Treatment of liver cancer - is one of the most difficult sections of oncology. Liver cancer each year in the world get sick at least 250,000 people, and this number continues to grow. Men suffering from this disease is 4 times more often than women, and the disease can occur at any age, but most often develops after age 40. For liver cancer treatment in Israel used three types of treatment: medication, surgery and radiation. Sometimes, in order to achieve the most effective results combine two or all three methods of treatment. If you can not complete removal of the tumor, that every effort is made to remove the tumor mass as possible in order to halt its spread, growth or recurrence of the disease for a long time. Sometimes using only palliative treatment - aimed only at relieving the symptoms of the disease.

  The best chance of recovery is given by transplantation of a liver or full removal of a tumor. Full removal of a liver isn't always possible as if a tumor of the big size, it strikes some sites or goes beyond a liver. And at patients with cirrhosis not always remains necessary amount of the healthy hepatic fabric necessary for carrying out full operation.

   Ablyation or a tumor embolization Ч a method of a cancer therapy of a liver in Israel, assuming tumor destruction without removal, by introduction in it of alcohol or freezing. Such methods are especially dangerous to patients with cirrhosis or hepatitis as reduce blood supply not only sick, but also normal tissues of a liver.

  Also at treatment in Israel of a cancer of a liver use a himioembolization Ч a chemotherapy and embolization combination.

  Cancer therapy of a liver carry out and by means of beam therapy which allows to reduce the sizes or to destroy a tumor. Thus it is impossible to use high doses as normal tissue of a liver will be lost also. Beam therapy is used for simplification of symptoms and doesn't allow to cure the patient completely.

  Liver cancer therapy in Israel with chemotherapy application: the cancer of a liver often doesn't react to overwhelming part of antineoplastic preparations. As the most effective are considered cisplatin and doxorubicine.

   If the cancer of a liver is diagnosed at an early stage, the patient can be cured completely.

Diagnostics in a liver cancer therapy in Israel

   Methods of diagnostics of a cancer of a liver in Israel:

  • Computer tomography of a liver;
  • Ultrasonic research (ultrasonography);
  • Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT);
  • Laparoscopy;
  • Angiografiya;
  • Blood test - definition of levels alpha fetoprotein in blood.
  • Liver biopsy.

Types of a cancer of a liver

  Distinguish malignant and benign tumors of a liver. For benign tumors almost total absence of changes of laboratory indications and complaints of the patient is characteristic. The doctor can find increase in the sizes of a liver when carrying out planned survey. Often meeting benign tumors Ч it hemangioma (tumors from blood vessels). Surgical treatment of benign tumors is carried out, only if the tumor squeezes the next bodies or has very big sizes.

  Malignant tumors divide:

  • primary cancer of a liver;
  • secondary cancer of a liver;
  • cancer of a liver against cirrhosis.

   The secondary or metastatic cancer of a liver meets approximately by 40 times more often than primary that is connected with special function of a liver in an organism.

   Primary cancer of a liver is divided:

  • tumor from cages of an epithelium of bilious channels Ч cholangiocarcinoma;
  • malignant hemangioendothelioma a liver - angiosarcoma a liver which is the most malignant tumor of a liver;
  • malignant tumor of a liver of children's age Ч hepatoblastoma;
  • hepatocellular cancer, hemangioma - a gepatotsellyulyarny carcinoma (most often meeting cancer of a liver).

  Source of a secondary cancer of a liver are malignant tumors of other bodies (a uterus, a stomach, a mammary gland, a thick gut, lungs), and also a neuroblastoma, nephroblastoma and teratoblastoma.

Symptoms of a cancer of a liver

  At a cancer of a liver the following clinical picture is possible:

  • Lack of appetite for a long time;
  • Growing thin without the visible reasons;
  • Long belly-aches;
  • Yellowish-green color of eyes and skin;
  • Feeling of the overflowed stomach even at reception of a small amount of food;
  • At cirrhosis or hepatitis Ч weakness strengthening.

  Above-mentioned symptoms of a cancer of a liver can be caused by a cancer, but also can serve as symptoms and other diseases. Therefore at emergence of any of the listed symptoms it is necessary without wasting time, to address to the doctor.

  To learn the exact cost of a cancer therapy of a liver in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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