Keratoconus - a disease of the eye, in which there is a thinning of the cornea, it takes a conical shape under the influence of intraocular pressure. Most often, the disease is common in young adults and adolescents.

Risk factors of development keratoconus

  Consider the following risk factors of emergence of this disease:

  1. The imbalance in a fermental condition of a cornea provokes big sensitivity to influence of free radicals.
  2. Autoimmune processes in an organism. Keratokonus develops at the people having an allergy, bronchial asthma and other frustration of immune system more often.
  3. Long reception of corticosteroids.
  4. Adverse ecological situation: stay in the rooms polluted by a rough suspension of a dust which provokes repeating microtraumas of a cornea.
  5. Hereditary predisposition.
  6. Influence of ultra-violet radiation.
  7. Habit to excessive friction of eyes.
  8. Chronic inflammatory diseases of a cornea.
  9. Carrying rigid contact lenses.

Symptoms keratoconus

  As a rule, at first the disease develops on one eye. On different eyes there can be various extents of manifestation of an illness. The main symptom keratoconus – sight deterioration at first in a night-time, and later already and in light. The fast fatigue of eyes, sometimes feelings in the form of an itch or burning, a photophobia at late stages is observed.

   The picture before eyes accepts indistinct borders. At the beginning of a disease the image to appear doubled, the late quantity of false images increases. Especially this sign is noticeable when light objects are considered on a black background. The abnormal form of a cornea causes short-sightedness and high degree of an astigmatism.

  At the last stages keratoconus the smeared outlines of subjects start pulsing in a step to blows of human heart.

Main symptoms keratoconus:

  • Astigmatism
  • Short-sightedness with a progressing current.
  • Sight deterioration, despite glasses wearing and contact lenses.
  • Frequent wiping of eyes.

  In most cases this pathology can develop within several months or years. Much less often keratoconus has a continuous and progressing current, causing ruptures of a cornea and threat of loss of an eye.

Diagnostics keratoconus in Israel

   The latest equipment is applied to diagnosis statement keratoconus in Israel – corneal topographers "Orbaksan" and "Aysis". By means of these devices carry out a keratotopografiya: studying of topography of a back and forward surface of a cornea. Also ultrasonic measurement of thickness of a cornea – a pakhimetriya is carried out.

Treatment keratoconus in Israel

  There are some options of treatment keratoconus which can be defined by a stage of a disease and other factors.

  At an early stage of an illness minus cylindrical points taking into account an astigmatism, or soft contact lenses are recommended.

  At later stage – gas-tight firm contact lenses , smoothing a cornea, are carried out by the individual order.

Implantation of corneal rings in treatment keratoconus

  In certain cases for treatment keratoconus in Israel carry out implantation of corneal rings – the semicircular elements made of transparent plastic. Into two canals enter rings which flatten and reduce a cornea on perimeter, reducing short-sightedness. One eye operation lasts 15 minutes. In case of need there is a possibility of removal of rings, or safe replacement (change of a place and diameter of rings). This operation promotes the best stabilization of a cornea and sight correction by means of points or contact lenses, and also prevents further development keratoconus. Besides, it apply if there are contraindications of laser correction.

Cross-Linking in treatment keratoconus

  Cross-Linking – a new technique of treatment keratoconus, based on biochemical hardening of a cornea. In the course of operation the layer of an epithelium of an eye partially is removed, then dig in Riboflavinum which sates a cornea. The second stage of operation assumes influence of ultra-violet beams on length of 370 nm on a cornea therefore its collagenic fibers harden, and the cone-shaped vypyachivaniye decreases. The main advantage – fast restoration as it isn't made cuts. It is the safest way of treatment keratoconus.

Operation keratoconus

  At the last stage when thickness and a form of a cornea are strongly deformed, in the center it becomes muddy, surgical treatment – cornea change , partial or full is applied. The Israeli ophthalmologists apply the femtosekundny laser which provides 100% accuracy. By means of it find a donor transplant and a corneal bed of the recipient. As the result – is imposed smaller quantity of seams and time of rehabilitation of the patient decreases.

For treatment keratoconus in Israel the following options of treatment are possible:

  1. For patients with a thin cornea: implantation of corneal rings + cross-linking.
  2. For patients with thicker cornea: laser correction + cross-linking.

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