The term refers to different types of thymoma thymoma. This gland is also called the thymus or thymus, it is located at the front of the upper chest and consists of two parts. The main function of the thymus gland - to provide immune protection of the body, ie recognize and destroy pathogens, as well as tumor, cancer, old, painfully altered cells. Thymus gland - is the central organ of the immune system. For normal operation of the thymus are essential B vitamins

   Pathologies of vilochkovy gland meet seldom. Exist good-quality (angioma, a lipoma) tumors and malignant, the last come to light at people generally advanced age.

Symptoms of thymoma

   Clinical manifestations by Tim are various. About 50% of cases of pathology proceed assimptomatichno.

  The initial stage of a disease passes mainly bessimptomno. In the period of the expressed clinical signs the following manifestations can be observed:

  • Feeling of constraint behind a breast, painful feelings;
  • Short wind;
  • Swelling of cervical arteries;
  • Cyanotic coloring of the person, odutlovatost.

  At late stages of development Tim observes the general weakness, a weight loss, the perspiration, the increased body temperature. In certain cases there are the diseases connected with intoxication of an organism by products which are allocated with growing tumors:

  • pains and swelling of joints;
  • artralgichesky syndrome;
  • hypostases of extremities;
  • violations of a warm rhythm.

Diagnostics thymoma in Israel

  The following types of inspections can be applied to diagnostics of tumors thymic in clinics of Israel:

  1. X-ray research
  2. Computer tomography
  3. Magnetic and resonant research Ц defines tumor localization, the sizes, distribution on lymph nodes and other bodies.
  4. Mediastinoskopiya Ц assumes use of the fibrooptichesky device by means of which survey heart, lungs on existence of the secondary centers.
  5. The laboratory analysis of blood Ц diagnoses quantity of onkomarker (immune cages).

Treatment thymoma in Israel

  After carefully carried out diagnostics in Israel the individual program of treatment for the patient is selected.

   Operation in treatment thymoma

  As the main method of treatment operation is applied. In case thymoma good-quality, organ-preserving surgeries are carried out. At malignant character of a tumor completely vilochkovy gland with lymph nodes of a sredosteniye is removed. If the secondary centers of a new growth in tracheas or in a pericardium are diagnosed, their resection, and after Ц plasticity is carried out. There is also a possibility of carrying out the operation robot-assitirovannoy.

  Chemotherapy and radiotheraphy in treatment thymoma

  These methods of treatment in Israel are appointed if the tumor isn't operable. The chemotherapy allows to slow down growth thymoma, the following preparations are applied: Tsisplatin, Taksol, Atufusid and others.

  The medical equipment of the Israeli clinics provides high efficiency of treatment. Good results are shown by brachytherapy when beams influence directly the struck body by means of specially entered electrode. Application of a gamma knife during which the stream of radioactive radiation goes on the pathological center is very effective, leading to changes of structure of a tumor, violation of its growth.

  Photodynamic therapy in treatment thymoma

  Photodynamic therapy is carried out also in case of contraindications to surgical treatment. The laser beam influences the struck body, destroying cells of a tumor.

  Advantages of treatment thymoma in Israel:

  1. Difficult techniques of treatment in Israel, such as, for example, a gamma knife here "are put on a stream".
  2. The Israeli clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment.
  3. Doctors of Israel possess very high level of preparation and wide practical experience.
  4. Treatment cost thymoma in Israel will be lower, than in the countries of Europe and the USA.
  5. Our coordination center "Iz*Med" will find for you the best expert and suitable clinic.

We will organize your treatment in short terms, we will provide professional and household maintenance during stay in Israel. Our experts will give any support and the help. You can learn all interesting additional information, having sent a request for treatment or having called on the specified phone numbers.

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