Almost all people over the age of fifty years experience back pain and back pain. Often the pain is due to degenerative lesions of the spine distroficheskimh whose treatment medication provides only temporary positive effect and delayed for many years.

  After emergence of laser devices which transfer energy on the thinnest photoconductive fibers, tsalo probably to carry out expeditious treatment of intervertebral hernia and protruziya a method of a chrezkozhny laser diskektomiya.

  When using this method, through a punktsionny needle the thin light guide is entered into a disk and further on this light guide extend powerful laser radiation. As a result of interaction of fabrics and radiation, in a disk the cavity is formed.

  Essential advantages in comparison with other methods of a chrezkozhny diskektomiya not endoscopic perkutanny laser nukleotomiya possesses. When using this method the dose of radiation can be varied easily in rather wide limits, providing that strict supervision of influence of the laser on a mezhpozvonkovy disk. In addition, use the thinnest light guides and needles of small diameter that allows to reach deep tissues of a backbone without traumas.

  Changing and correctly selecting parameters of this device, it is possible to achieve stabilization of a vertebral motive segment, dynamic unloading all of structures of a backbone, regeneration of tissues of cartilages of a disk, improvement of mechanical properties of a disk and to achieve analgeziruyushchy effect.

  The method of a laser nukleotomiya allows to reduce considerably the recovery period, to carry out treatment under safe anesthesia, to carry out prevention and to reduce financial expenditure for treatment.

  Indications to application of a method of a laser nukleotomiya:

  • osteochondrosis of lumbar and cervical departments of a backbone;
  • instability of vertebral motive segments;
  • persistent pain of lumbar or cervical localization which resists more than three months to traditional treatment;
  • absence of recommendations to a neurosurgical diskektomiya;
  • contraindications to the general anesthesia and to carrying out a neurosurgical diskektomiya.

  The method of a laser nukleotomiya in the majority a case (about 87%) for term from one month to one year, allows to provide the disco-radikulyarnogo and disco termination - the vascular conflict and permission of a pathogenetic situation of lumbar osteochondrosis.

  Procedure of a laser nukleotomiya is carried out under a local anesthesia and the patient write out on the same day.

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