Most of the skin cancer is overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. The likelihood of genetic disorders in the cells increased ultraviolet radiation, which can lead to tumor formation. Skin cancer includes several different malignancies with epidermal origin:

  • squamous cancer;
  • basal cell carcinoma;
  • melanoma.

   The skin cancer therapy in clinics of Israel assumes application of various methods of therapy depending on a type of oncology, a stage of a disease, a state of health of the patient and some other factors.

   Treatment basal cell carcinoma in Israel very effectively also consists at a distance educations by a method of an electroknife issecheniye or the laser. At local education on extremities or a trunk it delete with a surgical way. At the tumor size more than five centimeters appoint the combined therapy. One of preconditions of future recurrence is the arrangement basal cell carcinoma on an auricle, nose wings, and also other hard-to-reach spots.

    Treatment of a squamous cancer in Israel consists in a surgical issecheniye of a tumor and removal of regionarny lymph nodes. If there is a need, is carried out beam and chemotherapy.

   Melanoma Treatment in Israel is selected depending on a stage in which there is a disease. At the first stage of a melanoma treatment in Israel consists in a surgical issecheniye of a melanoma.

  At the second stage, at defeat any of sentry lymph nodes all lymph nodes from this area are removed. At the second stage appoint also additional treatment by preparations which have to reduce probability of recurrence of an illness.

  At the third stage except removal of primary tumor, delete also all close located lymph nodes. Application chemo - imunno — and beam therapy as separately, so in a combination is possible.

  At the fourth stage of a disease full treatment is impossible. By means of operations large tumoral knots are removed, sometimes it is possible to remove metastasises from an internal, but it depends on their arrangement. Appoint chemotherapy and beam therapy.

  There is a possibility of a bezoperatsionny cancer therapy of skin in Israel.

Risk factors of a cancer of skin

  The factors influencing formation of a melanoma: the solar burns, raised solar radiation, genotype (light eyes and hair), atipichesky birthmarks, heredity, a pigmentary xeroderma, an immunnosupressiya, age are more senior than 50 years, a large number of birthmarks or birthmarks, a male.

  The factors promoting development basal cell carcinoma, are: radioactive radiation, long stay on the sun, thermal influence, the professional activity connected with adverse effects.

Diagnostics in a skin cancer therapy in Israel

  Diagnostics of a cancer of skin in Israel is based on carrying out histologic research of sites of the skin causing suspicion. In certain cases, for confirmation of the diagnosis carry in addition out PET, MRT.

  Diagnostics of a squamous cancer in Israel carry out by means of cytologic or histologic research.

  At melanoma diagnostics in Israel inspect the patient, anamnesis studying, a dermoskopiya, histologic research and a skin biopsy. If there is a suspicion on a metastatic melanoma, in Israel that carry out a biopsy of lymph nodes, MRT, PET, a tonkoigolny aspiration biopsy, a thorax rentgenografiya, marking of sentry lymph nodes and isotope scanning.

Symptoms of a cancer of skin

  Bazalioma is the most widespread tumor of an epithelium. Bazalioma is a malignant tumor and develops from a follicular epithelium and atypical cells of epidermis. For basal cell carcinoma the slow growth which is accompanied by inflammatory process and destruction of the fabrics located in the neighbourhood is characteristic. Bazalioma, as a rule, doesn't tend to a metastazirovaniye.

  Bazalioma begins the development with emergence of a semi-spherical or flat dense papule, slightly pinkish color and with a diameter no more than 0,5 cm. Further, in the course of the growth the papule breaks up, becomes covered by a crust, after rejection the superficial ulcer or a bleeding erosion develops which.

  In the course of further development basal cell carcinoma, depending on nature of growth, turns into the fungoid knot acting over a surface of skin, a big flat plaque or a deep ulcer which destroys fabrics and bones.

  The melanoma is a malignant tumor which develops from the pigmentary cages forming melanin (from melanocytes). The melanoma is usually formed on skin, in rare instances on mucous membranes or an eye retina. The melanoma is one of the most dangerous malignant tumors for whom recurrence and a metastazirovaniye are characteristic honor in all bodies.

  Symptoms of a melanoma are feeling of an itch in the field of a birthmark or a birthmark, change of color, the size, outlines, bleeding, a hair loss from its surface.

  The squamous cancer arises against precancer diseases of skin. This type of a tumor meets less than basal cell carcinoma, the tumor can settle down on any sites of a body and usually single. The squamous cancer from basal cell carcinoma differs ability to a metastazirovaniye and rapid infiltruyushchy growth. Approximately in 10% cases defeat of lymph nodes meets, gematogenny metastasises are very rare. Most often this disease people of senile and advanced age have. The squamous cancer represents a spherical tumor, size about a pea which increases further. Growth can be endofitny or ekzofitny.

  To learn the cost of a cancer therapy of skin in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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