Syringomyelia is a chronic disease characterized by the presence of longitudinal cavities in the spinal cord. Most often found in the cavity and lower cervical verhnegrudnom. Quite often, the disease process is distributed in the medulla oblongata, rarely - high localization changes are possible in the lower regions of the brain.

  The department of a spinal cord struck with an illness extends and in some cases it leads to partial destruction of bones of a spine column.

  In these longitudinal cavities there is a spinal liquid which on the structure is similar to the normal. Siringomiyeliya can be both congenital, and acquired. The congenital siringomiyeliya has family character and mainly strikes men at the age of 25-40 years. The acquired siringomiyeliya develops as complication of spinal anesthesia, defeat of a spinal cord by tuberculosis or owing to a trauma.

   Siringomiyeliya Symptoms

   The illness develops gradually, one of its first signs are loss of sensitivity and weakness of small muscles of hands, a weight loss. Further violation of sensitivity extends and on other parts of a body. The first are lost temperature and painful sensitivity therefore patients can cause themselves strong burns and cuts, in time without having straightened out a hand from fire or a knife. At the initial stage, such traumas are perceived as usual household, but with disease progressing this pathological feature becomes obvious.

  Often atypical forms of lack of sensitivity of skin — in the form of "spots", "strips" on a neck, the person or meet. In these cases skin sites with lack of sensitivity alternate with normal sites of skin. Frequent symptom of a siringomiyeliya are sudden attacks of pain which can be shooting, burning or sharp. Unilateral hand or person pains after which sensitivity violation is already shown can be the first symptoms of an illness.

  With progressing of a siringomiyeliya the muscular tone decreases, there is a weakness in brushes which extends then on all hand. The weight loss of a thorax, shoulder and forearm muscles is noted. Probably pathological increase of sweating or, on the contrary, pathological reduction, up to total absence. Change of structure of bones and joints is observed also.

  Siringomiyeliya Treatment in Israel

  Siringomiyeliya treatment in Israel consists in early treatment of casual burns and cuts, and also in protection of tolerant sites of skin against traumas. At severe and long pains register analgetics in combination with neuroleptics and energizers.

  In some cases surgical treatment of a siringomiyeliya in Israel - drainage of pathological cavities or a section fibrous tyazhy which squeeze a brain is shown.

  Surgical treatment of a siringomiyeliya in Israel promotes elimination of pains and gradual restoration of sensitivity, but the absolute recovery happens seldom.

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