In people older than 40 years, the most common eye disease is cataract. Cataract - a partial or complete opacification of "natural lens" or the so-called lens. Since the lens is the only lens in a transmission system of the eye, the deterioration of its functions in the body in no way compensated and leads to blindness.

   This disease can develop as a result of an injury of the head, but most often devolves by inheritance. Often the reasons of development of a cataract remain obscure.

   In transfer with Greek the cataract means "falls" therefore the person with such disease sees everything as through water or the misted-over glass. Photophobia, more frequent emergence before eyes of spots and strips, a luminescence of subjects at bright light, and also bifurcation of subjects — all these symptoms of a cataract. Also important symptom of an illness is change of color of a pupil from black to white.

  Primary diagnostics of a cataract — is survey of an eye bottom at good lighting. Very often already such survey reveals certain problems. It is possible to study an eye bottom by means of a slot-hole lamp (eye biomicroscopy) which gives increase and the directed lighting more deeply. By means of eye biomicroscopy the ophthalmologist sees all details of an eyeball and can survey deeply located fabric structures of an eye in more detail. In addition, ophthalmologists in Israel carry out full computer diagnostics.

  In Israel treatment of a cataract depends on a stage of a disease and can be therapeutic or surgical. If the cataract is found at an early stage and not intensively progresses, appoint a preparation in the form of the drops, promoting a turbidity rassasyvaniye in a crystalline lens.

   At later stages of development of an illness to the patient is recommended to p class surgery. Surgical treatment of a cataract in Israel is carried out by means of microsurgery. The authority and professionalism of the Israeli ophthalmologists-microsurgeons is known and proved around the world. Among techniques of microsurgery the intraocular correction which undoubted advantage is the postoperative physiology of sight and lack of need of carrying contact lenses or points is most popular.

  Mikrokhirgiya unlike therapeutic treatment, allows to replace the grown turbid crystalline lens artificial that allows to restore sight completely.

  Surgical treatment of a cataract in Israel shares p class on 2 main groups:

  • the crystalline lens is removed together with a capsule - Intrakapsulyarnoye removal;
  • extraction only a crystalline lens - Ekstrakapsulyarnoye removal.

   At cataract treatment at the same time to the patient it can be carried out and far-sightedness or short-sightedness correction. For this purpose implant the special crystalline lens, allowing to refuse points and lenses. The only restriction after operation — is first half a year to avoid considerable physical activities.

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