Stomach cancer - a malignant tumor that can occur in different parts of the stomach. Stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers, yielding first place only to lung cancer. In men, the disease occurs twice as often than women, and in most cases are diagnosed at the age of 40-50 years, but occurs at a younger age. Speaking on the geographic distribution, the first place is shared by Japan, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil, the second place is Russia.

  Stomach cancer therapy in Israel, thanks to exact modern diagnostics and advanced technologies of therapy and surgery, successfully in most cases. In our clinics leading Israeli oncologists of high international qualification work.

Stages of a cancer of a stomach:

Stage 1: the tumor sprouts in mucous fabric, its size no more than 2 centimeters, visible metastasises are absent.

Stage 2: the tumor affects mucous and muscular sol, its size of 4-5 centimeter, there are metastasises directly near a tumor.

Stage 3: the tumor becomes the big size and mentions nearby bodies, metastasises start extending on an organism.

Stage 4: existence of the remote metastasises in an organism

A stomach Cancer therapy in Israel

  Tactics of a cancer therapy depends on a condition of the patient, a stage of a cancer of a stomach and existence of accompanying pathologies. Often combine a surgical, beam and medicinal method of treatment in Israel.

Operation of a cancer of a stomach in Israel

   The main method of a cancer therapy of a stomach in Israel is surgical treatment. If the tumor has the small sizes and is located at the exit from a stomach, delete 3/4 stomachs, carrying out a subtotal resection. In other cases a stomach delete completely, and a gullet connect to a small intestine. Also round a stomach delete all zones where finding of metastasises is possible.

  The in earlier stage the disease is revealed, the it will be more effective treatment.

Beam and chemotherapy at a stomach cancer therapy in Israel

  If the tumor has very big sizes and performance of operation too dangerously or it is impossible, neoadjyuvatny therapy to reduce the size of a tumor is carried out and to execute the subsequent removal.

  At a stomach cancer therapy in Israel the radiation and chemotherapy combination for mutual strengthening of efficiency of these two methods is often used. Chemotherapy use if the tumor doesn't manage to be removed completely or in general it is impossible to remove. Preparations often used in chemotherapy it Ч oxaliplatin, paclitaxel, irinotecan, cisplatin, carboplatin, capecitabine, etc.

  In these cases the chemotherapy allows to reduce, and in many cases and completely to destroy disease manifestations. Also chemotherapy apply when the tumor is already removed, but there are remote metastasises or there is a big risk of emergence of these metastasises.

Diagnostics of a cancer of a stomach in Israel

  For diagnosis statement a cancer of a stomach in clinics of Israel the following types of inspections can be carried out:

  1. The fibrogastroscopy - whenever possible examine a gullet, a stomach and a duodenal gut.
  2. Carry out a biopsy of a tumor of a suspicious site mucous for the immunological and histologic research necessary for confirmation of the diagnosis;
  3. KT of abdominal organs and small basin - is carried out precisely to determine its size and a site.
  4. The Positron and Issue Tomography (PIT) - is used for search of metastasises in all organism.
  5. Biochemical and clinical analysis of blood.

  If necessary also conduct additional researches:

  1. Thorax KT.
  2. laparoscopy;
  3. Stsintigrafiya of bones.

Risk factors of a cancer of a stomach

  The reasons influencing emergence of a cancer of a stomach, aren't established so far, but the conducted various researches indicate communication between a food allowance and frequency of emergence of a cancer. Other possible reasons of a cancer of a stomach call atrophic gastritis, a syndrome Baretta, heavy anemia which damages walls of a stomach and causes deficiency of B12 vitamin, genetic predisposition.

Symptoms of a cancer of a stomach

  At early stages of a disease symptoms of a cancer of a stomach aren't shown in any way or aren't specific that very complicates timely diagnostics of a disease. The doctors having a brief experience, often carry symptoms of a cancer of a stomach to gastritis and appoint medicamentous treatment without any additional inspections. The skilled and qualified expert is capable to establish a number of symptoms and to suspect a cancer of a stomach. The general weakness, fast fatigue at usual loading, decrease in appetite, sharp loss of weight, a depression, pale skin color can be symptoms.

   At a cancer of a stomach early there is a large number of metastasises, cancer cells separate from the tumor and extend on an organism together with blood and lymph current, forming thus new metastasises (tumoral knots). Most often at a cancer of a stomach the liver and lymph nodes, in certain cases Ч bones, lungs, yaichnik and skin is surprised.

  To learn the cost of a cancer therapy of a stomach in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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