Ovarian cancer - a disease characterized by the formation of tumors that grow in the tissues of the ovary. This disease can occur in women of any age. The tumors in the ovaries can be benign or malignant. According to the passage of time some benign ovarian tumors degenerate into malignant and begins the development of cancer.

  The cancer therapy of ovarian in Israel is carried out by several methods depending on a type of a cancer and a stage in which there is a disease. Besides, the Israeli experts when scheduling treatment consider desire to have children and the general state of health of the woman.

Technologies of a cancer therapy of ovarian cancer

   The main methods of a cancer therapy of ovarian in clinics of Israel are the chemotherapy, surgery and beam therapy. To treatment in Israel some patients apply the combined treatment including two, and even all three methods of treatment.

   At an operational cancer therapy of ovarian the volume of operation is planned depending on extent of distribution of a tumor. It can be removal of a uterus, the uterine pipes, one or both ovarian.

  Chemotherapy use generally in those cases if the tumor went beyond ovarian. Cancer therapy of ovarian in Israel carry out certain cycles with application of effective antineoplastic preparations.

  Beam therapy is applied generally as an auxiliary method to reduction of the size of a tumor or destruction of the remained cells of a tumor.

Methods of diagnostics of a cancer of ovarian in Israel:

  • Clinical examination;
  • Checks in the field of a small basin (probing of pipes, a uterus, vaginas and so forth);
  • X-ray;
  • Screening of a cancer of ovarian;
  • the blood Analysis on SA-125 protein;
  • <= "MsoNormal"> Biopisiya in a cancer therapy of ovarian in Israel is used by li class for definition of a stage of development of an illness.

Additional information on a cancer of ovarian:

  3 types of fabrics contain ovariani: the epitelialny cages, covering ovarian. The overwhelming part of tumors of ovarian develops from this type of cages; the germinativny cages developed by ova; stromalny cages which make considerable part of female hormones.

  Allocate 3 main types of tumors of ovarian: stromalny, epitelialny and germinativnokletochny.

  Stromalnye tumors of ovarian happen good-quality or malignant. A half of such tumors comes to light at women aged after 50 years.

  Tumors of ovarian share Epitelialnye in turn on three groups:

  • benign epitelialny tumors of ovarian well striking to treatment and not metastaziruyushchy;
  • epitelialny tumors of ovarian of a low zlokachestvennost them still designate li class "boundary". These tumors meet at enough young women, grow quite slowly and are less dangerous than a cancer;
  • epitelialny tumors of ovarian they make about 85% of all tumors of ovarian.

  Primary peritonealny carcinoma - this type of a cancer arises out of ovarian, but reminds an epitelialny type of a cancer of ovarian. Possibility of development of such type of a cancer arises at women who transferred operation on removal of both ovarian.

  Germinativnye of a tumor of ovarian. The majority of the tumors making this group isn't malignant. Germinativnye tumors of ovarian happen several subtypes: teratomas, dysgerminoma, tumors of a zheltochny bag.

  The exact reasons of emergence of a cancer of ovarian up to the end aren't established now. But the risk factors promoting development of this disease are revealed. Them treat:

family anamnesis. If close relatives both from the father, and from mother have this disease, the risk of development of a cancer of ovarian significantly increases. The risk even more increases if the tumor at relatives was revealed at young age;

age. The tumor of ovarian mainly arises after a menopause;

menstrual periods. There is a certain communication between risk of emergence of a cancer of ovarian and quantity of the menstrual periods throughout all life of the woman. In group of risk of the woman at which periods came till 12 years, at what they stopped after 50, women who have no children and given rise to children after 30 years;

long an administration of drugs, promoting conception;

replaceable therapy by an estrogen;

talc application;

cancer of a mammary gland.

   To learn the exact cost of a cancer therapy of ovarian in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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