Sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the connective tissue of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, tendons, peripheral nervous system, adipose tissue and sosudov.Dannoe disease is about 1% of the total number of malignant pathologies.

  After diagnostics the program of treatment of sarcoma in Israel is selected, it, as a rule, has complex character.

Surgical treatment of sarcoma

  Sarcoma treatment mainly demands surgery. Operation on removal of a tumor in borders of healthy fabrics is carried out. If there are contraindications to surgical intervention, the chemotherapy for reduction of the sizes of a tumor and carrying out the subsequent operation is appointed.

Additional methods of treatment of sarcoma

  As additional types of treatment apply beam therapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy or experimental treatment within clinical researches. The main objective of carrying out beam therapy - to reduce risk of recurrence. The postoperative chemotherapy is considered in each case separately.

  After the planned course of treatment carry out rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic procedures, gradually restoring the patient to former life. Correctly carried out treatment provides good chances of recovery.

  If sarcoma in a metastazirovaniye phase, appoint chemotherapy, radiotheraphy and palliative operations. Here chances of successful treatment are defined by extent of reaction of a tumor on therapy.

Experimental treatment of sarcoma in a stage metastasis

  The method anti-angiogenesis prevents development of vessels which feed tumor metastasises. Treatment can be carried out in house conditions. The following combination of metronomic Cyclophosphamide from three non-cytotoxic is applied by agents.

  Research revealed positive reaction to a preparation at 46% of patients, at 31% - development a metastasis, and at 15% - considerable reduction of the sizes of the secondary centers stopped.

Sarcoma Diagnostics in Israel

  Sarcoma diagnostics in Israel can be carried out by means of several methods:

  1. The biopsy defines a type of a tumor and the subsequent program of treatment.
  2. KT, PET-KT, by MRT allow to determine limits of education and extent of its distribution in an organism.

Types of sarcoma

  The name and type of sarcoma are caused by struck fabric: liposarcoma appears in fatty tissue, leiomyosarcomd - in smooth muscles, etc.

  The type of sarcoma injuring bones, is called osteosarcoma and is very rare disease which develops at children's age.

  Rabdomiosarkoma strikes muscular fabric and arises at patients of children's age. Sarcoma of connecting and fatty fabrics, vessels, nervous fibers is diagnosed among adults.

  Areas of localization of sarcoma of soft fabrics are extremities, an internal, belly and chest walls.

Sarcoma Symptoms

  The clinical picture of a disease is caused by a site of a tumor and features of its structure. The first symptom generally is emergence of a new growth which grows in the sizes within several months. As a rule, in an extremity the tumor firm at a palpation, has around hypostasis of soft fabrics, increase of local temperature or reddening is possible.

  Most often the period between emergence of a tumor and diagnostics makes from 3rd to 6 months. Therefore having found any education on a hand or a foot it is necessary to address to the expert surely.

  One of the first signs - night pains around a cancer-stricken bone which doesn't react to a usual dose of anesthetizing preparations. For some sarcomas the slow growth and an asymptomatic current for many years is characteristic.

  The low-differentiated tumors are characterized by rapid growth, early emergence of the secondary centers and extensive distribution for borders of primary area of defeat. Liposarkoma and some other types of a disease can develop at the same time, or it is consecutive, have multifocal distribution.

  To receive interesting additional information on sarcoma treatment in Israel, contact specialists of the center in e-mail, or through a form of request for treatment.

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