preparations.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a breast in Israel

  Mammografiya is a x-ray inspection, screening Ц the test for the women who don't have symptoms at an early stage. Productivity of dough isn't identical at different women, hesitates from 69% to 90%, is lower at what structure of a mammary gland is dense.

   In the Israeli clinics the digital mammografiya using modern technologies of processing of images is actively applied, and stored on the computer, instead of on a film. Besides, this type of a mammografiya improves picture contrast, increasing dough accuracy.

  As additional researches other types of diagnostics are applied.

  Ultrasonic research supplements a mammografiya, especially for diagnostics of the cysts filled with liquid or having firm contents.

  Nuclear and needle biopsy Ц procedure during which with a hollow needle under control of ultrasound delete the small cylinder of fabric under a local anesthesia, as a rule, take from 3 to 6 samples of fabric. Results happen are ready in 24 - 72 hours.

  Besides, the biopsy in technology mammoty or a vacuum suction, intended for sampling from knots and calcifications under mammografiya or ultrasonography control is applied. Lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.

  The surgical or ekstsizionny biopsy is applied if above-mentioned types of a biopsy aren't effective. It is carried out under the general or local anesthesia, removal of malignant area can be carried out at once.

  To learn, whether tumoral cages extended the patrol biopsy of lymph nodes is carried out to lymph nodes.

  Laboratory tests include check of hormonal receptors, a tumoral factor of growth of HER-2 protein, onkomarker of CEA and SA 15-3, DNA Ц a tsitometriya, STS analysis.

  Stsitrigrafiya of bones to be carried out if primary tumor of the considerable sizes, a cancer at the advanced stage, lymph nodes are struck. Scanning of bones for detection of metastasises by means of the gamma camera with application of an intravenous injection of a small amount of a radioactive material is carried out.

  MRT Ц the most sensitive test for early detection of an invasive cancer of a breast, sensitivity makes 95 Ц 100%, the accuracy of 37 - 97%. The contrast substance can be entered. It is carried out before operation for establishment of a stage of a disease, after operation for condition diagnostics, for search of primary center, for screening at the women having anomalies in genes of BRCA1 and BRCA2 (family predisposition).

  KT isn't used for cancer diagnostics at an early stage in communication by a high radiation level. At a breast cancer therapy in Israel helps with an assessment like tumor, an arrangement and distribution.

  PET-KT Ц is carried out after an intravenous injection of radioactive material which is absorbed and collects in malignant cages. Main objectives: to reveal a disease stage by detection of areas of defeat, to estimate possibility of recurrence, to estimate possible reaction to treatment.

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