Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common inflammatory disease of the joints.

  Rheumatoid arthritis - a chronic systemic disease that affects the tissue articular apparatus.

  Most rheumatoid arthritis in people over 35, and women suffer three times more often than men.

  The causes of rheumatoid arthritis are not fully established. It is known that it is based on a violation of the immune system of the person, which occurs due to various factors. After that, the immune system starts to produce antibodies, which attack the connective tissue of the joints. In recent years, doctors have proven that there is a genetic predisposition to the disease.

  Early characteristic symptom of rheumatoid arthritis is constraint in the joints, arising in the mornings or after long rest. For this disease symmetry of defeat of joints is also characteristic.

  In process of disease development, the joint collapses, the pain syndrome and motive function accrues is broken. Now there are no preparations which allow to cure completely this disease, but regular supporting therapy will allow not to allow an illness to develop, prevent development of complications and disability.

  Leading scientists of Israel and the whole world conduct continuous researches on search of preparations and methods for full treatment from this disease.

  Treatment needs to be begun at emergence the first symptoms of a disease, then the greatest effect will be reached.

  Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Israel carry out by means of traditional and alternative therapy. Traditional therapy includes NPVS, glucocorticoids and immunosupressivny therapy.

  The Israeli doctors consider that therapy has to be early and adequately long and aggressive as soft therapy often doesn't yield desirable results and turns around in a fast repeated aggravation.

  For treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Israel appoint the combined treatment which allows to achieve fast improvement, to kill pain and to improve mobility of joints. The combined therapy includes the combined application of glucocorticoids (dexamethasone, betadine, Prednisolonum, etc.) and antirheumatic preparations which modify the course of a disease.

  At treatment in Israel experts pay much attention of physical therapy and to sanatorium treatment, and not just use of medicamentous preparations. The most unique climate of Israel makes the most favorable impact on the course of a disease. After all it is scientifically proved that the high atmospheric pressure, low humidity and the increased air temperature — is the best conditions for functioning of joints. And to all these characteristics more than there corresponds the Dead Sea in Israel. And dirt of the Dead Sea strengthens development of a cortisone which is the glucocorticoid hormone, possessing strong anti-inflammatory properties in a human body.

  To learn the cost of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Israel, contact our specialists in the specified phone numbers, e-mail or send a request through a feedback form. We are ready to answer all questions interesting you and to help with a choice of suitable clinic, registration of all documents, the organization of transport, housing and the solution of all organizational questions.

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