Bladder cancer - a disease which is caused by the emergence of a wall, or the mucous membrane of the bladder cancer. Of all cancers of the bladder cancer is not in last place, with this type of cancer occurs in men more often than women. Most cases are diagnosed in patients older than 50 years.

  To a bladder cancer therapy in Israel apply a medicinal, surgical, immunological and beam method of treatment.

Methods of a cancer therapy of a bladder: Operation

  In a bladder cancer therapy in Israel there are some types of surgery which individually are selected for each patient depending on a disease stage:

  • transuralny resection;
  • partial resection;
  • radical tsistektomiya.

  At early stages the bladder, at late stages — all body and the struck fabrics is removed only. If necessary the artificial bladder is formed.

Radiation and chemotherapy

  At beam therapy use external and internal radiation that helps to destroy a tumor or to reduce its sizes, having facilitated thereby surgical intervention. During partial removal of a bladder beam therapy gives the chance to avoid more radical operation and besides, allows to reduce manifestation of symptoms of a disease.

  The patient with a widespread cancer appoint a chemotherapy course. Preparations are usually appointed inside or are entered intravenously. But in certain cases preparations can directly be entered in a bladder.


  At an immunotherapy a vaccine enter into a bladder that intensifies fight of immune system of an organism against cells of a tumor. At such method most often use a vaccine of BTsZh which usually apply to vaccination against tuberculosis.

  The complex cancer therapy of a bladder in Israel is very effective and the forecast is very favorable. But very important condition of a favorable outcome is regular inspection and supervision over the patients who have received medical treatment. Tumors of a bladder are inclined to recurrence therefore during all life regular control is necessary for patients for detection of a recurrent tumor and its timely removal.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a bladder in Israel

  Diagnostics of a cancer of a bladder in Israel includes:

  1. Anamnesis research, survey of the patient.
  2. The urine analysis for identification of a tumor or pretumoral diseases.
  3. Tsitoskopiya.
  4. Bacteriological research of urine.
  5. Biopsy.
  6. Studying of markers of a tumor.

   For more information about a tumor and extent of its distribution apply MPT, KT, ultrasonography, an intravenous piyelografiya, scanning of bones and so forth

Risk factors of a cancer of a bladder

  There is a number of the factors promoting development of a cancer of a bladder:

  • Smoking is the greatest risk factor of emergence of a cancer of a bladder. Among smokers the cancer of a bladder meets twice more often than at the non-smoking. Some carcinogens from a tobacco smoke are absorbed by lungs, then filtered by kidneys and get to a bladder. Carcinogens damage the cages forming a bladder and increase risk of development of a cancer of a bladder.
  • The use of the chlorinated water.
  • Hereditary predisposition. If in the family anamnesis there are cases of a cancer of a bladder, the risk of emergence of this disease increases.
  • Belonging to a certain race. At the Afro-Americans the cancer of a bladder arises by 1.5 times less than at the white. Most less often the cancer of a bladder meets among Asians. The reasons of such regularity aren't found out yet.
  • The increased risk of emergence of a cancer of a bladder is observed at people, whose professional activity is connected with rubber, textile, printing or tinctorial production.
  • Chronic inflammation of a bladder.
  • Parasites (schistosomes) at hit in a bladder increase risk of development of a cancer;
  • Congenital defects of a bladder.
  • Chemotherapy.

  Existence of risk factors doesn't mean that the cancer surely will arise, but it is necessary to know about their existence as some factors can be changed or regularly to pass diagnostics for early identification of this disease. At the use in food of beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium and vegetable oils the risk of emergence of a cancer of a bladder decreases.

Symptoms of a cancer of a bladder

  Initially the cancer of a bladder proceeds without visible symptoms. One of the first noticeable symptoms is the gematuriya (blood allocation with urine). The amount of blood can be a miscellaneous and at an initial stage the gematuriya can be single. Gematuriya repeats at increase in a tumor. Therefore at the first emergence of blood it is necessary to pass inspection in urine immediately. With the subsequent growth of a tumor the urination becomes complicated and painful, there are pains in inguinal area, in the lower part of a stomach, a crotch.

  With a growth of a tumor of pain amplify, the gematuriya becomes frequent, and the volume of a bladder decreases. As a result there is an anemia, function of kidneys worsens, the general state of health of the patient worsens, kidney insufficiency develops. Therefore it is very important to pass in time inspection and to pick up effective treatment.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" will assist in the organization of a cancer therapy of a bladder in Israel: selection of the most suitable clinic, the best doctors, the solution of household questions during stay in the country. You can receive answers to interesting questions at our experts. On a site contact information is placed: phone numbers, e-mail address, form of request for treatment.

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