Rectal cancer is a malignant tumor of the final section of the large intestine. The rectum is for the final formation, accumulation and excretion of feces in the body.

  Specialists of the center apply four main methods of a cancer therapy of a rectum in Israel, using the combined approach.

Operational cancer therapy of rectum

  Localization of a rectum provides the increased complexity of carrying out surgical interventions. Operations at tumors of the small sizes are sphincter-preserving and at considerable defeat of a rectum Ц extensive.

Types of surgical interventions at a rectum cancer therapy in Israel:

  1. Polipektomiya and local issecheniye of a tumor and small volume of adjacent fabrics: the superficial cancer or polyps by means of tools which enter through an anus without opening of an abdominal cavity or laparoscopic cuts is removed.
  2. The local transanal resection is made as the first operation without cuts and opening. During operation the malignant new growth with a quantity of healthy fabric is removed. This procedure can be applied to removal of a number of tumors at the first stage of a cancer of a rectum without the secondary centers.
  3. Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM): endoscopic operation by means of shirokoprosvetny proctoscope, is carried out also at an initial stage of a disease. Provides the big accuracy and accuracy.
  4. The low forward resection can be appointed if the tumor settles down on the average and bottom rectum segments. The section in the lower part of a stomach is carried out, the surgeon deletes actually all rectum, its bryzheyka to muscles of an anal sphincter. This method of treatment provides the minimum frequency of recurrence. After that create kolo-anal anastomosis: the end of an obodochny gut connect to the rest of a straight line or the zadneprokhodny channel. Need of formation temporary stoma for protection of a place anastomosis during healing is possible.
  5. Proktektomiya Ц operation in the course of which completely delete a rectum, zadneprokhodny the channel, muscles of an anal sphincter. Due to the removal of muscles the normal course of intestines is broken, for this reason the constant colostomy is created.

Chemotherapeutic cancer therapy of rectum

   This type of treatment makes system impact on an organism, applying various forms of therapy: intravenous injections, oral administration of drugs, infusions via special pumps.

Indications to application:

  • after operation for destruction of the remained malignant cages;
  • before operation for reduction of the sizes of a tumor, it is possible in a complex with beam therapy;
  • at a widespread cancer for simplification of symptoms and life extension.

  Effective cytostatic preparations are: 5-ftoruratsil in a complex with the leykovoriny. To treatment of a metastatic cancer of a rectum apply: Vektibiks, Camptosar, Eloxatin and others.

Beam cancer therapy of a rectum in Israel

   The radiotheraphy is a local type of treatment, making influence mainly on the struck cages. Types of beam therapy at a rectum cancer therapy in Israel:

  1. External radiation: as a rule, a source is the linear accelerator. The course of treatment can borrow till 7 weeks, 5 times a week.
  2. Internal radiation: small granules with a radioactive material place in a tumor or about it. This method is especially effective for elderly patients and people with the weakened health, having contraindications for surgical treatment.
  3. Intraoperative beam therapy is a radiation in the course of operation, is used in some cases.

  Effective method of a cancer therapy of a rectum in Israel is the biological therapy influencing immune system of an organism and application of monoclonal antibodies (Avastin, Vektibik and others).

Diagnostics of a cancer of a rectum

  Diagnostics has complex character, the most modern equipment is applied. The program of inspection can include the following types of diagnostic procedures:

  1. Laboratory researches (the developed analyses of blood, the analysis a calla on the hidden blood).
  2. Irrigoskopiya is applied at suspicion on some tumors, for the purpose of confirmation of results of a kolonoskopiya or in case of contraindications to its carrying out at the elderly and weakened patients. Double contrasting can be carried out: enema with barium and filling with gut air with the subsequent creation of x-ray pictures.
  3. Ultrasonic inspection with the sensor estimates extent of germination of a tumor at gut walls.
  4. Biopsy Ц research during which the fabric sample for identification like new growth is taken.
  5. Kolonoskopiya in Israel at this diagnosis can be carried out under the general anesthesia. It is procedure in the course of which the condition of an internal surface of a rectum looks round and estimated by means of a special probe. Allows to carry out a biopsy, to remove polyps of the small sizes.
  6. The virtual kolonoskopiya is a kolonoskopiya version in a 3D format, is reconstructed from results of KT and MPT, treats noninvasive techniques. Can't diagnose the damage, which size less than 5 mm.
  7. Also such methods of visualization, as KT, MRT, PET-KT are applied to search of the secondary centers of a tumor in an organism.

Risk factors of a cancer of a rectum

  The exact reasons of emergence of this type of a cancer aren't established. To risk factors carry the following phenomena:

  1. Hereditary predisposition: cases at the close relatives.
  2. Polyps, in particular, diffusion polyposes.
  3. Chronic diseases of thick intestines: ulcer colitis, illness Krone.
  4. Age factor: 65-70% of cases of a cancer of a rectum are diagnosed for persons of advanced age.
  5. Diet with deficiency of consumption of fruit and vegetables and rich with products of an animal origin with the high content of fats.
  6. Lack of physical activity.
  7. Excess weight, in particular, if waist circle more than a volume of hips.
  8. Diabetes increases probability of development of a cancer for 30-40%.
  9. Smoking, excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms of a cancer of a rectum

  Conditionally symptoms of this disease can be divided into groups:

  The general: appetite and weight loss, weakness, body temperature increase (in borders 37 ∞).

   Characteristic symptomatology:

  1. Allocations of pathological impurity during a defekation: slime, mix with pus or blood, are possible bleedings.
  2. Pains in a waist, a sacrum, a tailbone, a crotch because of growth of a tumor and squeezing of the nervous terminations.
  3. Kal gets a "lentovidny" form.
  4. Feelings of a "alien" body in a rectum.
  5. Locks of various character: from periodic to constants.
  6. Often the tumor visually is defined by the patient in the field of initial departments of a rectum, or an anus. Incontience of urine, gases and calla.

  Signs of late stages of a cancer of a rectum:

  • constant severe pains in the lower part of a stomach;
  • at an allocation urination a calla, or at women from a vagina;
  • at the act of a defekation and in rest urine allocation.

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