Throat cancer - are malignant tumors that develop in the mucous membranes of the pharynx and larynx. Symptoms of these tumors are almost identical and, developing one of the bodies, and almost always goes to the second body.

  On the frequency of cases of a lethal outcome, the cancer of a throat takes the sixth place among all oncological diseases and more often develops at men, than at women.

   The throat Cancer therapy takes leading positions in Israel among clinics of Europe and the USA. Continuous updatings in technologies of diagnostics and treatment allows the Israeli clinics to reach effective results of therapy. The throat cancer therapy in Israel is appointed depending on a stage of development of an illness, character of a disease and the general indicators of a state of health of the patient.

Stages of a cancer of a throat

  • 1 stage Ч a tumor is in limits of one anatomic area;
  • The 2nd stage - a tumor goes beyond one area, lymph nodes and metastasises are formed;
  • The 3rd stage Ч a tumor increases, sprouts in the next fabrics and bodies, numerous metastasises are observed;
  • The 4th stage Ч metastasises get to more remote bodies.

A throat Cancer therapy in Israel

  The Basic and the most effective method of a cancer therapy of a throat in Israel, is a surgical method at which application depending on the sizes of a tumor and its germination in the next bodies, it can be removed both part of a throat, and a throat entirely together with the adjacent struck fabrics.

Main types of operations at treatment in Israel of a cancer of a throat:

  • at a throat cancer therapy at the first stage apply endolaringealny removal - removal of a tumor through a section from the inside of a throat;
  • at a cancer of a throat at the second stage apply a tireotomiya Ч a section of a thyroid cartilage;
  • throat Resection;
  • Kordektomiya;
  • Verkhnegortannaya a laringektomiya (delete the top department of a throat);
  • The Total laringektomiya (removal of a throat) Ч is carried out by li class only in those cases if the cancer is already at the third stage or if the resection is impossible;
  • Gemilaringektomiya (removal of a half of a throat). After carrying out this operation at the patient voice functions remain;
  • Expanded laringektomiya. When carrying out this operation delete a hypoglossal bone, a throat, a root of language and lateral walls of a throat and a throat.

  If in cervical lymph nodes there are metastasises, perform operation Kraylya. During it delete lymph nodes, fabrics of lateral department of a neck, submaxillary salivary gland, a kivatelny muscle and an internal jugular vein. By means of chemotherapy kill remote metastasises.

   In certain cases for the prevention of recurrence or for efficiency strengthening perform operations beam or radiotheraphy.

  During partial removal of a throat exists opportunity to restore at the patient function of voice speech. During removal of all throat voice speech becomes impossible. The chemotherapy is used as addition to operation and beam therapy, or for simplification of symptoms at already late stages of a cancer.

  The throat Cancer therapy in Israel is surely accompanied by rehabilitation of function of voice speech. Successful application of various voice artificial limbs allows to return to more than 90% of cases to patients a voice after carrying out a laringektomiya.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a throat in Israel

  • Consultation of the expert, anamnesis studying. Thus the doctor pays special attention to existence of addictions, last diseases and kind of work of the patient. Further fizikalny survey is carried out;
  • Ultrasonic research (ultrasonography);
  • Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT);
  • fabric Biopsy;
  • Fibrolaringoskopiya or direct laringoskopiya;
  • Indirect laringoskopiya.

Risk factors of a cancer of a throat

  The Exact reasons of regeneration of cells of a throat in the malignant are unknown, but oncologists allocated a number of the factors increasing probability of emergence a cancer of a throat:

  • Smoking;
  • Age. This disease meets at the age of 55 years more often and is more senior;
  • Abuse of alcohol;
  • Paul. Men 4 times more often are ill, than women;
  • Abuse of salty fish and salty meat;
  • the Professional activity connected with production of sulfuric acid, asbestos and nickel.

Symptoms of a cancer of a throat

  • spots of white or red color which arise on a mucous membrane of a mouth;
  • gradually accruing pain when swallowing;
  • feeling in a throat of an alien body;
  • constant pains in a mouth, a sleep;
  • loss of teeth, toothaches;
  • sleep;
  • painful feelings at movement of the bottom jaw;
  • not healing and growing ulcer in an oral cavity;
  • a tumor in a neck;
  • an unpleasant smell from a mouth;
  • unilateral decrease in hearing;
  • allocations from a nose with blood impurity;
  • difficulties of stir by language;
  • in case of a cancer of subcopular and copular department of a throat already at early stages there is a hoarseness and the complicated breath.

  The Coordination center "Iz*Med" is ready to help p class with the organization of a cancer therapy of a throat in Israel. Our experts will pick up for you the best doctors, the most suitable clinic, will give support and assistance in the solution of household questions besides professional providing. You can receive answers to questions interesting you, having contacted specialists of the center in the specified phone numbers, through an inquiry form, or by e-mail.

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