Cancer of a prostate gland Ц the serious illness, being characterized slow development and an early metastazirovaniye in other bodies and organism fabrics. Insidiousness of this illness consists in almost asymptomatic course: the cancer of a prostate can not prove for years that leads to extensive growth of malignant education both as a result to long and not always to effective treatment.

  Early diagnostics of a disease Ц a guarantee of a successful cancer therapy of a prostate in Israel. The Israeli doctors have the advanced knowledge in the field of diagnostics and a cancer therapy, at their order Ц perfectly equipped diagnostic offices and operational halls, elite medicamentous preparations of the last generation for carrying out hormonal medicinal and chemotherapy, modern devices for treatment by ultrasound and a radio emission.

Technologies of a cancer therapy of a prostate gland

  The prostate cancer therapy in Israel begins with statement of the exact diagnosis. The patients arriving on treatment, most often show the following complaints on the basis of which the doctor can suspect existence of malignant education:

  • pains during an urination;
  • difficulty or urination stops;
  • impossibility to make an urination;
  • sluggish stream of urine;
  • decrease in erektalny function;
  • painful feelings at sperm allocation;
  • existence in blood or sperm urine;
  • pains or constraint in a waist, a back or hips.

  Initial diagnostics of a cancer of a prostate gland means inspection of a body of the patient. The found during rectal check convex or firm educations on iron can indicate malignant education. For receiving fuller picture of a disease of the patient goes on a biopsy during which of a prostate gland the fabric sample for research undertakes. At detection of malignant cages additional inspections for the purpose of establishment of a type of a cancer are made. Efficiency of a cancer therapy of a prostate gland in Israel in many respects depends on extent of distribution and the tumor size.

   The treatment method in Israel is selected individually in each case. Are taken into account not only characteristics of the tumor, but also age and the general state of health of the patient, existence or lack of metastasises in other bodies.

  The radical pozadilonny prostatektomiya, radical promezhnostny prostatektomiya, and also transurethral resection of a prostate (ROUND) belongs to surgical methods of a cancer therapy of a prostate in Israel. In the first two cases removal of a prostate and adjacent fabrics is carried out by an open method. The radical prostatektomiya Ц difficult operation which is performed under the general anasteziya and means hospitalization of the patient.

  Recently for a prostate gland cancer therapy in Israel even more often use laparoscopic and the robot - the assisted prostatektomiya. The transurethral resection of a prostate which is carried out at elderly patients, and also in the presence at the patient of a serious accompanying illness belongs to malotravmatichny and effective methods of a cancer therapy also.

  Methods of external beam therapy are applied to reduction of the sizes of a tumor and prevention of its further growth. As the high-energy radio emission can destroy not only pathological, but also the healthy cages being near a cancer-stricken zone, radiation is carried out by small doses with breaks between sessions during which healthy cages are restored, and cancer Ц perish.

   Today to a prostate cancer therapy in Israel apply modern highly effective techniques of beam therapy, such as three-dimensional conformal beam therapy, conformal proton beam therapy, therapy with adjustable intensity of radiation (IMRT).

  The orkhiektomiya (surgical removal of small eggs) and hormonal medicinal therapy belong to methods of hormonal therapy. Both in the first, and in the second case growth of a tumor stops because cancer cells completely lose testosterone hormone. Thus castration is, as a rule, recommended to patients with a high susceptibility to the hormonal therapy, suffering progressing metastatic cancer of a prostate, and also what refuse medicamentous castration. To these methods resort in the extremely exceptional cases and as a rule treatment is limited to tablets and pricks.

  Hormonal medicinal therapy is mainly applied to treatment of a locally-spread and metastatic progressing cancer of a prostate gland. At a locally-spread cancer of a prostate gland hormonal therapy can be used in combination with beam therapy.

  Besides above-mentioned traditional methods of a cancer therapy of a prostate innovative technologies of the last generation, allowing to achieve magnificent results also are used. The method of the high-intensity focused ultrasonic therapy (HIFU) which allows to destroy malignant formation of a prostate without surgical intervention, completely excepting risk of damage of healthy fabrics concerns to that.

  To learn the cost of a cancer therapy of a prostate gland in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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