Testes (tekstikuly) - is the men's doubles sex glands that produce and store sperm, in addition, they are a major source of hormones. Testicular cancer - a disease in which the body cells become cancerous in one or both testicles. This is a rare tumor, but among men aged 20 to 40 years, one of the most common.†

  On the basis of careful carried-out diagnostics the individual program of a cancer therapy of a small egg in Israel is developed for the patient.

Operational cancer therapy

   Operation is the main method of treatment of this type of a cancer when the small egg together with an appendage is removed. The remained gland is able to compensate sexual and genital function. Types of operations:

  • The radical orkhiektomiya assumes removal of the struck small egg through a section in a groin. Operation is carried out under the general anesthesia approximately for one hour.
  • The Zabryushinny limfadenektomiya provides removal of lymph nodes in zabryushinny space, blood vessels and seed cord through a section in a belly wall. Operation proceeds about six hours.

  In 5% of cases at defeat of both small eggs bilateral surgery is appointed. In the Israeli clinics at the request of the patient there is a possibility of implantation of an artificial implant. In addition, it is possible to make sperm preservation for the purpose of artificial insemination in the future if the man has a desire to have children.

  At insignificant defeat of one of small eggs in a cancer therapy of small eggs in Israel the radio surgery which influences the radiation of high power a cancer tumor for preservation of hormonal function can be carried out.

  For treatment of the secondary centers in the Israeli clinics at a cancer of small eggs as effective methods are considered beam and chemotherapy. The radiotheraphy can be carried out before operation for reduction of the sizes of a tumor. After operation the course of chemotherapeutic treatment is carried out.

  In case of expeditious removal of both small eggs replaceable hormonal treatment is appointed.

  Targetny therapy possesses high efficiency at treatment a cancer of small eggs as influence of the latest preparations blocks development of tumoral process, without having toxic impact on an organism.

  The cancer therapy of small eggs in Israel is effective in 92-95%. In the Israeli clinics patients recover even at the IV stage of a cancer of small eggs. At this stage successfully apply marrow transplantation.

Diagnostics in a cancer therapy of small eggs in Israel

  To make the diagnosis a cancer of small eggs in Israel can carry out the following types of inspections:

  1. Fizikalnoye inspection: survey and palpation of small eggs, lymph nodes, mammary glands.
  2. Laboratory methods of diagnostics: general analysis of urine and blood, biochemical analysis of blood, level of proteinaceous fractions, and also tumoral markers (REA, AFP).
  3. Ultrasonography of a scrotum and small eggs allows to distinguish dense education from education which contains liquid, also investigates abdominal organs.
  4. The biopsy will define tumor type, degree of its aggression, character of a course of a disease.
  5. KT, PET-KT, MRT.
  6. The X-ray of a chest cavity reveals the secondary centers (metastasises) in lungs.

Symptoms of a cancer of a small egg

   At the initial stages the cancer of small eggs has actually asymptomatic current. The following symptoms of a disease can be diagnosed:

  1. The most common symptom of a cancer of small eggs Ц tumoral education in a small egg, a small knot or a swelling.
  2. Note a painful symptom in a stomach or a scrotum, heavy feeling.
  3. Increase, morbidity of mammary glands.
  4. Violations of sexual function are possible.
  5. Increase in the sizes of lymph nodes in a groin.
  6. A back pain Ц a symptom at late stages testifies to prevalence of malignant process. Also diagnose growing thin, nausea, weakness, and other clinical manifestations.

  Allocate two types of a main type of a cancer of small eggs: neseminomny (40%) and seminomny (60%).

Seminoma of a small egg:

  1. Germinativnye (germinogenny cages develop sperm) seminoma a small egg: chorionepithelioma, teratoblastoma, seminoma, embryonic cancer, etc.
  2. Negerminativnye seminoma small egg: leydigoma, sertolioma, sarcoma.

  Neseminoma of a small egg

   Types: tumor of a zheltochny bag, teratoma, embryonic cancer, choriocarcinoma. For this type of tumors typically extreme metastazirovaniye in easy and lymph nodes.

  These types of tumors react to different methods of therapy. Doctors select certain ways of treatment which will be most effective for this reason for a concrete form of a cancer of a small egg.

Stages of a cancer of a small egg

   The I stage Ц a malignant tumor is localized, there are no metastazirovaniye signs.

  The II stage Ц a cancer affects zabryushinny lymph nodes.

   The III stage Ц tumoral process gets into lymph nodes of a sredosteniye, and also forms the secondary centers (metastasises) in bones, lungs, a liver, a brain

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to assist in the organization of a cancer therapy of small eggs in Israel. All interesting questions which concern diagnostics, treatment, the cost of services, you can set to our experts. On a site information for communication is placed: e-mail address, inquiry form.

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