Cancers recognized as the most important problem of modern medicine. It is to them an enormous number of seminars and research, to which experts put the invention of new technologies and drugs to combat the disease category. Tumor of the uterus - the second most common cancer diagnosis in women. Like most other tumors, if found in the first stage has quite favorable forecasts. Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel, to be sure, will be led by the world's leading experts in this field, it is Israel's medical clinics can pick up a set of therapeutic measures, which would be the best for your particular body.

What diagnostics the uterus cancer therapy in Israel means?

  Experts of Israel pay special attention to a stage of identification of the disease and its details - after all the choice of further treatment and life of the patient in most cases depends on results of diagnostics. Treatment in Israel of a cancer of a uterus is based on results of a diagnostic stage which can last from 3 to 7 days.

  Diagnostics can be tool, laboratory and visual. But first of all so-called general diagnostics - consultation of the gynecologist, the oncologist and if it is required, other experts of a narrow profile is carried out. Further the uterus cancer therapy in Israel assumes without fail the deep laboratory analysis of samples of blood and urine of the patient - besides standard biochemical, histologic and cytologic researches, the hormonal is carried out also.

   The most extensive stage in diagnostics is medical visualization. During this period the computer tomography, ultrasonic researches with use of the most modern equipment, allowing to see the three-dimensional image of a studied site of an organism is appointed. As additional diagnostics the cancer of a uterus, treatment in Israel of this disease assumes carrying out radiological inspections and isotope scanning of an organism. More rare Ц the combined method of a computer tomography of PET-KT which gives the chance to notice the most minor changes in an organism. Besides, MRT examination is sometimes conducted also, but nevertheless they are recommended to a thicket already during this period when the patient passes a uterus cancer therapy in Israel to estimate its effectiveness.

  Huge value has and tool diagnostics is a biopsy. The capture of a sample of cells of a tumor which assumes treatment in Israel of a cancer of a uterus, occurs during hysteroscopy Ц endoscopic inspection of a uterus of the patient. Also the biopsy can be carried out after a tumor resection if in Israel of a cancer of a uterus surgical intervention was chosen as the main method of treatment.

  Thus, diagnostics stage which some days last and includes the comprehensive inspections, allowing to find out all features of a female organism and directly a disease, gives the chance to pick up the most less expensive and more effective method of therapy in each case.

As treatment of a tumor of a uterus is carried out?

  In world medical practice there are three traditional ways of fight against oncological diseases is a surgical intervention, chemotherapy and radiation. They are applied almost always in a complex, a combination of this or that method individually and depends on the results received during diagnostics. The cancer of a uterus, treatment in its Israel consists usually in surgical removal of a tumor Ц such technique is the most effective, especially at a disease being at an early stage and localized only in a uterus. Most often operation is combined with beam therapy, reception of chemical preparations is less often recommended. It is necessary to tell and that traditional ways on which treatment in Israel of a cancer of a uterus is carried out, were improved in the last some years. Thus, operations on removal of a tumor are whenever possible performed by miniinvasive techniques that considerably reduces risk of emergence of various complications after operation. And all new development in the sphere of radiation therapy is directed on as much as possible precisely to influence cells of a tumor, thus minimum touching healthy sites of an organism.

  Besides, the uterus cancer therapy in Israel is carried out with application of innovative techniques is hormonal and an immunotherapy. As in most cases such disease arises against a hormonal imbalance, the special preparations normalizing this situation, are capable to block growth of a tumor and to destroy cancer cells. And medicines of an immunotherapy influence only immune system of the person, at all without doing harm to an organism.

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