Cervix - the lower it is, the narrowing part of the body that connects the vagina to the uterine cavity. For cervical cancer accounts for about 80% of all cancers of the female reproductive system abnormalities.

  The cancer therapy of a neck of a uterus in Israel is carried out by different methods which are defined by each case. The success of therapy is caused more by a stage of a cancer of a neck of a uterus. Therefore annual preventive inspections at the gynecologist are so important.

  At early stages of an illness (I, II) effective is considered surgical treatment, practise in the Israeli clinics organ-preserving techniques.

  Konization (elektroekstsiziya) of a uterus neck Ц one of widespread medical and diagnostic sparing operations at initial stages of a disease. During surgery by means of a loop with application of an electric current the struck part of a neck of a uterus in the form of a cone is removed. As the electric current coagulates fabrics, there is no need for carrying out an additional stop of bleeding and for suture. The struck fabric study under a microscope with the purpose to confirm the diagnosis.

  Apply the following techniques of a cancer therapy of a neck of a uterus in Israel (it is impossible to execute histologic research) less often:

  • laser coagulation;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • cryodestruction.

  Efficiency of similar sparing operations at a cancer therapy of a neck of a uterus in clinics of Israel makes 97%.

  Amputation of a neck of a uterus Ц is recommended only at serious deformations of a neck of body. Types of this surgery:

  1. cryodestruction of a neck of a uterus (a sparing method of treatment with application of liquid nitrogen, i.e. by means of cooling to a minus 90-150 0C);
  2. ultrasonic amputation (the ultrasonic scalpel is used);
  3. radio surgical amputation (an atravmatichny operational method by means of heat which is allocated at resistance of fabrics to penetration of high-frequency radio waves);
  4. laser amputation;
  5. classical cone-shaped amputation.

   Hysterectomy (Uterus ekstirpation) Ц gynecologic operation during which the uterus completely is removed. Indications to a hysterectomy:

  • existence of tumoral education in the cervical channel;
  • age factor (after 50 years);
  • lack of opportunity to make an elektrokonization;
  • cancer at the initial stages, being accompanied myoma of a uterus or tumors in appendages.

Radiotheraphy and chemotherapy in a cancer therapy of a neck of a uterus in Israel

  The radiotheraphy is an alternative way of a cancer therapy of a neck of a uterus in Israel on I and the II stages of an illness. The radiation directed on a tumor, destroys cancer cells. The radiotheraphy can take the period from two weeks to several months.

Chemotherapy apply in a complex and separately, it is appointed after surgeries. As the main method of treatment in Israel it is recommended at the IV stage of a cancer when multiple metastasises in an internal, in lymph nodes of a basin and an abdominal cavity take place.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a neck of a uterus in Israel

  To make the diagnosis in a uterus cancer therapy in Israel carry out the following types of inspections:

  1. Laboratory diagnostics.
  2. Kolposkopiya: survey of a mucous membrane of a neck of a uterus by means of the optical device - colposcope.
  3. Vaginalnoye of ultrasonography.
  4. Biopsy.
  5. KT, MRT, PET-KT are appointed for diagnosis specification.
  6. Stsintigrafiya of bones.

Risk factors of a cancer of a neck of a uterus

  Designate some phenomena which increase risk of development of this illness:

  1. Virus of Papilloma of the Person (VPP): the chronic infection caused by virus VPCh, is an infection of high onokogenny risk. I.e. it can become the reason of emergence of a malignant tumor.
  2. Smoking. Tservikalny slime of smoking women contains products of combustion of tobacco which can have impact on oncology development. In addition, smoking promotes decrease in immune system in fight against VPCh infection.
  3. Hlamidiyny infection.
  4. Wrong food allowance: deficiency of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  5. Reception of contraceptive hormonal tablets throughout a long time.
  6. Existence of several prematurely born pregnancies or childbirth from three and more times can lead to hormonal changes and weakening of immune system.
  7. Early pregnancy (17 years and earlier).
  8. Genetic factor: existence of this type of a cancer at the close relatives.

Symptoms of a cancer of a neck of a uterus

  Long time a disease can have asymptomatic character of a current. Existence of signs indicates far come malignant process:

  1. Plentiful liquid and watery bleach, caused limforey (the lymph expiration from lymphatic vessels of a breaking-up tumor).
  2. Bleedings Ц the expressed and most frequent sign. Before and after periods repeating krovyanisty allocations are observed. Also they at the beginning of a disease can appear after a natuzhivaniye, manual research, sexual intercourse.
  3. Painful feelings in a waist, a sacrum.
  4. Late symptomatology of a cancer of a neck of the uterus, the metastazirovaniya caused by process in the next bodies: hypostases of the extremities, the increased body temperature, weakness, excessive fatigue, pains, violation of work of intestines, urinary system.

Stages of a cancer of a neck of a uterus

  0 stage: stage of a vnutriepitelialny cancer when there is an epithelium regeneration.

  I stage: tumoral cages strike only the top layer of a neck of a uterus.

  II stage: the cancer extends for body borders, takes the top part of a vagina or infiltrate in a uterus body.

   III stage: the tumor gets into the lower part of a vagina, nearby lymph nodes and walls of a small basin.

  IV stage: cancer cells affect a bladder, a rectum, in addition the remote bodies.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to help with the organization of a cancer therapy of a uterus in Israel. Specialists of the center will pick up for you the best doctors, the most suitable clinic, will render assistance in the solution of all household questions. As result you recover yourselves health, you will save money, time and sincere forces. All questions which you interest on diagnostics, to treatment, you can set costs of services to our experts. Use information for this purpose placed on a site: form of request for treatment, e-mail address, phone numbers.

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