Bowel cancer can affect different segments of the body. In this paper, we consider colon cancer. It can develop in any of its parts: the cecum, transverse colon, ascending colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum. The most common form of this type of cancer - adenocarcinoma arises and develops in the mucous layer of the body.

  On the basis of careful diagnostics the individual program of a cancer therapy of thick intestines in Israel is developed, the following factors are thus considered: cancer stage, histologic type of a tumor, existence of the secondary centers (metastasises), general state of health. Apply some methods of treatment.

Surgical cancer therapy of thick intestines in Israel

   The surgical method is considered the main way of a cancer therapy of intestines in Israel. Types of surgeries:

  • Polipektomiya Ц locally leaves a tumor and adjacent fabrics, can be carried out during a kolonoskopiya.
  • Gartman's operation.
  • Ekstirpation of a rectum.
  • Intra belly resection of a rectum.
  • Belly and anal resection of a rectum.
  • Resection of a sigmovidny gut.
  • Open kolektomiya.
  • Laparoscopic kolektomiya and others.

   During the majority of operations the struck part of a gut is removed, nearby lymph nodes, parts of intestines connect. If to connect them there is no the opportunity, one of the ends is removed in a belly wall, created colostomy. Subsequently operation on connection of the ends of a gut is performed.

Radiotheraphy and chemotherapy

  This type of therapy is applied before operation to reduction of the sizes of a tumor, after Ц to decrease in risk of recurrence.

   Chemotherapeutic treatment is appointed for treatment of the secondary centers of a cancer (metastasises) and for prevention of recurrence of a disease. The following preparations are applied to therapy of this illness in Israel: Kampto, Kseloda, UFT, 5FU, Oxaliplatin.


   High efficiency targetny (aim) therapy possesses. Monoclonal antibodies oppress a cellular cycle of a tumoral cage, negatively influence formation of blood vessels in a tumor, and also oppress a metastazirovaniye. Tsetuksimab apply at a metastatic colorectal cancer (a cancer of thick intestines and a rectum). Other effective preparation Ц Avestin.

   I.e. in each case of a cancer of thick intestines for the patient in Israel after exact diagnostics the most effective program of treatment which will surely lead to positive result will be picked up.

Symptoms of a cancer of thick intestines

  The cancer of thick intestines can develop within several years (to 10), in some cases its current can be asymptomatic. Symptoms of a cancer of thick intestines:

  1. Bleedings from back pass (streaks or blood clots to Calais, blood traces on toilet paper, on underwear).
  2. Diarrhea long and at first sight the causeless.
  3. Locks which badly give in to treatment and demand continuous reception of a depletive.
  4. Feeling of incomplete depletion of intestines, frequent false desires to a defekation.
  5. Signs which develop at distribution of a cancer to the next bodies: a back or the stomach pains, the complicated process of an urination, decrease in appetite, weight loss, the general weakness, jaundice.

   Diagnostics of a cancer of intestines at an early stage increases chances of recovery to 90%. Therefore it is necessary to pass regular preventive inspections.

Diagnostics of a cancer of thick intestines in Israel

  To diagnosis statement the cancer of thick intestines in Israel is applied by some types of inspections:

  1. Laboratory diagnostics of a cancer of intestines: the analysis a calla on the hidden blood.
  2. Kolonoskopiya Ц a method of direct research of intestines on all length. Preliminary preparation by means of a cleaning enema is carried out. Before inspection enter substance which weakens sensitivity. Kolonoskopiya lasts 10-20 minutes. During its carrying out there is a possibility of removal of good-quality polyps which can turn into cancer new growths.
  3. Virtual kolonoskopiya Ц radiological research in the course of which receive layer-by-layer cuts of an abdominal cavity by means of the computer tomograph. Method shortcomings: less than 1 cm doesn't reveal education, it is impossible to take a biopsy, which weight more than 100 kg isn't carried out to the patients.
  4. The contrast enema Ц a x-ray method of diagnostics, is entered a dose of barium and the gut is inflated by air. The contrast enema reveals small pathologies, is less exact, than a kolonoskopiya. During its carrying out it is impossible to take samples of fabrics, to remove polyps. The method of "double contrast" is in certain cases applied.
  5. MRT (magnetic and resonant tomography), PET-KT (a positron and issue tomography).

Risk factors of a cancer of intestines

  Mark out possible risk factors of development of a cancer of intestines:

  1. Food allowance with the high content of proteins and fats.
  2. Excess weight.
  3. Deficiency of vitamins A, With, E increases probability of emergence of a cancer twice.
  4. Alcohol Ц the frequent use, in particular beer, multiplies risk actually twice.
  5. Low physical activity.
  6. Smoking.
  7. Women have a decrease in reproductive function.
  8. Surgeries in the past concerning a cancer of intestines.
  9. Diseases: cancer of a uterus, cancer of a breast, diabetes.
  10. Genetic factor: heredity at 15% of patients.
  11. Age: the risk of emergence of a cancer increases in particular after 50 years.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to help with the organization of a cancer therapy of intestines in Israel. Specialists of the center will pick up for you the best doctors, the most suitable clinic, will render assistance in the solution of all household questions. As result you recover yourselves health, you will save money, time and sincere forces. All questions which you interest on diagnostics, to treatment, you can set costs of services to our experts. Use information for this purpose placed on a site: form of request for treatment, e-mail address, phone numbers.

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