The thyroid gland - a gland of internal secretion, or endocrine gland located in the center of the neck. Hormones that it produces, plays an important role in the regulation of metabolism.

  The cancer of a thyroid gland in structure of oncological diseases averages 1,5%, but a certain tendency to increase in frequency of a disease is designated.

   The cancer of a thyroid gland has much less aggressive current in comparison with other malignant tumors. For this reason mortality from this type of oncology much lower. At timely and adequate treatment even the frequent metastazirovaniye in cervical and paratrakhealny lymph nodes doesn't burden the favorable forecast.

Risk factors of a cancer of a thyroid gland

  So far note a number of the phenomena which can provoke a cancer of a thyroid gland:

  1. The low content of iodine in a diet.
  2. The proved risk factor Ц ionizing radiation.
  3. Congenital predisposition is noted at a medullary cancer (20% of cases).
  4. Sexual and age factors: more often the female part of the population at the age of 30-50 years is ill.
  5. Mental traumas.
  6. Existence of benign or malignant tumors of the sexual sphere, mammary glands, adrenal glands, intestines if thus nodal education in a thyroid gland still takes place.

Symptoms of a cancer of a thyroid gland

   At early stages the illness often proceeds bessimptomno. The following symptoms of a cancer of a thyroid gland are noted:

  • tumoral education in a neck, in certain cases the fast-growing;
  • osiplost or hoarseness of a voice;
  • difficulties at breath and at a food proglatyvaniye;
  • the cough which hasn't been caused by infectious pathology.

Types of a cancer of a thyroid gland:

  1. Follicular carcinoma (5-10%). As a rule, it is the localized tumor, seldom gives the secondary centers in bones, lungs and lymph nodes.
  2. Papillary carcinoma (80-85%). It is characterized by a slow current in most cases in one share of gland, often gives metastasises in cervical lymph nodes.
  3. Anaplastichesky carcinoma - a rare species of a cancer of a thyroid gland. Quickly progresses, striking structures of a neck and extending on an organism, to a thicket leads to a lethal outcome.
  4. The medullary carcinoma (5%) Can get into lymph nodes, a liver and lungs even before diagnostics of primary center.
  5. Lymphoma of a thyroid gland Ц the rare type of a cancer developing from lymphocytes, cages of immune system.

Stages of a cancer of a thyroid gland:

  I stage: the localized tumor without germination in a capsule and gland deformations. Regionarnye metastasises don't come to light. II stage: the single tumor of 2-4 cm in size, is noted deformation of body or multiple new growths. There are movable regionarny metastasises on the defeat party. III stage: tumoral education over 4 cm in size. Extends out of limits of a thyroid gland, in cervical lymph nodes.

  IV stage: the tumor can be any sizes, strikes nearby bodies (blood vessels, nerves, muscles). Then extends on tissue of a neck in a backbone, a thorax or in the top part of a neck, and also gets into the remote bodies: bones, lungs.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a thyroid gland in Israel

   The following types of inspections can be applied to diagnosis statement a cancer of a thyroid gland in Israel:

  1. Survey of the doctor and collecting anamnesis.
  2. Laboratory diagnostics: blood analyses.
  3. Ultrasonic research reveals the centers of tumoral growth to 0,2-0,5 cm
  4. Rentgenografiya of lungs in two projections diagnoses the small centers, need is connected with high probability of a metastazirovaniye in lungs.
  5. The computer tomography is applied if there are suspicions on distribution of tumoral process to the region of a thorax.
  6. MRT and PET-KT is recommended at emergence of the secondary centers in other areas of an organism.
  7. Isotope scanning of a thyroid gland with radioactive iodine.
  8. Punktsionny biopsy.

the Cancer therapy of a thyroid gland in Israel

  The following methods of therapy can be applied to a cancer therapy of a thyroid gland in Israel: surgery, treatment by radioactive iodine and beam therapy, as separately, and in a complex.

   Recovery at a cancer of a thyroid gland in Israel is reached in 95% of cases.

Operation of a cancer of a thyroid gland in Israel

  Rather seldom to patients with a folikullyarny and papillary cancer at a tumor of the small size delete only the damaged site of a thyroid gland.

  Operation in the course of which completely delete body (Total Thyroidectomy) is most often carried out. At treatment in Israel the low-invasive method by the special technique, not mentioning facial nerve is applied. Operation on removal of a thyroid gland refer to the category of the simple. The period of hospitalization makes 2-3 days.

  In the Israeli clinics there is a possibility of carrying out the robotized tireoidektomiya at small knots of a thyroid gland. Operation is carried out through a section in an axillary hollow by means of manipulators "Da Vinci".

  Removal of a thyroid gland will demand from the patient of reception of a hormone Tiroksina throughout all further life.

Treatment by radioactive iodine of a cancer of a thyroid gland in Israel

   After the performed operation, as a rule, the course of treatment is necessary for destruction of the remained malignant cages radioactive iodine. Otherwise this procedure call an ablyation of a thyroid gland. Indications are a follicular and papillary cancer. After a course of treatment radioactive iodine in Israel not to do harm to the immediate environment, 5-7 days are necessary is in an insulator. Advantage of a course of a yodoterapiya is possibility of its repetition (several times) if cancer cells remain.

Beam therapy in a cancer therapy of a thyroid gland in Israel

  The radiotheraphy is applied quite seldom, as a rule, at a modular and anaplastichesky cancer since they don't react to a yodoterapiya. Radiation is carried out five days in a week, the total of sessions is defined by extent of distribution of malignant process.

  All advanced techniques are applied to carrying out beam therapy: IGRT, IMRT and SBRT, and also the equipment for internal beam therapy (brachytherapy) and two devices for simulation - CT-simulator.

  To receive additional information on diagnostics, a cancer therapy of a thyroid gland in Israel, to conditions of stay in the country, cost of services, you can contact our experts through a form of request for treatment, or by e-mail.

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