Melanoma - a cancer that develops on the basis of melanocytes (pigment cells that produce melanin). Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer because metastasizes in almost all organs. Main zone of localization - the skin, more rarely affects the mucous membranes (mouth, rectum, vagina), and the retina.

Risk factors of a melanoma

  1. Genotype (set of the genes characterizing an individual): light (blue) eyes, fair hair, white skin, pink freckles.
  2. The solar burns got at teenage, children's age can provoke a tumor in the future.
  3. Excessive influence of ultra-violet radiation, including in a sunbed.
  4. Hereditary factor: disease existence in a family.
  5. Nevus (a birthmark or a birthmark Ц a good-quality new growth). Increases risk a factor of plurality of a nevus Ц more than 50.
  6. Pigmentary xeroderma Ц a hereditary illness (a precancer condition) which is characterized by hypersensibility to ultra-violet radiation.
  7. The melanoma transferred earlier.
  8. The age factor Ц is more senior than 50 years.

Symptoms of a melanoma

  It is possible to note a number of symptoms of a melanoma which points to development of malignant process:

  1. Itch around a nevus.
  2. Loss from a surface of a nevus of hair.
  3. Color change: can be partially light, partially dark, in certain cases almost black.
  4. Increase in the size: dimeter more 5 mm.
  5. Change of a form and outlines: new growth asymmetric, the wrong form with indistinct and rough edges.
  6. Eminence: tumor rises more than on 1 mm over integument level.
  7. Ulceration (formation of ulcers).
  8. Bleeding from a nevus surface.
  9. Formation of knots.

Types of a melanoma of skin:

  • Superficial an extending melanoma: makes 70% of cases, generally develops at women. For it the horizontal growth and as a whole the favorable forecast is characteristic.
  • Nodal melanoma: 15% of cases of an illness, as a rule, arise at men. Differs growth in thickness of skin. Has the most adverse forecast.
  • The Lentiginozny melanoma Ц 5% of cases of pathology, is formed on the basis of a pigmentary spot (birthmark), mainly on a face and at women, develops across and rather slowly. The favorable forecast is characteristic.
  • The Akrolentiginozny melanoma Ц the most rare species of a melanoma, arises on anklebones, hands.

Melanoma Metastasises

Malignant cells of this illness extend on an organism through blood and lymphatic vessels. The first metastasises of a melanoma arise in regionarny lymph nodes, through blood extending cages form the secondary centers in a liver, lungs, bones, a brain.

Melanoma Stages

  I stage: the new growth is on a skin surface, thickness less than 2 mm.

  II stage: tumor only on an integument surface, but its thickness more than 2 mm, or thickness more than 1 mm, but a melanoma has an ulcer form.

  III stage: malignant process extends out of limits of primary center, strikes the next lymph nodes.

  IV stage: metastasises of a melanoma arise in lungs, a liver, a brain.

Melanoma Diagnostics in Israel

Diagnostics program in the Israeli clinics can include the following types of inspections:

  1. Laboratory researches: expanded analyses of blood.
  2. X-ray inspection of a thorax.
  3. Ultrasonic check of a liver and abdominal cavity.
  4. Biopsy for the histologic analysis of a tumor, or audit of the previous biopsy.
  5. KT, MPT, positron and issue tomography.

Melanoma Treatment in Israel

  On the basis of carried-out diagnostics the most effective program of treatment of a melanoma in Israel is developed for the patient.

Melanoma Operation in Israel

The following types of operations of a melanoma depending on a disease stage can be carried out:

  1. At the I stage the local issecheniye during which the melanoma and part of normal fabric round it is removed is applied.
  2. At the II-III stages expeditious treatment is expanded: extensive sites of fabrics and lymph nodes are removed. Alf Interferona's course as fixing therapy, and also other methods can be recommended.
  3. At the IV stage the program of treatment depends on the struck bodies. Operation is appointed if there are single metastasises of a melanoma.

During surgery skin plasticity can be carried out, skin take from other parts of a body.

Chemotherapy in melanoma treatment in Israel

  Chemotherapeutic treatment destroys cancer cells which couldn't be removed in the course of operation. As a rule, it is entered intravenously. At treatment of a melanoma the preparation DTIC in a complex with Taksol and Tsisplatin, also Temodal is applied.

In case of development of recurrence of a melanoma to extremities can appoint carrying out the hyper thermal isolated perfusion during which the high dose of chemotherapy is entered only into the affected extremity. Perfusion is carried out under the general anesthesia within several days permanently.

   Can be recommended for the IV stages of a melanoma in Israel the TILL technology: natural activity of own cages of an organism (lymphocytes of type T) is used. The therapy purpose Ц to multiply these cages and to make them very active. From metastasises of the patient take TILL cages (Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte) and a cell of a melanoma. TILL cages breed and come back to blood of the patient.

  The course of TILL therapy is preceded, as a rule, by treatment tsiklifosfamidy and fludarabiny. Then TILL cages in a complex with Interlaken Ц 2 are intravenously entered. The cost of this treatment is $ up to 200 000.

Beam therapy in melanoma treatment in Israel

   The radiotheraphy is recommended in certain cases. Its application reduces painful feelings if metastasises of a melanoma got into bones or other bodies. External and internal beam therapy can be carried out, the choice of a way depends on type and a melanoma stage.

  Besides, at melanoma treatment in Israel targetny therapy (monoclonal antibodies), by vaccinotherapy is applied.

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to assist in the organization of treatment of a melanoma in Israel. Our experts will find for you the profile clinic, the best oncologists, will resolve all household issues. You can receive additional information on diagnostics, treatment, cost of services, having contacted the staff of the center for the specified phone numbers, through a form of request for treatment, by e-mail.

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