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   Neuroendocrine and endocrine tumors arise and develop in the organs, which contains a number of endocrine cells. These cells secrete hormones, endocrine system by which regulate the activity of almost all the internal organs and systems of the body adapts to a changing environment. Thus, neuroendocrine tumors can develop in the following organs: gastrointestinal tract, lungs, thymus (thymus gland), ovaries, thyroid and mammary glands, and skin.

Neuroendocrine tumors of a pancreas

  1. Insulinoma Ц a tumor with low degree of a zlokachestvennost and excess level of insulin. Defining sign Ц a hypoglycemia, i.e. decrease in level of sugar in blood.
  2. Gastrinoma Ц a malignant tumor with the increased development of a hormone gastrin at which there are peptic ulcers, diarrhea, a reflyuksny illness (a gullet inflammation in connection with zabrosy in it sour contents of a stomach). Besides, gastrinoma can develop in a duodenal gut, in a bryzheyka and a stomach.
  3. The Kartsinoidny syndrome Ц produces excess quantity serotonin, seldom arises in a pancreas, is generally localized in intestines. Main symptoms: diarrhea, inflow, bronchial obstruction (one of forms of respiratory insufficiency).
  4. Vipoma (pancreatic cholera) Ц the malignant tumor producing raised level of hormones the VIP and PHI, manifestations persistent diarrhea and a gipokaliyemiya (the lowered level of ions of potassium in blood) are clinical.
  5. Glyukogonoma Ц a tumor developing the excess maintenance of a hormone of a glucagon, an indicator of a zlokachestvennost makes 50%. Main signs: diabetes, nekrolitichesky migrating erythema (the skin raised over a surface the inflamed plaques with crusts, cheshuyka or bubbles).
  6. Somatostatinoma Ц a new growth with degree of a zlokachestvennost of 50%, produces the increased quantity of a hormone somatostatin. This type of a tumor assumes development of the following symptoms: cholelithic illness, stearrhea, diabetes. Also it can be localized in a duodenal gut.
  7. GHRH Ц a malignant neuroendocrine tumor of a pancreas with excess level of a hormone of GHRH, other place of localization there can be lungs. The main clinical sign Ц an akromegaliya (pathology which is caused by violation of function of a forward share of a hypophysis, is accompanied by increase in a skull, feet, brushes, etc.).
  8. CRH ohm, AKTG-ohm Ц malignant formation of PZh at which the syndrome of Kushinga (group of the diseases which have arisen under the influence of raised level of steroid hormones of adrenal glands) develops. Produces the raised maintenance of hormones of CRH, AKTG.

Diagnostics of neuroendocrine tumors in Israel

   Methods of diagnostics will depend on the body struck with a tumor. In the Israeli clinics the following types of inspections can be carried out:

  1. Ultrasonic research, including intraoperative, laparoscopic.
  2. Endoscopic methods.
  3. Selective angiografiya.
  4. Laboratory diagnostics: analyses of blood, urine. Radio immunological and immunofermental methods of diagnostics of hormones, peptides and amines are carried out.
  5. Bronkhoskopiya.
  6. Kolonoskopiya.
  7. Biopsy.
  8. Computer tomography, magnetic and resonant tomography, PET-KT.
  9. Radio isotope methods.
  10. Stsintigrafiya and some other.

Treatment of neuroendocrine tumors in Israel

  After careful diagnostics based on results of analyses, in clinics of Israel the treatment scheme depending on a type of a tumor, a stage of development of pathology, specific features of the patient and possible other factors will be selected.

  Operation is considered the only method of treatment by means of which clinical treatment is reached. At widespread tumoral process the surgical method is used in a complex with medicinal treatment.

  Recurrence of neuroendocrine tumors gives metastasises generally in a liver. In these cases complex therapy can be recommended: chemotherapeutic treatment, transarterial embolization of metastasises, resection. Liver transplantation is in some cases considered. It is considered effective a new method - the SIR therapy, assuming the dosed and selective impact of radiation on a tumor.

  I.e. in short terms with the minimum expenses in Israel to you will make the exact diagnosis, using the modern medical equipment, and will pick up the most optimum therapeutic program. The medicine and treatment in Israel differs a high level of development where difficult techniques of treatment, surgical interventions "are put on a stream", innovative methods of treatment take root, doctors constantly improve the knowledge and are engaged in research activity, there is no concept "hopeless patient".

  The coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to assist in a choice of the best expert, suitable clinic. Staff of the center will provide full professional (the treatment organization) and household maintenance in Israel at moderate price policy. On treatment and diagnostics of neuroendocrine tumors you can set all questions to our experts. For communication on a site phone numbers, the address electronic almost and request for treatment are placed.

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